Jediah Callyberg

Magi of House Malor, seeker of secrets in the earth


Jediah is an imposing figure. He is 6’2" and a robust 235#. He has a mane of black hair which has a single, wide white stripe through it. He is light complexioned, right handed. He is roughly handsome, though seems to have no romantic interests – nor have any ever been recorded of any sex or species. He has perfect etiquette, is fluent in a dozen languages, and a disarming smile – often sent to liaise between the House and its business partners. He talks with a deep voice, deliberately and with the impression that you have all of his attention.

Magic Aptitude 2, Physical 2



Ducat 2, Feyloise 1, Gladnorean 4, Mercat 2, Orrish 1, [High] Umbak 2, Hrubha 1, Valdeyse 1, Border Speech 2, Nakrian 1


Jediah Callyberg looks to be about his mid-30’s though speaks of sorcery which belies knowledge twice his apparent years. His rod of office is a curling stave nearly 4’ high and said to be the petrified tail of some sort of creature of higher dimensions which he defeated in battle who guarded the Stone Doorway of Jerbhal Tuk. His is a member of the Order of the Stone Hand as well, and has forged a chain of several links – many unique and indecipherable.

Long considered “rough”, this only son of of a cousin in-law taking the Callyberg name has constantly been seeking an avenue to make himself famous. He has a rugged handsomeness but dresses VERY rough and acts accordingly. He rather enjoys transforming himself into the picture of etiquette and decorum when needed, and usually laughs at his more “Well off” relatives.

Jediah Callyberg

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