Mercenary, soldier, leader of men; a.k.a. Spike (of the Bloody Spikes), Gide of Gide's Gallants and Gide's Goodfellas, Leader of the Green River Brigade; "Defender of Osmail Mark", "Protector of the Lowlands"


5’10", 178#, weathered/tanned skin (very white normally), straight brown hair, light grey eyes, strong jaw line, right handed, strange small bull-shaped birthmark on his left shoulder blade

Aptitude: Kinetic 4


MUS 6 (1 CS)






RSN 2 (-1 CS)


CHA 5 (
1 adventure reward)





Size = 10 / Resilience = size 10 * Vitality 5 + toughness 2 (2xKinetic4) = 58

CHI = 33 points (“power” = +1 CS/-1 CS, 5 pts/use)


Toughness 2, Good Luck, Equipment, Kinetic Faculty 2, Leadership 1


Combat Skills:

Melee 3 1 = 4

. (Familiar: Swords, Staves, Knives, Shields, Spears & Maces)

Propel 2 = 2

. (Familiar: Bows)

Fend 4 +2/
3 = 6/7

. (2 Medium/3 Large shield)

Evade 1 = 1

Grapple 1 1 = 2

Armor Use 2 = 2

Soak 1 = 1

Tactics: Personal 1 = 1

. Lvl1 – +1 Initiative

. Lvl2 – Improved Knockback

Tactics: Team 1 = 1

. Lvl1 – Block for other

. Lvl2 –

Ride (Horse) 2 +4 = 6

. (Bit & Bridle +2, High Quality Saddle +1

Medical: Aid 2 +1 = 3

Intimidate 1 +1 = 2

. (MUS based version of Pursuade)

Jump 1 +1 = 2

Language: Gladnorian 4 = 4

Language: Orish 1 = 1

Lore: Orish 1 = 1

Lore: Dunstrand 1 = 1

Survival: Mountains 2 = 2

Requested by Dirdre (Goal: 4 for each):

Lore: Law 1 = 1

Literacy (Gladnorian) 1 = 1

Add Soon:


gear: Gide’s Gear



In 9162, Gide visits the Birchwood Convent of the White Sisters and discovers that his father was actually Taelish Brisborn, one of the High King’s Black Gorgons – he has the same birthmark, and Taelish is known to have fathered a couple dozen bastards in the north and central heartlands. The White Sisters know for he died with them of wounds from a vampire that would not stop bleeding. Taelish is legendary for his skills with spear and shield, and said to be immune from all manner of mental influence – and incapable of telling a lie.

Dream Cycle

In 9163. 10th month late, he begins to have dreams of his father. Your father appears to you, riding a brown destrier hard into the night, he seems to be crying your name and carrying a lamp, riding directly towards you.

Dream 2: You have visions of being swept up from the ground and into the saddle as you father’s grim face first looms out of darkness, then hauls you onto his large horse as he races past in the night.


Gide was the bastard son of a mercenary soldier from Oerdney. He grew up in the rural area south of the capital, working on a farm with his mother. He was impulsive, but filled with focus. He decided he would be a famous adventurer, just like to tales told around the fire. He saved his money for years, working himself nearly to death, taking every job that offered extra coin he could. At age 17, he left the service of his long employer and family and bought his first set of weapons and armor… It was meager and afforded him no great prospects. After working as muscle for a few months for an Caravanserai, he began to drink. His drinking caused him to sleep through a shift and get fired. Taking what little he had left, he headed towards the capital hoping to find employment there.

Gide volunteered for the High King’s army. He served a Tour of Duty; 9160-9162 in the eastern fortresses, fighting along side many a professional soldier. It was here that he earned his first rank – corporal. Again it was drink that caused him to lose it, and many shunned him afterward. He forever swore never to let it get the best of him from that day forward. It was here that he met an interesting half-breed named Xar. Xar was an outcast, forced into service for a crime. Gide felt his story of entrapment and injustice rang true. Both were shunned within the ranks and naturally began to spend more time with each other. Having both survived the end of a 2 year contract, Gide elected to return with Xar – wherever it was.

He was shocked when a druid personally came for Xar, to reunite him with his comrades. Malkrick agrees to add Gide as well, telling him he sense a strength in him that will prove vital to the party fulfilling its destiny. In 9162, Month 7, Day 1; the group is reunited in the Beastwood outside of Alghen in Westwick Downs.

See Gide’s Journal for more details…


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