Christianna Vonelus


She will be the primary interface between the party and Dierdre, located in Monaides, as she can move with much more freedom. She may be able to use her contacts at the White Sisters (her cousin is a senior member in Dunstrand City) to help the party in dire straights. She is cousin to Sir Cedric Redspire of Tallmark, in Bar-Innis.

She is a personal friend of Baliff Thindle – Lord of Monaides, and a radical Riverdans supporter. She moves in all the circles at the court in Monaides – knows all the major players and issues.

After Dierdre’s death, it becomes obvious that they were lovers – she has essentially embarked on a jihad of revenge – which may be clouding her judgment.

She has taken to wearing a crest of a White Lily recently.


Julianne Noore – local Riverdan supporter
Micela Branhoff – scribe and secretary
Brandon Gale – was a “herald-in-training” at the outset
Now a broken herald; ousted and bitter. Has some great background skills – like language and literacy (never lets on he knows them though – encourages people to speak in other language around him and give a away secrets). Persuasive, and streetwise. But, he’s got a couple close in fighting skills and Iron Will (was tortured and NEVER gave up information). He was the one who lead The Gallants of the time to the boat where the Gwinnish ambassadors were waiting and the Gallants killed them (thinking they had orchestrated the assassination of Dierdre). He was also there when the ship burned and ran aground and the ambassador’s possessions being engulfed in flames triggered some strange explosions and a backlash of mystical energies.
Maria Lopez – courtier, minor family, used for seduction and intelligence in Thindlevey of Monaides.

Christianna Vonelus

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