Follower of Malek


Faith Aptitude: 4



Meldrin doesn’t have any sort of lofty goal or life ambition; at the moment he is just trying to keep he and Eldric alive in a world that he feels scorned by. In a realm like our Steel Realms, finding young men like Eldric and Meldrin really shouldn’t be uncommon. Orphaned, poor, living off the streets, got kicked around one too many times and tricked into too many betrayals. Left them cynical and with a “take whatever you can, because nothing is being given to you” sort of attitude.

Meldrin is only still alive because he’s just a naturally gifted person and having someone like Eldric supporting him has been more then a great boon. He’s the only guy the priest probably feels like he can trust. I don’t want him to have joined Malek out of any sort of ill-will towards the world that he hasn’t yet found his place in, though. Not some sort of vengeful desire to screw over everybody.

More of a practical desire for powers and abilities that would keep him and his friend alive. In their business of “acquiring” items or knowledge- illusions and manipulations as well as the general misdirections of Malek have obvious potential uses for them. Thievery made easy by confusions, befuddlements, etc.

Though Meldrin walks the path of Malek now, he seeks whoever offers Meldrin a safer path to do just this, rather then living a life of being a terrorist under Malek… he’d probably take it. And if any of the gifts bestowed upon him from Malek remain, all the better of course. At the least, it might be helpful for the party to have someone in it who understands how that nasty grey god works.

How Medlrin and Eldric Met

Meldrin got in over his head in a situation having to do with a confidense game in the South Merchant Cities. Caught in a dark alley, Meldrin thought for sure he was going to be murdered, but Eldrich managed to bail him out. Coming from the shadows at his two assailants, he easily dispatched them. Medlrin shared half his gains for conning a rich merchant – the result was that they both lived well for a year through Meldrin’s success and Eldrich’s saving his life – a a perfect bond. Over that time, Meldrin had no need of the church and sort of drifted away. The left the south and traveled north, through Fandelok and into Dunstrand. Their money ran out as they were traveling through the poorer Riverdans of Monaides. Having to take up arms and adventure again though, is when the pair stumbled onto the rest of the group through a contact with Christianna Vonelus.


After Eldric and Meldrin participate (against their will really, but Meldrin is threatened by the Church of Malek to make amends) in a festival of murder (A Time of Murders in Karloak around 9163, Month 3, Day 9) they remove themselves from Karolak. The authorities pursue them and eventually catch up to them as they are trying to enter the northern lands of the Pine Tribes. Before they can escape to the woods, a “mage catcher” band catches up to them and they are both killed in the ensuing fight.


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