Tanner Holmraf

Herald to the Forthright family, Ducal family of Dunstrand


Sira Tanner (Duke’s herald (assistant only, but still official) bears a letter of greetings and his credentials as the Duke’s herald. Tanner claims to be here officially researching the conditions in Bar-Innis and getting interviews of those involved in the civil war. He proclaims quite boldly that the Duke is finally turning west and is tired of the situation going on as long as it has. The Duke has actually won his campaign in the northeast against the Merchant Cities, and is now staying in the field as a precaution for next year’s campaign season only; he does not have to and was hoping the civil war would sort itself out by now. Since it has not, he is stepping in to use it to his benefit. Tanner’s charge is to turn the situation in Bar-Innis to the Duke’s advantage somehow.

He has already been to Mev to meet with Berithor and met with Dierdre. He claims initially that the Duke is going to support no one – he cannot yet without proof of Berithor’s treachery.

Silvia – Servant
Pauline – Steward
Thomas – Servant

He does say the the child CY – offspring of the incestuous rape – WILL be the next ruler of Bar-Innis. He presents the Duke’s demands
a. Hostilities must be sorted out – there is to be no more war
b. Tanner himself is appointed as the guardian of Cy.
c. All mercenaries and non-household affiliated militia groups must disband or leave the confines of Bar-Innis
d. Christinna has any previous holds or authority over Cy removed forthwith – she is not to have a position on any cabinet or regents council
e. A Council of Regents will be formed of local aristocratic authorities to assist in governance of the fief. The Guardian of Cyseley will take the position at the head of this council.

Meeting with Gide’s Gallants
< CY 9163, Month 10, Day 26 > – right before they assaulted Tarly Castle.

Meeting with Wheglin’s Irregulars
< CY 9163, Month 10, Day 25 >
“My message is for the Gallants, specifically – but if they fail, i see now that the loyal Bannermen of Bar-Innis may be an option. If the Gallants fail, send word through Wheglin’s command. Once you have discharged such duties as he sees fit, travel hastily and in disguise to the east in the hills and to the Barony of Lievenshire. Once there, go to Mereth’s Bend in Danwich Downs and seek the tavern named ’Fiddler’s Jig’. You will work with a man there known as Philmore to sew some seeds of political unrest. I will be honest, it is not within any legal bounds you will be operating and you should go under some disguise. The Duke wishes the the ‘Baron’ of Lievenshire to look bad. The jobs planned are to intercept a small tax shipment from Raymore in Danwich Downs; the proceeds of which will go half to the Gallants, half to Christianna. Secondly a couple acts of banditry performed in Devlong hamlet and a merchant robbing at The Winter’s Cloud Inn in Corunshire will make the ‘Baron’ look suitably inept. A kidnapping as well, specifically a member of the Wiley family of Heathsted (locally important) after all else will surely cause the people and the new lords of Lievenshire will petition the Duke to remove the Baron and install a new family in power. When done, the group needs to be seen heading southeast. Philmore will have all the details ironed out when you arrive.”


Tanner Holmraf

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