PLAYER: Charlie Grenier


Character Concept

Type: Rogue

Goal: Eldrics focus is on maintaining any human/ sentient being connections he has. To do this, he makes sure he’s useful enough to be kept around.

Balance: Spread a little thin right now so as to encompass all his rogue skills and maintain his ability to use Chi. Useful for ranged combat, stealth, recon, and traps/locks. Though not great in any of those areas, he has awesome column shifts and is usually under some mystical effect thanks to Meldrin.

Role Playing: Having grown up on the streets and seen as a scoundrel Eldric has a basic need for friendship, and has developed the daredevil trait in his desire to impress those around him. He has the utmost loyalty to Meldrin, and will attempt any task that will further benefit the priest. Though a rogue at heart, he has a convoluted sense of honor that doesn’t have any real sense to it. Though he will steal if the opportunity arises and is worth the risk, he is not the type to actively SEARCH for those opportunities.

Group Dynamic: If any one is willing to accept him, Eldric is more than willing to help/ work with them provided that nothing contradicts Meldrins desires or well being. If something needs done, he will always be the first to volunteer, and will try to entertain or amuse every one by attempting daredevil feats at any given point. IE: we’re drinking at the tavern and someone suggests to do a back flip off two tables out the window… He really just doesn’t care how stupid it is.

General Info: Average height and weight, but disgustingly attractive. Eldric was born in the borderlands and has traveled much in his life, and is used to hiding his appearance behind a piece of black cloth around his head when he is not trying to show off. He wants to be accepted, and some people don’t like ‘pretty boys’.

Direction of the Character – Follow Meldrin till the end.

So Eldric has very few qualms as to what he is or is not willing to do, and this is very likely to lead him to some less ‘honorable’ forms of combat. He and Meldrin have discussed acquiring some kind of poison for him to apply to arrows and perhaps his dagger. Eldric has the 100 silvers, plus whatever spoils will come from looting, and Meldrin is willing to use his contacts to find these substances.

How Medlrin and Eldric Met

Meldrin got in over his head in a situation having to do with a confidence game in the South Merchant Cities. Caught in a dark alley, Meldrin thought for sure he was going to be murdered, but Eldric managed to bail him out. Coming from the shadows at his two assailants, he easily dispatched them. Medlrin shared half his gains for conning a rich merchant – the result was that they both lived well for a year through Meldrin’s success and Eldric’s saving his life – a a perfect bond. Over that time, Meldrin had no need of the church and sort of drifted away. The left the south and traveled north, through Fandelok and into Dunstrand. Their money ran out as they were traveling through the poorer Riverdans of Monaides. Having to take up arms and adventure again though, is when the pair stumbled onto the rest of the group through a contact with Christianna Vonelus.


After Eldric and Meldrin participate (against their will really, but Meldrin is threatened by the Church of Malek to make amends) in a festival of murder (A Time of Murders in Karloak around 9163, Month 3, Day 9) they remove themselves from Karolak. The authorities pursue them and eventually catch up to them as they are trying to enter the northern lands of the Pine Tribes. Before they can escape to the woods, a “mage catcher” band catches up to them and they are both killed in the ensuing fight.


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