Taer Oshman

Son of Sir Farold Oshamn; a.ka. D'ire the mercenary; "Protector of the Lowlands", "Defender of Osmail Mark"


Aptitude: Kinetic 2 / Faith 2 (reincarnated; was K4)


MUS: 7
STA: 8
RCT: 3
CRD: 4
INT: 3 (2) Just increased
PER: 4
SAN: 3
RSN: 3
CHA: 4
WPR: 5
HLT: 5
VIT: 7
APP: 5 (4) Wounds and Scars from the North

Size: 14


Resilience = 7 X 14 = 98 + 5 = 103

Familiarity: Axe, Mace, Unarmed, Improvised, Bow, Spear


Good luck, Equipment, Assets 2, Iron Gut, Ravenous Ghoul (Must eat twice the amount of food), Shifting like a Ghoul ( Can shift stamina greater then 6 to other physical stats;
When Shifting stats must make WPR check or have Blood Lust), Light Sleeper (Per),
Kinetic Insight 1, Overconfident (WPR), Toxin Resistance (-4 Potencey all poisons / +2 All Resistances), Less Sleep, Toughness 1pt


Combat:Melee:3, Fend:3, Evade: 1, Propel:1, Shoot: 1, Grapple: 1,
Soak: 1, Armor Use: 1

Knowledge: Gladnorian 4 / 2 Literate, Undead Lore: 2, Streetwise: 1,
Survival 1 (Artic) from the North

Physical: Climb: 1, Jump: 1, Swim: 1

Misc: Stealth: 1, Camouflage: 1, Persuade: 1, Ride: 1, Sense Undead (Int /Vit ) 1


Earned Blessings for Fiongala

  • Directly sacrificing self to save the life of another follower: 1 blessing
  • A complex scheme or plan that goes well: 1 blessing
  • An epic deception which has large impacts: 2 blessings
  • Fox stoles and pelts which once adorned wearers which can be taken with guile and burned in a sacred place
    are worth 1 blessings.
  • Saving a fox from a hunt: 1 blessing
  • Sacrificng holy symbols of Everdark, Sunstealer: 2 blessings
  • Stealing a holy symbol of Balthazaar and sacrificing it: 1 blessing


Riding Horse – With Saddle Bridle and Stirps.



Family Ring (400sc)

Pine Ax (-1 Mus/crd, 4AM 10 base damage, KB)

Gravewald’s Ax (+1 CS vs Orish; -1 min. MUS)

Shield: Farolds Wall – Solid Oak Planks with steel rim and boss; WPR 5 to Wield; Imbued with earth spirit (Ducateon) The shield heals 50 points per night

Colored lenses (3) Gift from Taqwill they look blue.

Short Spear

Light Mace

Hand Ax


Short Bow X 2

7 Arrows

2 Vials of Holy Water

Fitted Carboulli and Ring Mail

Leather Armor


Taer’s Outlook

He’s afraid that he might turn on his friends because of his curse. He’s afraid that a plot was created to make him into a henchmen for the lich lords and to punish his family for Farolds actions.

He needs something to fight for and is looking for direction. He craves friendship and respect of his peers. (Hence he tries hard to succeed in the objectives he is given.) Like most 18 year old kids he thinks he’s smarter and more intelligent then he is. He’s kind of touchy about being like ditch water – Dull and shallow.


Dream Cycle

Dream #1: In CY 9163, Month 10, he begins to have dreams. A portico is being built at the top of a rise on a hill side. Sunlight streams from behind the view you are situated in, smiling workers wave and a thin mist is perishing before the might of the day. Fitted flag stones cover a large area, and the bases of statues or something are being moved into place. Behind the workers is a dark cave.

Dream #2: Hinge pins are pounded into place in dim light, a deep echoing following each hammer stroke. Two massive doors are thrust open, the blazing sun blinding the viewer from behind the doors. Shouts from many throats rise while the shadows retreat.


Taer is the son of Farold Oshman, Knight of Dunstrand. His mother was attacked by a ghoul when he was in the womb, and they say he is accursed. His parents were on a tour of their lands when they were attacked. His mother was torn from her horse and the ghoul tried to eat her belly but was killed before he could.

After his birth, his mother never recovered and was always sickly thereafter. Taer was born with hair and teeth – biting his mother for milk and hurting her. Several midwives were required to nurse him. Since birth he has had to eat twice as much sustenance to keep him healthy, and a portion must be meat nowadays.

Already a father (has a daughter) at 15 and at adds with his family. He has stark black eyes like deep pits. He is huge, and strong for his age. He is always angry, and is a dark brooding soul. He rejects the faiths around him, blaming them for his father’s death 6 years ago.

His father’s blood has tried to make a ‘knight’ of him – but a year ago, he ran away from The Steel Hall – a school of war run by Mizras’ adherents. As his physical power increased he more and more fell prey to ‘the red rage’ – blood lust. He was teased mercilessly and none of the discipline exercises taught by his instructors seem to do much good. He is sometimes cruel, but fiercely loyal to his friends – often getting in fights with little real reason.

While in Fandelok training at the Steel Hall, he got a girl pregnant. Together they fled to his mothers family in Dunstrand where the woman was sheltered, but he was told he must move on – that he would bring down much wrath upon those sheltering him.

Taer has fled to the refuge of an old friend – Geri, daughter of his father’s friend Sandovhal. He presented himself to Taqwill, who remembered the moody once-child well. For the last summer, they had paddled through the moors, asked Taqwill to regale them with tales of their fathers, walked, talked and drank heavily – planning an escape. Taer was growing anxious, and his anger and pent up frustration was obvious to all. He had several outbursts within the confines of the church resulting in broken glass and ceramics, and Taqwill told him he must learn to control his anger outside, for the townsfolk would not be so forgiving. Then came a band of elves with Xarharan – grown and terrifying. Xar, Taer and Geri decided that together they could survive where alone they could not. They set out from Braddon Bog to to seek the treasures of a fallen mage – Aruna, who once traveled with their sires.

Taer Oshman

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