Dunstrand Rising

Geri and Xar Draw The Poison

< 9163, Month 7, Day 11 >

The party rests and no one mentions the dream sending except within the party itself.


[Geri] So, i did have one tail stinger of venom, but i need someone with zoology to help take the poison sacks out. I don’t have experience of skill… but i can preserve everything with my own botanical skills.. would you be willing to assist? I think Chalan would be interested… certainly i’m not against it in this case, its natural poison. I don’t know where we would keep it – certainly not me, as the one who gets caught with it will end up in the hang mans noose.

[Xar] I have meager skills in that area. I have some Medical Aid but i only know humanoid bodies – i’m working on my skills with animals. should help some if we go really slow. we don’t have worry about killing it but splatter/spray could be bad… but my hunting knife should do the trick. too bad we don’t have a good precision knife..

[Geri] I think we can borrow a good knife from the local lord’s kitchen, huntsmen, or tanner. If you are willing to take the risk, a check to get the venom sack out. If you have never done something like this before it will be tricky but if you go really slow that will offset it. Wear gloves. Fail and the sack bursts… with thick gloves no big, or no gloves risk getting poisoned on failure. If you are poisoned and i can prepare something with the midwife’s help ahead of time, i can help. I say dont risk it.


Xar wears the gloves, the poison sack is cut and bursts, ruining the venom, but Xar is not poisoned.


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