Tome - Midnight in Cavaris

This tome details some of the more horrific practices of cults in Cavaris of the fallen east.


This tome details some of the more horrific practices of cults in Cavaris of the fallen east. Cavaris was an eastern city before the east fell, rumored to be a place of utter wickedness where all manner of horrific delights could be indulged in and whose astronomers and mathematicians built strangely angled architecture, causing strange shadows in the night. Often a partial copy is found using just the introduction and no ceremonies. The original parchment will not burn or rot and has a waxen feel to it. Ancient whispers save that the reader will either be driven insane or will survive to have a clarity of logic and scholarship unparalleled.

It is said to hold both dark rituals of the Unholy Trio and strange spells related to the strange and mysterious Geomantic Brotherhood which once made its home in the city.

There is a specific formulae for making the pages immune to fire said to be hidden in code within the work itself and many of the copies and partial copies circulating.

Finding: Authorities consider possession of such an item or its copies or derivatives to be an act of evil… the tome’s effect of madness is its knowledge is feared and many seek to destroy it. Finding any related work should immediately be brought to the attention of the Lightbringer authorities and it should be turned over for a valuable reward.

Campaign History

After it was taken from Anwin, Geraldine Aelishan possessed the tome until her demise into undeath. It was returned to her mentor, Taqwuill of Braddon Bog, as part of a set of loot from Gide’s Gallants, and passed on to the reformed Gallants. Unable to suppress his curiosity, Sustreynus Gim (a.k.a “Books”) of the newly reformed Gallants read the tome but unlike Geraldine was not affected by its madness because of his halfling mental resilience. Having experienced its dark secrets and barely surviving its wicked embrace he has secured in in a locking wooden box. Now, safe from its worst affects, he slowly reads the rest of it – suffering only minor damage as he struggles to grasp the complexities of the evil magics within it.

Tome - Midnight in Cavaris

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