Dunstrand Rising

Derek from Mosshaven - A Morning Visitor

Rebel from Mosshaven joins the party

Early in the morning a few of the Gallants are attended by a servant who pretends to be a local but quickly is discovered as an outsider by his accent – from the lowlands of Bar-Innis. Derek presents himself to Xar, once his questions and voice reveal him. Xar is ready to clout him and dismiss him when Derek reveals that he saw what happened at the boarding house in Mosshaven. Xar grabs him and threatens him, but Derek says he has told no one. After threats and intimidation do not crack him, Derek reveals that he also found a poisoned dagger the party left behind on the trail from the stagecoach. Xar roars with anger and asks what he has done with it – holding him by his throat. Derek says “nothing” through clenched teeth. Xar looks hard for about half a minute, choking him, and then releases him. “Keep it”, says Xar, “As a reminder of the danger of traveling with us. Thats from Gloombringer – we found its twin ourselves in the dark, by luck. after the coach’s travelers duped us into thinking they were of Aerna.” Horrified, Derek drops the thing. Xar picks it up, grabs him, slaps it in his hand, and says “Welcome to the Gallants! Gide will have to confirm this, but i would say you just became part of our merry band. You can keep a secret – what else can you do?” By now, a few of the others have gathered around including Willup and Terry Noring. Derek gives a brief history of his exploits in Mosshaven. Gide looks at the rest of the group – “Well, he’s certainly got the courage and desire to fight. He’s not afraid of intrigue… he’s followed us this far. I agree – we make him a probationary member. Our band grows by one more. Does anyone speak against him?”

There is no one to speak against him in the early morning hours, and Derek becomes a member of Gide’s Gallants.


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