Lerapus, Red Cloak of House Malor

Lerapus of Mev, Servant of House Malor




Lerapus is the representative of House Malor in the city of Mev, capital of the fief of Bar-Innis. He has served in his position for almost 5 years, though has little dealings with the local rulers or governing bodies.

During the time of civil war he has managed to stay neutral – though rumors persist that Berithor has several times summoned him to his presence for unknown reasons. He has managed to keep House Malor neutral in the matter of civil war – which has given a few parties cause to believe that they know more than is obvious and are supporting Dierdre’s cause indirectly.

Lerapus ins known as a man without any sense of humor.

He has never been seen to practice his craft in public.

He appears to be in his late 30’s, with greying short hair. He wears his scarlet robes and carries only a rod made from an ash tree (rumors have it that it is magical). He keeps a roost of grey pigeons and lives in relative luxury in a 2 story domicile about 5minutes walk from the hall of the Earl in Mev.

Role as Sponsor

“Books” > In 9163 he took over as official sponsor for the halfling known as “Books” amongst the new Gallants.

“Bandage” > In 9163 he took over as official sponsor for the man known as “Bandage” amongst the new Gallants.

Gerladine > Officially, Lerapus is[was] the sponsor of Geraldine Aelishan into the order of House Malor, though her reluctance and has lead to great frustration. It is beleived that he only sponsors her because he is being pressured by some other member or political power higher than himself – he has publicly made it known he has only contempt for her treatment of the Houses’s protection and offer.

Lerapus, Red Cloak of House Malor

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