Player Rewards

Player Participation Rewards and Penalties

TO BE CONSIDERED PART OF THE PERMANENT GROUP YOU MUST BE HAVE A PC CHARACTER ASSIGNED TO YOU ON THE OBSIDIAN PORTAL SITE. Otherwise, players must use a drop in character or the GM may assign one of the existing NPC characters already involved in the campaign as part of a plot hook.

Any player who misses a significant amount of sessions will have their character removed from the campaign (see further details).

All players must adhere to the standard gaming contract

Please remember to read the adventure log to understand where the group is at. I do want online to be a valid forum, especially if we cannot game together for a while, its nice to take the time to think and ask questions. Regardless of participation in email, FB, or other forums, i DO expect you guys, as players, to review the adventure log prior to showing up and ask any questions ahead of time… this will make sure we use our play time effectively instead of reviewing things.

  1. Out Of Character comments please keep to email, and address only to the GM.
  2. In-Character comments please make sure they are applicable and worth reading. Try and keep it very short and to the point so people dont just delete it – if its too dense, no one will want to grok it.
  3. If you need to communicate with just Kelly Berger, i prefer email over Facebook or Obsidian Portal messaging.

Aside from the session rewards, 1 action point will be earned for each of these (make sure you confirm with your GM before recording any awards): Rewards

  • Creating an account and allowing me to assign you character to it
  • Creating a wiki journal of the campaign from the character’s perspective (need a scribe, bard or literacy) – use the wiki [create new page] in your account or this campaign and link from your character page here)

    About Journaling: Don’t replicate the GM journal. Tell something from your own character’s point of view, specifics about other characters and your perceptions of them, your plans or ideas.

  • Creating a portrait of your character and attaching it to the profile
  • Choosing the campaign as a favorite on obsidian portal
  • Friending all other players in the campaign
  • Rating all the characters in the campaign
  • Rating the campaign itself

Player Rewards

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