A hobbled run-away who fell into debt and given to party as servant for 4 year term.


middle aged male, 5’7", 130#

Aptitude: Kinetic 4














Went into debt and sent to debtors prison. Escaped and had his hamstring cut. Had 2 years added to his term of indentured servitude. Given to the party for their services as the Green River Brigade in the battle at Risquist Farm in Cerran’s Grant.

He claims he is one of the Elon – the gypsy folk.

At first he fell in with Cage Northfort, but after being close to him and realizing how dangerous he was he quickly decided to distance himself from the group. After travel through a few scenarios, he realized that his life was likely to end shortly if he stayed with them. They traveled to Karolak of the North Merchant Cities, and it seemed like things began to settle. When Cage tried to kidnap one of his fellow companions, Willup knew it was time.

He began to associate more with Taer and Xar – not the group leaders, but those who may be powerful enough to be interested in the tale of his escape and possibly trading his knowledge of the secret ore processing going on in East River Run…

When Gide was given a position in the Ducal guards, he gravitated towards him – which is where he stays now, serving as a groomsman and aide.

Eventually he took an oath to live and die as a Gallant. Gide’s example inspired him and we was offered the chance at a new life as a camp follower he took it. No more debt, a place of acceptance, a family. Plus the new ‘recruits’ looked at his as a veteran and treated him with respect (except for debunking his Elon origins). Now he has a path forward and is determined not to let his final days be ignoble. He is part of the baggage train characters of the Gallants.

The Reveal (9164 – after Berithor is killed)
[Books] Gimper – Get over here! Do you swear that you are one of us now?
[Gimper] Yes!
[Books] Old man, do not be forsworn of your brothers – think carefully on this matter. Flowers – The annals record that he wanted to trade some knowledge that would “make us rich” in exchange for his freedom. He’s one of us now – and anything that benefits us benefits him. He should be made to tell his tale.
[Flowers] Made to tell his tale? What and why is this?
[Books] Just in the sense that we’re at a crossroads, and he’s getting older. If he wants a pension out of The Gallants, we need money. That fund i was talking about – we could fund it with Willup’s “get rich or die trying” scheme – whatever it is, he seemed to think it was worth his freedom before – thats a lot.
[Flowers] If it will give us some actual cash to work with it may be worth it. Nothing else we have can pay immediate dividends without alot of work in identifying or negotiating.
[Gimper] My real name is Gaff and I am a traitor. Both Willup and I escaped into the river, though Willup was shot through with an arrow and died. I was an informant and bully – keeping the Elon in line in the mine where they worked. I assumed Willup’s identity. I originally claimed to be of Elondescent, but Thom Vynt called me on it and I reveled part of his false background. Please do not to mention the truth to Gimpy (he might kill me if he knew – Gallants code be damned… Elon stick to their own code above all others!) – I think its very ironic that we both have a limp and have similar nick-names.
Tale = He was a captured thief, enslaved to and part of an Elon family that was attacked and forced to work in a silver mine in Cerran’s Grant. His people and others served as slaves (against the law in the Riverdans) in a mine [Winwrath’s Pit] whose presence has been hidden. Willup escaped early, after hearing how most were worked to death, before the tell-tale signs of a mine worker were visible. He escaped once but was caught again. In slaves garb he at least fooled his was into a less demanding role after his hamstring was cut – a personal servant. He can tell you exactly where the hidden mine is located – but will not go back himself (too many horrible memories – he just cant take it mentally).
[Books] Holy Shit! Slavery? Hidden mine? Cha-ching! When we hit this ripe target, no one’s going to say a fucking word!
[Flowers] This involves The Riverdans and Dunstrand… its good to know, i have to think on this.


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