Monaides and the Tower of the Stag

The Tower of the Stag, Thindlevey

Current Situation

Lord Bailiff Thindle, son of Joahn Thindle, inherited his title of Lord when his father died of illness at the age of 12. He’s worked tirelessly to see his father’s dream of The Tower of the Stag being the most important point in the western Riverdans. He worked tirelessly against the Twin River counties to the north and to build alliances of trade and defense with his Riverdan neighbors, County Faer and the Earl of Bar-Innis. The civil war has wrecked years of building – but he also understands his real enemy is Berithor. He gave shelter to Dierdre when she fled her brother’s wrath and has tried to portray himself as neutral, but it is generally understood that he believes in Dierdre’s cause. The town of Thindle has become the full city of Thindlevey in his lifetime, and Thindlevey Court is an active place of intrigue.

Current Players in Thindlevey Court

  • Lord Bailiff Thindle – Lord of Monaides
  • Knight Errant of Umbak: Sir Drewman of Skarsdale (and retinue) – he presents the eyes, ears and ‘good will’ of Umbak to the south
  • Jediah, servant of House Malor
  • Julianne Noore – patriot of the local Riverdan cause in Monaides and friend of Christianna
  • Topher Jones – assistant to Christopher Redkind, herald of Baron Chervold G’marne of Westmere in county Faer
  • Jeffrey Sret, herald of Sir Connor Sherman of Highset (local lord)
  • Realny Stark, herald of Lady Renee Anjoul of Tavros (local lord)
  • Slaine Pratchet, herald of Sir Aslain Bonds of Sutter’s Vale (local lord)
  • Carl Delt, representative of the Telluride Grange Association
  • Ryan Converd, delegate of the council of Peila
  • Leigh Silvergrass – Priestess of Epona, high servitor of the Wyld Faith
  • Templeton Sedrin, merchant of the Sedrin family of Thindlevey, representative of the Monaides Crafter’s Associations
  • Sira Marley Duncan, herald of Berithor Aelishan, Earl of Bar-Innis
  • Christianna Vonelus – representative of the Riverdan Council
  • (New-comer in the last year!) Sira Jon Volkmann of Richfield, herald of the Earl of Richfield


For the last 2 decades, the rulers of Monaides have slowly been rebuilding their fortunes. As the final Riverdan bordering Bar-Innis (a key trade partner for the ‘Dans), all trade passes through their lands. Twenty years ago, their lands were in disrepair, they were nearly destitute, and their only means of maintaining themselves is the selling of titles or marriage with their hereditary title. Since these desperate days they are much improved – in fact Lord Bailiff Thindle sits at the head of the Riverdan Council. As such, he is keenly interested in a stable neighbor for trade. The family’s achievement has been a gradual shift in about 10% of the trade which used to go through County Faer in the SE to go through Monaides now. County Faer is well off and barely notices, though a few local western lords have and actively pursue their own ends to return trade.

Monaides and the Tower of the Stag

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