Dunstrand Rising

Geraldine's Brush-Off Letter to House Malor

content of letter

To whom it may concern:

I understand that House Malor has concerns over my practice of magic in the confines of its sovereign territory of the Duchy. Know that i hereby formally declare my intent to put myself forward as a candidate for membership within the ranks of the House Brotherhood. The specific date of this may be forward in the future, as the trials and requirements for initial membership i understand are lengthy and i cannot of now, take such time as required to serve and prove my devotion. Know that i shall show such devotion in another way – through the civil strife in Bar-Innis. I fall upon the side of Dierdre, for fear that Berithor shall break the cohesion of Dunstrand in a bid for power with Umbak – this is beyond rumor. While we have no definitive proof to offer, we have met agents of dark and enemy powers in our battles as yet, and intend to see through her cause so give the Duke such evidence as me may be allowed to align political will to send troops to intervene, rather than to fight phantom legions of the Merchant Cities (whom may even be in league with the powers of the Twin River Counties!). The sincerity of our intentions lie within our actions – which i subject to your scrutiny. If at any point you feel that i work against the interest of those whom you serve, i will submit myself to your judgment, but i implore you to withhold any actions until such a time as our contact with Dierdre Aelishan and service to her has ended and proven our declarations herein as fact.

Delivery of Letter

Geri gives of Chalan in his role as servant to deliver to the chamberlain to save sent to Dunstrand City. Chalan delivers it to the chamberlain who does not want to risk mystical effects and sends it on without trying to open or read its contents.


{[Cage] Good, hopefully your letter will keep them off our back long enough to finish our business in Bar-Annus!


[Geri] I hope this demonstrates our “good intentions” in the matter – though i am not sure if i mean it. We’ll have to see where things end up. Dunstrand may not be the best of places… for magi like me.


[Gide] Geri, please keep me informed of your progress with House Malor. If things start to turn south, would a letter of representation from Lady Dierdre hold any sway with House Malor?


[Geri] Its hard to tell at this point. House Malor and the Duke both have stayed clear of taking a side in this conflict, so all sides may be a pariah to them right now. If we had some other authority in Dunstrand that could give us a letter of recommendation that would be preferable. As of yet, we’ve not made those sort of connection… except for that crazy old druid in Westwick Downs… but i don’t know if he was acting personally or with the complete blessing of the Green Church (probably the former).


[Geri] I’m going to tithe 10% to House Malor starting now, in the hopes that might also keep them off my/our back.


[Cage] Well, for all our sakes, I hope it works Ger’?

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