Berithor Aelishan

Earl of Bar-Innis




Toughness 7, Iron Will 2, Connections (many!)


Lore: Dunstrand 9, Geography 4, Streetwise 8, Persuade 7/Intimidate 6, Ride 6, Survival 2

Combat: Evasion 8, Melee 6, Fend 5, Soak 8, Projectile 4

Langs: Gladnorian 6/3, Mercat 4/1


Redlan: Short Sword (1 CS/1 base damage; AM of 1 for phase calculation+2 init; the blade glows DARK BLUE WHEN UNDEAD ARE WITHIN 10M. Oaths of fealty made on the blade make all sword suffer a -1 VS on any resistance to influence from the wielder. Any fire damage causes 4 points less from the source per wound and can extinguish torch sized flames on contact. All wounds are aggravated!


Family History: Danver Aelishan’s son Ardus takes the title of his father. His father built many political allies and was made well off by the Duke, much with the help of Band of Crows/Brave Companions. Ardus, in his arrogance and youth, turned away his father’s loyal servant Djuril and opened the court to sycophants and dandies. His mother, Talleri, was basically driven to exile with her new born son – Berithor – because she feared for his life. Ardus managed to last 12 years before he died in 9157 from choking. There were rumors of assassination and dark plots, but nothing was ever proven. His brother was too young to take the title, and his mother had passed away. His regency was handled by Horbau – his father’s chief counselor. For a few more years, the court sunk into depravity and Bar-Innis became once again a backwater in the minds of the folk of Dunstrand.

Current Situation in Bar-Innis:
In 9159 Berithor Aelishan took the title of his father after the death Horbau. It is thought that he and his friends may have had some hand in the death, for less than a year later both Tamurlaine and Cratigen familes – both tiny land holders from the western border with county Faer, are given the titles of Baron and lands are ceded to them. Berithor announces he has plans to make Bar-Innis a powerful player – rumors fly about alliance with Umbak, or even stranger powers. The Church of Light has new rights granted, taking land that borders the Beastwood of Mev – and an increased presence. There is talk of petty harassment of Green Church followers and increased Lightbringer preaching. Little comes out of court… it is the end of common year 9160. The decade council of the Riverdans comes and goes without Bar-Innis sending a representative – there are whispers that old alliances are about to be broken.

In the current civil war with his sister, there has been a mounting set of evidence of political persecution and murders, as well as brutal poverty and abuses of power.

Berithor Aelishan

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