Dunstrand Rising

Anwin's Dream Sending to the "Castle of Exiles"

Anwin hopes to wreak ultimate revenge but fails

< 9163, Month 7, Day 10 >

Anwin has used a demon so target Lady Blackwell in a dream sending and exile her and the Bloody Spikes to another world. Geri, Gide, Xar, Terry, and Korvyk (tracker/survivalist) and servant Chalan (actually a thief on the run for stealing from a powerful guild) for Lord Thostle were captured in the effect and sent to another world.

Anwin’s eyes overlook the glade they were dumped in about 10m above the ground. Gide recognizes them – especially the furrowed brow; he says “I’ll never forget the look of contempt and concern at the same time”.

Naked and near powerless (but fully healed) they have to scrounge sticks and use what few items they had to make weapons and gear and storm a small castle on a ridge. Geri warns the group that the power which transported them to this place will have a residual effect that only leaves them maybe 24 hours to find a shrinking portal home – and then they may be trapped forever.

The tracker discovers the sentry line, and initially the group has to fight scorpion men to get close to the castle they see by having Terry climb to the tree line. Searching around the bluff, they find a difficult approach up and avoid all the guards. Ahead they can only see a portal entrance, evidence of long broken doors, and a crumbling defense. No lights are visible on the trail side though Xar is alerted by the smell of a chimney and confirms that with the lights Terry saw on the cliff side, its definitely active and inhabited. Korvyk confirms too there is plenty of activity – both scorpion people and booted feet of all sizes. The party is very cautious, and Chalan is elected scout and goes forward, with Gide close behind.

The castle in inhabited by a cave troll, all manner of sorcerous experiments and trapped creatures, especially a large population of giant scorpion-men (centaur like creatures with scorpion bodies instead of horses). It almost seems like a place of exiles. Eventually, after a lot of battles, they managed to get to a portal deep in the castle, as Geri expected – there was a way out. Anwin’s familiar’s (flying black cat) presence was the thing that triggered the surity of where to go – they managed to trick the final guardian using Geri’s Beguiling Voice and an idea from Terry (being played by Charlie’s wife). Gide and Xar both could barely even walk. The rest of the group was well wounded and in need of healing and Terry not harmed (thank god – her father would have been unhappy). They managed to get a few good ancient tomes and mystical items in the process, but both Chalan AND Korvyk got the “shakes” and lost coordination. The crew is overall more damaged than before, though Geri’s condition is a little improved. It all happened in less that 24 hours. There may be permanent sanity losses or other effects from the portal on the way back.

At one point, Chalan gives up a mysterious potion he found that smells like scorpion venom in order to save Xar who is dying from a sting. He thinks its anti-venom of some sort. The potions shocks Xar back to consciousness, plays havoc with his system (burns like hellfire) and finally calms… bolstering his vitality permanently!

Gide explains the full (brief) history of the group, Dierdre, the civil war and the organization. The servant and hunter want in – and everyone decided Anwin has to go.

Adopting Two New Into the Gallants

Chalan and Korvyk are explained the code of the Gallants and asked to agree to abide by it in letter and spirit or that they cannot continue on with them. After a formal review of the code, Chalan says he understands the needs but that he may bring unwanted attention to the group. The rest of the group says thats between Gide and him, and he explains his story to Gide in private. Gide says that he accepts the potential trouble, and that as long as he confines using such skills and ideas again to including the group in such decisions, he’s ok with whatever comes along – Chalan will be protected.

Note: Xar has asked Geri for help in continuing to write in his journal while he rests (now he needs it – before the dream he was unhurt!). His word are getting better, but even he has trouble reading his own journal since he is trying to write so much… its slow, but he is learning.
– See Journal of Xar


[Cage] O.k. That’s it for Anwin this time! I’m done with him fuckin’ with us…it’s time to take his head and burn in the front lawn of the Twin River Powers! Let them stew on that shit for a while. Geri, you want his magical catch of supplies and, books? I’m willin’ to cleave him in two and, break him in half for ya’! You clear it with Gide but, it sounds like yer’all in agreement ‘bout killin’ the bastard! Let’s get you all healed up from this latest crap he pulled you into and, kill that Som’bitch!


[Geri] Yea, its about time. I think we all wanted him dead before, but now its on a personal level. We’ll have to find time to do it – it wont be easy and he’s well protected politically.


[Gide] It’s hard to disagree with Cage given our previous 24 hours. But we can’t go off without tightening the horse’s saddle. We need information. We need it accurate and we need it discreet. Not go asking every Tom, Dick and Harriet what they know of our favorite asshole mage (not you Geri), nemesis mage…. That takes money and people we have developed confidences. We currently have some extra “discrete” talent in our band that might be able to assist with this type of work. I’ll be contacting them. When I report this to Dierdre she might have some council for us as well on how to deal with this situation. Without being reckless I’ll be happy to hear any good plans on how to deal permanently with Anwin after sufficient information about him has been collected.


[Cage] If Dierdre’s folks don’t know nothin’? Then maybe we could enlist one of the men workin’ for the old twit. Surely he’s got to have disgruntled workers…I mean, have you seen that place? He live like a prince in his tower with all his teasure and secrets while the people around him live in poverty. I say we start a roiot on his ass and, drive him out…when he does, I cut off his head! C’mon! This could actually be fun if it wasn’t so dangerous…Ha! I mean, magus and all..ah, no offense Geri but, Magus play a totally different game by bending the weave to make it do shit. It ain’t like using your fists or, swords…with that, at least you see it coming. Magus set’s up traps and what’s for dumb-asses to stumble over them to burst into flames and shit! That’s messed up! Hey, I might not know shit about magics and stuff but, it seems to recon that Anwin is practicing in some illegal shit…am I right Geri, Gide? I mean the same reson House Malor is pissed at you is for using some of that magic’s we found at Anwin’s…like that book or, tomb or, ah hell! what ever you call that thing that Relb dug back up. It was Anwin’s right? and, ain’t it outlawed to be in possession of shit like that evil book? He is part House malor sponsored, in name anyway and, it that thing was his…can’t we use it to sick House Malor on him? I mean Dierdre knows of it and where it came from, right Gide? It’s not all speculation and crap, it really was his so, say we get someone credible to turn his ass in and, make the charges stick. Let him run from House Malor and there Mage hunters for a while. Ownership of that thing is pusinhable by death ain’t it? And, it was his where we found it right? So turn the fucker in and, lets do this thing! Let the Twin River Bitches cry in their beer for a little while without their puppet Mage to keep the rebels and, good people down. I mean those people are oppressed and, all it’ll take is a match to light that town up and, mess up the opperations of the Twin Bitches! Let’s strike the match with purpose and cautionary measures so, as we don’t go burning up ourselves along with it all…what do ya’all say? Might just work with careful planning?


[Geri] The Riverdans are sovereign territories. While he may pay a tribute to House Malor, he lives in Cerrna’s Grant – a Riverdan territory. He also protects it. Any place where a magus makes their home is generally safer for the populace. He’s working with magics that are dangerous… but thats not a big deal as he is not trying to become a member of House Malor and does not have to meet their standards. So unless we can prove he is endangering the populous, any attempt House Malor made to oust him directly would violate the sovereignty of Cerran’s Grant and subject the Duke to rebellion – further weakening his position. And if we use the book, of which even a partial copy may draw wrath upon him, we would have to admit having it and i’m not finished with it… I don’t intend on giving it up now that i can safely study it.

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