Geraldine Aelishan

Lady Aelishan of Bar-Innis, Applicant of House Malor, Corporal of Gides Gallants, Protector of the Lowlands, Defender of Osmail Mark; a.k.a. Lady Blackwell of The Bloody Spikes


Character Points = 3 / Action Points = 7 / Blessings: Aerna (1)

Physical Description: Human [merovin/lion] 22 years old, red short hair dyed black & 3 black feathers in it – apparently tied using black ribbon, pierced nose & pierced ears (1 each). 5’7", 140#, pale skin, thin lips, sharp cheeks, dark blue eyes. A tattoo of a large multicolored adder runs from leg to wrist. A horrible scar runs right shoulder blade to mid-back (across the spine) from a sword blow.

Abilities: Magic Aptitude 4, (Magus Kit and Magus Path) / Fuels = Chi = 4; Synergy = 7

RCT 6 (+1 CS)
PER 6 (+1 CS)
RSN 10 (+2 CS)
VIT 7 (+1 CS)
APP 6 (-2 with bruises showing on face) [-1 wounds]

MODS: +1 to resist horror and fright (SAN/WPR) checks


Shadow Bond 1, Martial Magus, Code of Conduct: Lawful, Good Luck, Equipment, Assets 2, Iron Gut, Library (spells), Occult Reserve 2, Bruising (1-5 damage [or assume 3] each day different; cannot kill, shifting cannot cure – 1 on 10 is head/neck, 2 is hand/forearm), Danger Sense, Alchemical Faculty, Apprenticed Upbringing, Weaving Faculty (+1 mana sense), Toughened (x2), Strong Curse/Painful Shifting (4 fatigue per failed shape-shift attempt), Fame: Dunstrand 1, Tithe (10%; House Malor)


Magic: Math 3+2, Astronomy 1+3, Astrology 1, Botany 1+3,
Brewing 1+2, Sorcery 4+3 (Hovracht occult mode), Mana Sense 3+2/1, Lore: Occult 32

Communication: [spoken/written] Orrish 1+2/2+2, Galdnorean 4+2/4+2, Feyloise 1+2[2 max]/1+2, Persuade 2, Synedcian 2+2/1+2, Ventriloquism 1, Mercat 1+2, Ducateon /1+2, Vezpr 1+2

Knowledge: Lore: Orrish 1+2, Lore: Dunstrand 2+2, Lore: Elvish 1+2, Survival: Swamp/arid-lowland/temperate-coastal 1+2, Cryptography 2+2, Lore: Religious 1+2, Lore: Borderlands 1+2, Geography 1

Combat: Evade 3+2, Propel 2+1, Shoot 1+1, Fend 1, Melee 1, Tactics: Personal 1 (+1 init)

Other: Ride 4(-2), Dance 1(-3), Shifting 2+1, Disguise 1+1


Size: 10 / Resilience=7*10=70+1(-3)+5+5=78

Familiarity: knives, bows, maces

Magic – Scarlet Applicant of House Malor of Dunstrand

Mana (exchange 1 AP/10) = 107

Reservoir = 12 (% = in)

preliminary studies: Parlor Tricks

Apprentice: Periaptery, %Torchlight, %Sudden Mist, %Dragging Mist, %Monkey Paw [+1], %Holding

Novice: %Beguiling Voice, %Mist Form

Adherent: Attention of the Many

Adapt:Fog of Distraction (scroll from Baron Wheglin’s family @"Osmail Mark":; 5m radius x ALU [100m distant]/ STA resist or all attacks are -2 CS (PER check or hits unintended target)

Typical Equipment (enc. cap = 30)

LIBRARY & STORES > See Geri’s Supplies for a complete listing…

‘Usual Dress’: geranium perfume+makeup, yellow long sleeve cotton blouse, green silk scarf, long green linen skirt, brown silk stockings & undergarments, soft brown leather boots, brown gloves, wide brimmed straw sun hat; Nose ring (100; silver rose), ear rings: L (50)/ R (35), purse with 50 silver, soft leather scroll tube at hip (scroll: )

Ring (silver; right hand) of Speed Shackling – Shackling Fog (req. 4 aptitude/1 AM/wearer spends mana) – Anwin made this.

Fetishes: Silver hand (250 sc) curled into a fist, attached to a silver chain (Monkey Paw fetish – +1 ALU)

Knife at hip; quiver and 14 arrows; court bow (3 AM/6 dmg) (extra bow + 20 arrows)

Riding horse (+3 CS ride; saddle, stirrups, etc.) and 2 pack mules with chests.

Saddlebags: changes of clothes x3, makeup,

War Chest: 3960 silvers

#1 chest: Spell Library – partial copy of Midnight in Cavaris

Apprentice: Periaptery, Torchlight, Sudden Mist, Dragging Mist, Monkey Paw, Holding

Novice: Beguiling Voice

– Old parchment written in Orrish (Mist Form)

Adherent: Attention of the Many

[Adept] Scroll copy of Fog of Distortion: This creates rippling waves which distort position and visage, in a 1m x ALU cube area. Those caught in it must make a RCT to get out before breathing; anyone caught in or entering thereafter must make a WPR check or are affected. All attacks are at -1 CS; PER check or hits unintended target. – from Baron Wheglin’s family library]

#2 chest: belts, cloaks, silken night-clothes, good clothes x2, court clothes x2, quality boots & shoes, work clothes x3, underclothes, wool cape, tent

Day Pack: bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 10m cord, 40m of knotted hemp rope, light tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 crude map of the realms


Gide’s Gallants

Geri, Taer and Xar traveled together and were joined by Gide, a mercenary, after they served their time for breaking ‘Lights Law’. They begin to pick up more along they way and the band organized into Gide Gallants – Gide was the only one with any formal military training and the one person everyone trusted. The rallying cry for the Gallants is “Fidelity unto death”, Geri’s own idea.

Dream Sequence (recurring start in month 8)

Dream 1, 9163, month 10: She hears a voice calling her name.. a lilting soft voice, with chimes in the background. She smells a dry, aged flavor – not decay, but the smell of forbidden ancient pathways long un-tread. She can taste danger and fear.

Early Background

+2 CP for character background; Upbringing (2 CP): Sponsored Magus = Literacy 1, Mana Sense 1, Math 1, Sorcery 1, Library (1)

Background (3 CP): Self-Study [already had most benefits]

Math 1, Sorcery 2, Literacy 2, Mana Sense 1, Library 1

Born: 9141 Dwindor Swamp, mother of Grheta and Sandovhal Aelishan

Geri grew up in the Dwindor Swamp. Her mother Grheta was locally known as the Witch of Dwindor. Her father was the son of a nobleman from the lands bordering the swamp. Her mother kept her isolated, and taught her the ways of the the swamp and of the magic within it, as well as how to shape shift her fathers gift. She was told from a young age that she would take her mothers place as guardian of Dwindor. Her mother has a sister named Nerislin, who was, as her mother said, a seeress of some renown, Her aunt visited many times and she discovered herself to be the object of many arguments between them. Aunt Nerislin taught her more than the alchemy of her mother – to follow the stars and read them to reveal inner truths… and even the future. She met her father a few times but never really knew him, except for the tales that One Claw – an Orrish shaman from the deep swamp – and her mother and aunt would tell when drunk around the fire. All of her powers came naturally and were accepted by those that dwell in the swamp, her mother was old and her time was near.

Then, one day, men of the sea goddess Elancil came and took her in revenge for what her mother and her allies had done to them. They took her from the swamp during one of her impertinent spells were she had run off alone.
They took her to a dark and cold place, out into Scar Flow that bordered the sea. She was in darkness and heard many shouts and could feel the presence of the animals of the swamp as they were sent by her mother to get her back. On a rocky outcrop they drew her naked and exposed her for a day and night to the cold winds and rains as the storm goddess flayed her skin. Bound and unable to do anything, she watched in horror as some priest of the goddess finally raised high her sacrificial blade to plunge into her heart. At that moment, Sir Farold Oshman and her father’s allies came to her rescue. A great serpent wrapped about her, preventing the worst slashes of the knife. The blood cauldron of sacrificed was tipped and the ceremony spoiled as the priests were slaughtered to the last. The snake and her writhed together in agony, covering her in black mud and blood from the cauldron. When her rescuers were able to wash her, the snake was no more, instead it had become like a tattoo imprinted on her skin.

Farold returned to her mother and threatened her. By then, her father was dead and she had no one – but Farold fulfilled his oath to his friend. In Sandovhal’s name, Farold took her away – just as her aunt had forseen. Her mother was left childless and the fate of Dwindor and its perils was known now to no one, for Farold cursed the place and swore he would never return.

Farold took her to her father’s family – the Aelishan’s of Bar-Innis. Though officially adopted by her uncle, she never identified with them. While in Mev for 6 years, they tried to make a proper lady of her. She was too willful and uninterested in being a lady. She was sent forth from Mev to her father’s place – the library at Braddon Bog. She was entered into the roles of archivists under the tutelage of Taqwill. There she learned the real history of her family, her father and the travels of his father before him. The stories of Morgent, Alden, Noname, Selil, and Aruna were the ones that interested her the most.
Taqwill sense her aptitude for magic and further enhances her magical knowledge, but always says that there was too much of her father in her to ever become a serious magus. Too wild and headstrong he says. During this time she meets a few of the characters from her father’s past, and their children as well. She is cordial, and runs to and fro as she pleases. Taer, son of Farold, came there for a summer, where they met and became friends. It was here that she also met Xarharan N’ii – the half blood son of Hap. The summer spent with the both of them was one of the best of her life. All considered themselves outcasts, neither she nor Taer had any innate dislike for the half blood. They all sensed that they were outsiders. At the end of the summer, it was with heavy heart that they all said goodbye. Taer swore over the grave of his father that there would be a place for them at Cormoranthe one day. Geri worked with Taqwill to create her first fetish. It is a silver hand, curled into a fist, attached to a silver chain.

In her 15th year, she sneaks into the archives and discovers magical texts that Taqwill has kept hidden from her. She found treatise on spells that once belonged to one of the feared Raven Sisters. Taqwill and Sandovhal were at least able to barter with the Salamander’s guild for a few of the remaining items ‘lost’ in the tower looting. These are the lowest of grimoires and full of risky enchantments. Despite being warned by Taqwill of such short-cuts and magical risk, she entered into the spells and attempted to summon forth a blood spirit to teach her. She discovered many magical remnants that she could not divine their nature – but added them as the spell described. She cast the Narciss spell from the ancient tome in the texts under the library. Her intent was to bring forth a spirit to teach her, faster than her adopted mentor. The spell went awry nnd she stumbled about the chamber, dizzied by the fumes. The contents of the iron cauldron spilled forth, covering her hair in blood. The three feathers of the fallen celestial were grafted to her under the skin on the back of her neck. Her hair was turned blood red. Her screams alerted Taqwill who rescued her but not before more damage was done. He recognized the feathers of the fallen celestial and he did his best to remove them, but they would not come free. It took her months to recover her vitality. In that time she could not control her changes, and bruising would appear on her body in random places. Taqwill explained to her what the feathers were and the unknown magic they carried. He admonished her and yelled at her in rage, and forbid her to study magic. Instead he took her back to Mev when she could travel, where he left her in the car of the Green Church. The priest there helped her to regain control of her shifting which now only evinced a black panther, and began to fill her head with notions that she was favored by Rastur – like her father before her. After a year, she began to realize that the church only wanted to use her as a symbol, for whatever cause she did not stay around long enough to find out. After a year, she fled back to Braddon Bog. Each place she’s been told she was a special child, and each place has tried to control her – family, church, friends. This time Taqwill reluctantly took her as a formal apprentice, though kept it hidden from House Malor. She was much more subdued, controled, and exacting.

She spent many a night amidst the tomes and seeking knowledge Taqwill hinted at but was hidden beneath the catacombs under the old church. She met Taer when he came to the library with his family – who were honoring the legacy of her father and journeying to those places he was associated with. Taer and Geri immediately became fast friends – both outsiders, both controlled by their family. They entered into a friendship of correspondence that lasted. Xar also returned with an ‘emissary’ form the Elves to Braddon Bog, specifically to get knowledge from the Companion Library at Braddon Bog. It was then that Xar decided to leave his own elven watcher and declare his independence (which was also sought by Thaemwoll – his elven guardian). The elves laid no claim and declared him a free being, but also that he would have no protection from them. She is watched over by Patril – a servant of her uncle who reports everything that happens at the library back to him and ‘speaks with his voice’. Together with Xar and Taer, they have planned their escape. 

Early in her career as a freebooter, she fell victim to reading a partial copy of Midnight in Cavaris… her copy is not complete, but holds a unique spell of the Geomantic Brotherhood. She became hard hearted [trait] and predisposed to an evil code of conduct until her death and resurrection allowed her o throw off its effects.

Geri drafted the Code of the Gallants; She has also gone under the name of Gide’s Goodfellas, the Green River Brigade, and The Bloody Spikes where she was known as Lady Blackwell. She is regularly monitored under her given name though – by the Red Crook servant of House Malor named Lerapus of Mev.

Geraldine Aelishan

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