Xarharan Nii

Light Warrior-Recon/Scout with mystic twist; "Defender of Osmail Mark", "Protector of the Lowlands"


Long ears (7"), slight covering of blonde fur over speckled skin. Violet eyes, 5’10", small snout w/grollen nose

Aptitude: Kinetic 3, Magic 1. [Generalist Kit: (gadgets), 2ap→1cp, Primary attrib. WPR]

SAN 3 (8cp raised to 3)
WPR 4 (7cp raised to 4)[primary attribute]


Beginners Luck [playtest], Good Luck, Heightened Sense Smell (1), Heightened Sense Hearing (2; elf and grollen), Short Fuse (the defect of the half elf), Curious (he has his mothers desire to explore and uncover mystery), Danger Sense (developed an innate sense of danger to protect himself), Accelerated Healing (his body use to healing), Blood Lust – he has his father’s genes),
Toughened (8), Companion: Air Elemental, Toughness 1, Equipment 2x, Familiarity: Melee – Spear, Blades, Club, Swords. Familiarity: Propel – Spear, Sling, Bow, object (rock). Familiarity: Fend – Shield, melee weapons.


Armor Use 1, Repair 1(1 kit)=2, Ride 1(4eq)=5, Evade 3(1)=4, Soak 2(1)=3, Melee 3(2)=5, Fend 3(2&2eq)=7, Grapple 1(2)=3, Propel 3(2)=5 (Spear, Sling, Bow), Jump 1(2)=3, Climb 2(2)=4, Swim 1(2)=3 (he was an active kid), Stealth 2(+2+1eq)=5, Chamo 2(+2+1eq)=5, Run 2(2)=4, Survival: Plains 2, Forest 1, Mountains 1 (1cp), Orienteering 2(1)=3 (the many time he wandered alone he developed the skills to find his way home), Zoology 1(1)=2 (he has always identified with and found animals much better company than humans), Speak Hrubha 3, Galdnorian 3 (Read 2), Feyloise 1, Orrish 1, Speak Air Elemental 1, Lore: Elemental Air 1, Lore: Orrish 1, Lore: Occult 1, Mana Sight 1, Medical: Aid 2(+1+1eq)=4 (with all the accidents and the lack of others wanting to help him, he learned to help himself), Geography 1 (Bar-Annus)


Size 11

RESILIENCE = 5 × 11 = 55 + 8 4 = 67

Melee Weapons: Hunting Spear (8), Mace: , Short Sword: (8
1eq), Broad Sword (12), Dagger (4+xMana), Knife(3), War Club (8)2CS, Club (6)2CS, Long Spear ()

Missile Weapons: Long Bow (10)4mus, Spear (8)6mus, Sling (5 or 8) rock or bullet.

Air Elemental

Tricks, standard default: protect self, -1RS on all incoming missile attacks on self (no Speak Air check). Protect another (2 on check) Same as protect self but chose target to protect (best to test it’s correct with thrown rock or two). Provide Breathable Air (self only) used to provide breathable air (leaned during underground Karolak adventure when attacked by smoke/fire from Magus). Guide all missiles to target (cs or +rs to hit chosen target) practicing this to get it right (target him). practicing provide breathable air underwater (haven’t had much chance to work on this one recently)


Character Concept

Type: Light Warrior-Recon/Scout with mystic twist. Generalist Kit.

Goal: Stay alive, gain knowledge, and power (so as not to die by lynch mob, see below), belong to a worthy cause, acceptance and usefulness to one’s peers. [long term: regain his grollen heritage]

Balance: all the good and bad of being a half breed freak of grollen and elf.

Roll Playing: Xar being a freak of nature hasn’t been excepted by either of his paternal races. in fact the only reason he wasn’t killed at birth was out of respect for a father he never new. Being an outcast in ANY society about the only acceptance he could find where other children that where friends of his father (Taer, and Geri). early on he found he had an aptitude for surviving on his own and ‘speaking with the wind’.

Group Dynamic: The only loyalty I have it to my friends. Without them I’d most likely be completely alone due to lack of societal acceptance and fear.

General Info: Kind of an oddball and loner. Has difficulty relating to or identifying with others. Spending so much time alone and only having oneself to rely upon has definably not helped his ‘Misfit’ nature. Not seeing any other way to survive and thrive other than joining up with a group that can accept him. Strength in numbers, knowledge, and power.

Direction of the Character : With ‘the wind’ watching his back once again and a whole world of possibilities Xar is feeling upbeat. Regaining an elemental and embracing his magical nature and it’s potential he feels centered and accepted (or at least tolerated) by those close at hand. since the world sees Magus a freaks of nature (respected and feared) so his race should have little bearing with such a group.


In the year 9163, Xar became literate. In pursuit of refining his skills he began to keep the journal of xar.

Dream Cycle

Dream 1 – Month 10, 9163: A bright light develops from a distant mote – coming towards you at a tremendous speed. It gets brighter and brighter, though stays a single white color.

Dream 2: The single mote of light breaks into many colored lights, exploding in all directions.


Xarharan Nii

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