Terry Noring

Ward; Niece of Baron Horchover of Small Mark


5’4”, 100#, brown hair, blue eyes, right handed, age: 15
Aptitude: Kinetic 4 (Core Rules)
MUS: 4
STA: 4
CRD: 6 (+1 CS on some skills)
RCT: 4
HLT: 4
VIT: 4
INT: 3
PER: 5
RSN: 6 (+1 CS on some skills)
SAN: 4
WPR: 4
CHA: 4
APP: 6 (+1 CS in some skills in social situations)

Fuels: 20 mana / 15 synergy


Upbringing: Urban, Familiarity: Home (Small Mark +2)


Combat: melee 1+1, fend 2+1, evade 3, propel 2+1

Climb 1+1, Mobility (Running) 1, Stealth 1+1, Camouflage 2, Jump 1+1, Lore: Small Mark 2+1+2, Language: Gladnorian 4+1 (literate 2+1), Lore: Dunstrand 1+1, Persuade 2+1 opp. sex, Streetwise 2


RESILIENCE = 4×8 (8 size current) Size=32
CHI = 33 / No Powers
Familiarity: clubs, slings, small blades


Weapons: club (+2 easy to use=4, 5 damage, 3 AM), sling + rocks (5 damage, 4 AM)/bullet (x12; 6 dmg)
Dagger (+1 base dmg=5)

Bedroll, 3 sets work clothes, 1 set good clothes, good boots, sandals, journal and writing kit, woodland cloak (hunting; +1 camouflage), 100 silvers, perfume, small mirror, 50 sc ring & 200 sc earrings (from her mother) wrapped up in bedroll

Elixir of healing (20 pts), belt of Gaia’s Guard [family heirloom – shes got it for now] (+1 to evade and soak; natural weapons do +2 damage for 1 synergy)


Terry is the niece to the Baron of Small Mark (and his favorite outside his own family). She is more adventurous and inquisitive than his own daughter or sons and he has supported her by ensuring she learned to read and write when asked, and even brought her on a few hunting trips. He has told her that if anything happens to his own family, that she will become the next Lord of Small Mark.

During the civil war, the Baron was trapped in Small Mark by Berithors forces but he was able to convince Gide’s Gallants to take her with them. He felt that she would be safer with them than with the bandits of Nuir Woods. Her uncle said that while their actions may be questionable, their pedigree was not and not to be deceived by their rough appearance. She was told to watch and learn, to help them when she can but not to endanger herself.

Terry is very willful and currently working her way through the guilt and loss of her best friend whom the party could not rescue when they grabbed her from the hangmans noose. She was overconfident and rash, but is tempering her outlook having been through the start of the civil war and lived rough as an accidental part of the ‘rebellion’. Sh has come to hate Berithor, though she supported him as the rightful ruler first – his treatment of the smallfolk has been appalling in the civil war – even for a lord at war. Traveling with the gallants and hearing of his other atrocities has convinced her that Dierdre – who the Gallants fight for – is the right cause to side with in the conflict.

Terry Noring

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