Tag: dead


  • Xarharan Nii

    Character Concept

    Type: Light Warrior-Recon/Scout with mystic twist. Generalist Kit.

    Goal: Stay alive, gain knowledge, and power (so as not to die by lynch mob, see below), belong to a worthy cause, acceptance and usefulness to one' …

  • Cage Northfort

    Family History

    Henry Northfort rose up from humble beginnings as a tanner's son in the North Merchant Cities - north of the river Beyne. He inherited his father's business as a young man when sickness claimed both his parents. One year, when …

  • Stillmein Torval


    Dream Sequence

    Dream 1, 9163, month 10: You cannot see, but you intuitively know you are on the water. The gentle shifting of balance to compensate is a dead giveaway. However, something is unfamiliar... as you …

  • Meldrin


    Meldrin doesn't have any sort of lofty goal or life ambition; at the moment he is just trying to keep he and Eldric alive in a world that he feels scorned by. In a realm like our Steel Realms, finding young men like …

  • Eldric

    Character Concept

    Type: Rogue

    Goal: Eldrics focus is on maintaining any human/ sentient being connections he has. To do this, he makes sure he's useful enough to be kept around.

    Balance: Spread a little thin right now so …

  • Taer Oshman

    Taer's Outlook

    He's afraid that he might turn on his friends because of his curse. He's afraid that a plot was created to make him into a henchmen for the lich lords and to punish his family for Farolds actions.

    He needs something …

  • Korvyk


    Korvyk grew up in the Riverdan of Monaides in the Duchy of Dunstrand. His parents were farmer, and he worked as a hunter for the cousin of the Lord of Monaides. His own Lord Thostle was an acceptable ruler of his estate, but it was …

  • Chalan

    Physical: Has a black circle around left eye, 5'.5", 120#, left, black hair, blue eyes

    Chaos Feature: 3.5m dark gray tentacle growing out from left/back/under ;left arm area. Its got 12 RES to sever it, its about 5cm diameter, has a …