Cage Northfort

"The Beast of the North", Hero of the Northlands, Soldier of Gide's Gallants, Protector of the Lowlands, Defender of Osmail Mark


Aptitude/Ability: Kinetic [ 4]

  • The Warrior’s Path
  • (Warrior Kit)
  • Attr: MUS [Cost – 1CP to raise MUS/Attr]
  • Skill: Melee [ Armed: All Melee learning checks: + 1CS]

    Web Record

    MUS: 8( + 1/Feats/Checks= 9)

    STA: 4

    VIT: 8 ( + 1 + 1= + 2 checks w/Truevein= 10)

    HLT: 4 ( + 1 checks w/Truevein= 5)

    CRD: 4

    RCT: 4

    PER: 4

    INT: 4

    RSN: 3

    SAN: 5

    CHA: 2 ( – 1)

    WPR: 4

    Appearance: 4
  • Features of Note:

    Truevein> [sword] A Glinting 2 Handed Blade of Pale Steel, worked with Veins of Red [The sword is always cold to the touch/100,000 + Silvers/Family Heirloom] (Slayer of Darkness in the East against the Orrish Hordes/Known as: The Symbol of Merchant Cities Power)

  • Height: 6’6" Average Human Height: 5’8"
  • Eyes:®Blue/(L)Green
  • Tattoo’s:Truevien/Mizras/Mirque on Forearms/Back and Chest

    Physical Stats:

    Male, Age = 19, Hair = Short Cropped/Black, Eyes =®Blue/(L)Green, Size = 11 ( + 1 Dmg), Height = 6’6", Weight = 217lbs.
  • Constitution: 8
  • Resilience: 101
  • Chi: (33) ( Power: + 1 self/ – 1CS vs. opponents; Grapple/Fend/Melee= 5 Chi)
  • Synergy Fuel: (5)
  • Mana Pool: (40)
  • ENC/Cap: 88
  • Damage Modifer: Melee; + 9/Ranged; + 8/Truevein vs. Orrish; + 10/Charging; = + 1RS/Size Dmg; + 11/Horseback; + 25/Charge + 1RS
  • Reaction Speed: 5
  • CP: 1 – 1= 0
  • AP: 12[ – 6AP for Prayer at Castle Taerly/Berger to decide affect at next game]


  • War Chest/Silvers: 4305 silver crowns
  • Medal: “Defenders of Osmail Mark” [Title + 100silvers/month] worn on Cloak.
  • Holy Symbol: Mizras: on a large belt buckle displayed prominently
  • Holy Symbol: Mirgue: On Mace, worn on belt

    Traits: Upbringing: Urban

  • Short Fuse: No Longer [Trigger for Berserker Rage] Gone after months of practice in patients/tolerance during the Battle for the Low-Lands
  • Berserk/Red Rage: Berserk Combat: No more Red Rages/White Sister cured Cage and, finised earlier then expected for his true commitment to treatment/cure/cause [All Mods/Adj’s Gone]
  • Conviction: 1 ( + 1CS= 2 w/All Grey Gods) Mizrus: The Lord of Swords/Battle/Fighting Spirit] + Mirgue: Mizras’s Daughter: (The Queen of Ravens- The Doomed/Fallen Warriors/Farrier to the underworld/The dead watching over the living and, giving power to the out numbered, the brave and, personal sacrifice)
  • Danger Sense: (INT Check/Personal Danger/defensive action only)
  • Good Luck: + 4cs, simple or, 1 re-roll per session (free)
  • Kinetic Faculty: 2 Power [5 chi]
  • Toughness: 3 (3 × 4= + 12)
  • Toughened: 1( + 1 Resilience)
  • Fame: 4 [Merchant Cities/North]
  • Fame: 2 [Dunstrand]
  • Currency: 1
  • Equipment: Major
  • Asset: 2 (Mace) Mirque Holy Symbol: [Power/Heft: + 1base Dmg]
  • Assets: 5 (Armor/Equipment/Other/Misc.)
  • Assets: 10 Truevein: (2 Handed/Great Sword;max) A glinting 2 Handed blade of pale steel, worked with veins of red [The sword is always cold to the touch]
  • Attunement: Cage’s Magical Bond to Truevein [Major/Strong]
  • Divine Intuition:The sword [Truevein] bears the mark of the gray gods and, grants the user an Intuitive sense ( + 1 CS) when making any Lore: Religious/Conviction checks relating to the gods: Mizras, Malek, Elancil, and Ezrilus.
  • Immunity: Prevents all Aggravated wounds and, [ + 1CS VIT and HLT checks]
  • Orrish Bloodlust: Truevein glows a light red when Orrish are within [ 30m] and, the wielder must resist against WPR Check or, take on the Bloodlust trait until all Orrish opponents have been slain. Against Orrish opponents, the blade does an extra point of damage [ + 1Dmg overall, not base] and, the wielder never suffers any familiarity penalties.
  • Prejudice: Possession of the sword allows the wielder to buy Prejudice: Hatred of Orrish for half CP cost.

    Skills: Combat

  • Melee: 6 ( + 1= 7/8 w/chi)
  • Grapple: 2 ( + 1= 3/4 w/chi) [Cage has gotten into many fights/brawls]
  • Evade: 4
  • Fend: 3(4 w/chi)
  • Soak: 2
  • Propel: 3 [Drawn/Thrown]
  • Shoot: 1
  • Armor Use: 2 ( – 1 FV on All Armors ENC)
  • Personal Tactics: 2 ( + 1 Int./ + 1RS to Resist KB and Interuptions)
  • Team Tactics: 2 (Block/Fend for Teammate during combat)


  • Ride: 2 ( + 3CS w/Gear/Saddle/etc= 5)
  • Jumping: 1 ( + 1= 2)
  • Climb: 1 ( + 1= 2)
  • Swim: 1 ( + 1= 2)
  • Dancing: 1 (as noble)


  • Language: Gladnorean: [Speak: 4] [Read/Write: 1]
  • Lang: Murcat [Speak/Read/Write: 1]
  • Lang: Orrish [Speak/Read/Write: 1]
  • Literacy: 1 [Read/Write] (Gladnorean/Murcat/Orrish: Learning w/Jorgensen)
  • Lore: Religion: 2 ( + 1 Grey gods = 3)
  • Lore: Merchant Cities: 1 ( + 1CS= 2/General/History/Heraldry)
  • Lore: Pine Tribes: 1
  • Lore: Dunstrand: 1 ( + 1CS= 2/General)
  • Lore: Orrish: 1
  • Streetwise: 2 ( + 1CS in Merchant Cities/Dunstrand= 3)
  • Survival: Arid Lowland: 1
  • Meditation: 1
  • Medical Aid: 1
  • Repair: 1
  • Persuasion/Intimidation/Interrogation: 1 Persuade; – 1CHA=0 [not a good public speaker/a Fame Check: ALU= 4/2 Location-based to Counter]/Intimidate & Interogate; + 1CS on MUS Check= 9 Press for Reaction/Responce/Information through use of Frieght Effects= WPR Check to Resist vs. Fear/Dread/Panic or, gain desired Effect/Info. from Target

    Familiarity Groups:

  • The Dentons/Merchant Cities: [Origin/Home: + 1CS]
  • Dunstrand City: [Learned City as 2nd Home: + 1CS]
  • Weapons: [Swords/Knives/Maces/Crossbows/Bows/Spears/Shields/Improvised/Cesti/Unarmed]


  • Mounts: Mule w/Tent/Chests/Suplies [Willup/Handler]
  • Riding Horse: w/Saddle etc. (+ 3CS) [Willup/Handler]
  • Battle Trained Calvary Riding Horse: [Cage] w/saddle etc. (+ 3CS Ride)


  • Armors: Ringed Cuirboulli Leather [18PV/160PR: Fitted/ENC= 33] Mostly flat black armor with a Raven (Mirgue) clutching a sword (Truevein/Mizras) in it’s claws of pale silver metal & Red eyes + all grey gods symbols)
  • Armor#2: Cuirboulli Leather [16PV/130PR & Fitted/ENC= 22 w/mule] (Non-discript/avg. looking/Black + Brown)
  • Armor#3 Flat Black/Cuirboulli Leather [16PV/130PR & Fitted/ENC= 22 w/mule]
  • Armor#4: Leather [2 suits w/mule: 8PV/60PR & Fitted/ENC= 11 ENC: Suit#4: Black/#5 Plain: Black/Brown]
  • Med/Light-Wooden Shield: Northfort [Painted w/mostly flat black with a Raven (Mirgue) clutching a sword (Truevein/Mizras) in it’s claws of pale silver metal w/Red eyes + all grey gods symbols][Calvary Horse] ( + 2CS Fend/2 AM/6 Base Dmg/60PV/360PR/ENC= 34)
  • Hard Caps: (3) [Fitted:#1] Matches armor w/open face [No PER Penalty] [Painted w/mostly flat black with a Raven (Mirgue) clutching a sword (Truevein/Mizras) in it’s claws of pale silver metal w/Red eyes + all grey gods symbols on Forehead] [ + 2 vs. consciousness (HLT) check/16PV/48PR/1FV/ENC: 3]
  • Hard Cap: [Fitted:#2 Plain: Black/Brown]
  • Hard Cap: [Fitted: Cap#3: Flat Black w/ Black Face Mask]


    Truevein> [sword] 2 Handed/Great Sword (5AM/18 Base Dmg/ + 1 Dmg to over all vs. Orrish/Reach: 6/Length: 78" Inches/Weight: #11lbs/Width: 2" Inches) [Min: CRD – 2/Min:MUS – 1= 7/11: ENC 30 ( – 10 ENC)]
  • Jeweled/Cerimonial Knife: [Fine] (2AM/4 Base Dmg/Sharpness of Blade/ + 2CS Ease: ENC= 4/Hidden Boot Sheath (PER) Check to find if searched] [Gifted by Baron Robert Wheglin of Osmail Mark/400silvers]
  • Dagger: Left Thigh Sheath (2AM/4 Base Dmg)[5 ENC]
  • Light Crossbow: [w/30 bolts] (8 Base Dmg + AP/painted black)
  • Light Mace: Mirque/Holy Symbol (Power/Heft: + 1 Base Dmg= 9/Ravens Head; Mirgue w/Holy Symbol on Handle/230sc)
  • Light Spear: (3AM/8 Base Dmg/ + 1CS Ease/Painted Black)
  • Long Light Spear: (4AM/13 Base Dmg/Mounted-Horseback= 3AM/13 Base Dmg: MUS/For Size of Horse: 250= + 25Dmg/Reach= 7/Painted Black)
  • Light Cesti/Gaunlets: (2AM/4 Base Dmg= Real/Dyed Black)
  • Unarmed: (2AM/Base 1Dmg-Punch/Elbow/Headbutt; 2dmg-Kick + MUS/Size= + 9Dmg)
  • War Club: ( + 2cs Ease: 4AM/9 Base Dmg/Painted Black)
  • Broad Sword: [Mule] (4AM/13 Base Dmg/Painted Black)
  • Heavy Shortbow: (3AM Load + Fire/2AM Re-Load/1AM Fire/12 Base Dmg ( + MUS)/ Pull= 5 + 1/MUS= 50m Range) [Painted w/mostly flat black with a Raven (Mirgue) clutching a sword (Truevein/Mizras) in it’s claws of pale silver metal w/Red eyes + all grey gods symbols] w/Quiver [20 Flight: Range x 2= 100m/ 10 War: + 1Dmg/ 10 Bodkin: + AP Arrows]
  • Medium Longbow: (3AM Load + Fire/2AM Re-Load/1AM Fire/14 Base Dmg ( + MUS)/ Pull= 6 + 1/MUS= 100m Range) w/Quiver [20 Flight: Range x 2= 200m/ 10 War: + 1Dmg/ 10 Bodkin: + AP Arrows]
  • Heavy X-bow: [w/ 40 bolts] (12AM/16 Dmg + AP/Range = 80m/Painted Black) [Mule]
  • Finely Carved/Keen Tipped: Short Spear [3AM/ Keen Tip= (+ 1 Base Dmg) 9 Dmg/ + 1CS Ease/Reach= 3/ENC=15] [Gifted by Baron Robert Wheglin/500silvers]

    Basic Equipment:

  • Pavillion Tent: [Father’s Squire Tent] sleeps three.
  • Basic clothes (3 sets), nice clothes (2 set), court clothes (1 set), boots (2 sets), warm wool cape, overnight pack, bedroll, cook gear (utensils, whetstone, bowl, cup, 1 pot, 1 pan), flint & tinder, lamp, 3 flasks lamp oil, 3 torches, 20m of cord, 2 belts, light tarp, 1 grease tin (waterproofing), 2 small sacks, walking stick (light staff), wine skin w/watered wine, 1 week worth of preserved rations, 1 week worth of fresh rations, mule w/saddle bags/Chests, Riding Horse w/Saddle+Gear, Battle Trained Calvery Riding Horse With Gear (5000silvers), 1 crude map of the realms, Journal, bottle ink and quill [for writting/orientering], [Gifted by Baron Robert Wheglin/400silvers] Beautiful Hooded Warm Wool Cloak with Gold Thread and, a Medal “Defenders of Osmail Mark” [a title/100silvers per Month] worn on Cloak.


  • Tactic#1: Wield 2 Handed Sword Truevein> [sword] with [Fitted] Ring Cuirboulli Leather Armor [Mostly trusts armor for defense and, use remaining 1 AM for Snap parry or, punch]
  • Tactics#2: [Fitted] Cuirboulli Armor [Shield: To Fend/Block: + 2CS] w/Broad Sword/Mace/Spear/War Club/etc.
  • Tactics#3: [Fitted] Cuirboulli Armor [Mounted Combat: Battle Trained Calvary Horse] w/Light Long Spear/2 Handed Sword/Short Spears
  • Tactics#4: [Fitted] Cuirboulli Armor: [Martial: Hand-to-Hand] w/Cesti/Grappling/Combo w/Small Blades
  • Tactics#5: [Fitted] Cuirboulli Armor: [Ranged: Drawn] Heavy Short Bow/Light X-Bow/Heavy X-bow [Thrown] Daggers/Knives/Spears/Shield

    Gide’s Gallants:

  • 1st Commanding Officer/Ranking Ducal Army Lieutenent: Gide [Warrior; Sword/Spear/Shield/Long Bow/Misc.]
  • Lieutenent/2nd in command: Taer [Warrior/Priest; Follower of Fiogala (Fox/Trickster); Axe/Spear/Shield/Misc.]
  • Quarter Master/4th in Command: Geri [Magus; Spells/Self Bow/Dagger] (Fate: Dead at in the Tower of Tearly Castle leading the intial siege/assult and, took out a Powerful Magus/Priestess who was ready to launch foul magics down upon the Gallants. Geri stook to the Code of the Gallants and, died in service protecting the only people she gave two shits about…and, that’s saying something, for I feel she knew it would lead to her death yet, she followed Gide’s orders to the end)
  • Tracker/Scout/Corporal/3rd in Command: Xar [Generalist/Magus; Spear/Shield/Bow/Misc.]
  • Urban/Tracker/Scout: Relb [Rogue; Two Wpns./Knives/Bow/Misc.] (Fate: Dead; Relb volunteered to stay behind while rest of group escaped the Underground Lake below Tearly Castle/Taer inherits most of his gear and, Gide can distribute the rest or, add to the party fund)
  • Front Line/Shock Troop/5th in command/4th if Geri perishes at Castle Tearly?: Cage [Heavy Warrior: TwoHanded Great Sword; Truevein/Long Bow/Short Bow/Unarmed/Cesti/Mace/Spear/Club/Blades/Shield/Misc.]
  • Hunter: Korvyk [Rogue; Spear/Shield/Bow/Misc.] (Dead at Lake under Tearly Castle by Geri for spell after shooting Chalan in the back with a wicked bow shot)
  • Thief: Chelan [Rogue; Blades/Bow/Misc.] (Dead at Lake under Tearly Castle by Geri for spell/Beat down by Relb after being Shot in the back by Korvyk, he broke the Code of the Gallants by attempting to assassinate Geri, there by killing the rest of the group trapped under the castle, if successful-Good fight all the way to the very End…One of the best ever. It was a Fast paced, Ground’n’pound as Relb smashed his head/face repeatedly on Cavern Floor until beaten Unconscious. This was an Exteremely Dangerous fight due to his use of poisons/toxins…, it was him or the group and, Relb would never let him get away with risking other group members in that fashion, dooming them all.)
  • River/Boatman: Stillmain [Warrior; Lasso/Clubs/Blades/Mace/Misc.]
  • Duke’s Officer/Temp. Leader in absence of Gide: Bull [Warrior; Sword/Spear/Shield/Misc.]
  • Archer/LongBowman: Jonas [Warrior; Long Bow/Shield + Spear/Swords/Misc.]
  • Combat Trained/Field Medic: Mican [Generist/Magus; Magic/Ranged Weapons]
  • Warrior: Tigga [Young Warrior; Spears/Maces/Clubs/Shields/Duel Wpns/Misc.] (There’s potential there is he ever calms down and, survives long enough?…the reality of war and, battles will wipe an childish notions of glory from his head)
  • Willup: Trusted Man Servant/Animal Handler/Gypsy folk/hobbled by previous owners at hidden mines (Gallants still need to inspect this lead and, where all that Silver is being funneled to and, to whom?)

    Code of the Gallants

  • 1. Duty to brotherhood, faith and guild… but loyalty to group first.
  • 2. Trust and follow the chain of command, inside the group and out.
  • 3. Order given are to be obeyed. Abuse of command will result in a vote that strips it and gives it to another.
  • 4. Information is given on a need to know basis; not everything will be shared by the group – this is to protect it more than anything.
  • 5. Respect authority but never without question.
  • 6. In battle, back your companions move – later is the time to question.
  • 7. Never leave anyone behind – even if you have to return.
  • 8. Spend on the group, not outside – monetarily and time-wise.
  • 9. Never volunteer for locals; safety and expectation management are more important than making friends.
  • 10. Never leave the safety of the group without providing plans and details to the leader(s).
  • 11. Always take the opportunity to gather intelligence on places, people, and items.
  • 12. Never walk into a situation without a plan or way of getting out.
    The Brotherhood of Gide’s Gallant’s, is formed first around fraternity, second upon an oath to uphold the rightful laws and rulers of Dunstrand, its counties and, the free Riverdans. Specifically the county of Bar-Innis and the heir claimant Dierdre, who works for a greater good of a unified Dunstrand, as well as stability and prosperity for her people. In this the Gallants has been enjoined to her cause, to support in a manner of her choosing.

    As drafted by Gerladine Aelishan… in response to a the situation that sprang up in Monaides and was resolved under “Gide Clearing the Bullshit”…

  • After the Battle for the Low-lands: All of the characters are made “Defenders of Osmail Mark” – a title bringing each of them a beautiful hooded warm wool cloak with gold thread and worth 400 silvers, a medal worth 100, and carved short spear with a keen (+1 base) tip (500 silvers). Also a gift of 100 silvers per Month
  • Group Ward: Terry “the Schrew” Noring (a sneak/courier/politically connected)/[Baron Horchover of Small Mark’s Niece] with a 1200 wirth of Pearl strands (With Xar) to add in her care with promises of more to come in the future from the Baron, as long as she’s safe during this time of war. [Delivered back to Uncle after Battle for the Low-lands by Cage and Willup on the journey to Dunstrand City: Cage and the White Sisters must get rid of his Red Rages]

  • Bio:

    Family History

    Henry Northfort rose up from humble beginnings as a tanner’s son in the North Merchant Cities – north of the river Beyne. He inherited his father’s business as a young man when sickness claimed both his parents. One year, when a harsh winter drove the pine tribes south in search of food, their village was attacked by pine tribesmen from the north. His actions helped save three families, and the stories of his courage spread far. He was taken as a page to a knight errant (an ex-adventurer), where he served for 10 years as page and squire before finally earning his own title amongst the Merchant Cities.

    As his father tells it, in a spectacular battle along the Lonely Road (the nickname of the traders road through the northlands), his mentor Sir Oswald Bormender was killed in a battle against a large band of marauding orrish from the north. Again, a harsh winter had driven the
    pine tribes and orrish out of their normal areas to raid for food in daring night raids. Pulled from his horse, the orrish literally tore him to pieces. The patrol he was part of began to break and retreat, leaving the way south open. Henry grabbed his fallen master’s sword and laid waste to those around him, organizing defense and driving the orrish back from the road to civilized lands. For this, he was given his knighthood, and assumed the title of his mentor as Viscount of Dentons. Henry took wife, had children and served the Merchant Cities well.
    His reputation and the symbol of family power – Truevein – long held his foes at bay.

    Sir Henry was loathe to start a family, knowing full well the perils of life on the
    borders of civilized lands. However, his reputation and the symbol of Truevein helped to keep the foes in the north at bay. Henry eventually believed he had won a peace of sorts and married, having 2 children – a boy named Cage and after the northern wars and famine had passed, his younger wife bore him a girl. The many battles and scars took a heavy toll, and he was an old man before his time. His enemies to the north knew he had aged and his reputation was soon forgotten by a younger generation. The decades of frustration and fear spilled over into the civilized lands one night.

    Early Life

    Growing up very young was fairly boring. The village and steads of Dentons was well defended and away from the further lands which attracted bandits and tribesmen. Life there was easy, and from a young age, he was brought up to take his father’s place. As he became a young man, his father’s lands came under attack more often, and the lands gained to the north were lost over time. He was brought up to fight at an early age of 14. The warrior’s path was his way, the way of his father, and he saw many a terrified night defending farmsteads and protecting herds.
    He was big, and strong like his father, and excelled at the combat arts and was at the front of the raids by age 17.

    He also had a dark side though, a restless animal inside him that fed on rage and anger.
    This fury was easily restrained in the mild setting of Dentons in his youth and the skirmishes of his youth, but his father feared that once let loose beyond the civil places, his son’s fury would cause others to fear him. He taught his son to keep his fights as short as possible,
    to stay away from the dark place within him. He also brought a priest of the war god Mizras to his lands, to see if he could be taught discipline. Unfortunately, Cage was developing a willful streak, and a savage temper to go with it. His father’s and priest’s instruction and guidance served him well for many years, but could not stop the tide of fury within him forever.
    By age 16 his father could not provide a soothing voice everywhere he went, and the anger within
    overcame him – fist fights, broken furniture, smashed windows, serious injuries. This his family endured until one night, goblins came raiding from the north in the cold of a harsh winter, when food in the north was scarce once again and his father’s memory, in the minds of his enemies, had faded.

    Fateful Night: One night, his fortunes changed forever. His father was hastily armed and lead his few men into the night, amidst burning buildings and terror from an attack by an overwhelming force. Cage soon followed, catching up with his father in time to see him decapitated by an ork, though the bodies of 2 of the beasts lay on the ground next to him.
    The soldiers were defeated in spirit, and fell back to the great hall, pursued by orrish. Running to his fallen father’s side, he grabbed his great sword Truevein and began to run after his father’s killers. Arriving at the great hall in flames, he witnessed his mother and 4 year old sister skewered together on a goblin spear. Unleashing his rage, he first charged into the orrish and cast down the ork. Like a storm of vengeance, he turned his anger towards the goblin followers. The few remaining soldiers and villagers followed the wake of carnage – putting fallen orrish to final rest or pursuing those few who would not face him in combat. When dawn came, he was found in front of a barn on the outskirts of town. He had hacked 14 goblins to death, and in his rage destroyed all the livestock as well. He was unconscious, covered head to toe in blood, and was initially thought to be dead at the scene as well.

    The folk of Dentons sent word to the council in Karolak of what happened. The title of Viscount was given to another, and Cage was forced to leave – though word of his deed spread far and wide, his rage and the danger to those close to him made him unfit as a leader in the eyes of the Merchant Council. He was allowed to take all that remained of his father’s house and possessions.

    Intro to the Campaign

    Road to Dunstrand: Cage was given passage to any place out of the North Merchant Cities. Invited across the Beyne river, the council decided to send him into Dunstrand. Cage was followed to the border markers and, packing all that remained of his family’s legacy, set off into Dunstrand. He was well received and many asked him to tell his tale. He made up numerous stories of why he left, and finally began to believe them himself he told them so many times. ‘There was nothing left me but bad memories’, ‘I felt i needed a new start’ – anything but the truth that he was feared by those he saved and was forced to leave. Making his way on his reputation, he stumbled through the center of Dunstrand.

    He arrived in Dunstrand city and went to the warrior brotherhood of Mizras. The church took him in and he was used by the church to promote itself. After a year of being a show piece though, he left and sought adventure. His time with Mizras had introduced him to Mirgue the Doomed and he embraced his berserker fury.

    Through his connections, he was hired on by the forces of Count Leon Badgericus, lord of East River Run. A small ‘rebellion’ had broken out in the Riverdans – a place called Cerran’s Grant. By all accounts a conquered, puppet territory. However, some locals were disrupting the status quo and had to be dealt with. The count marshaled a force of mercenaries to meet a mostly peasant army south of a place called Fort Sian. Cage was with a group of irregulars given to guarding the left flank.

    The forces of Count Badgericus marshaled east of a farmstead. Intelligence reports come in the the force is outnumbered 2:1 – but that the enemy troops are all irregulars, lead by a priest of the Wyld faith. This causes a few shivers, but most of the experienced mercenaries have no fear, and the groups begin to form up. Word comes down the line that the magus Anwin has been brought up from Nevronia as backup and to counter the priest. A light reserve forms around him – rumors fly about how he will best be used – likely to help route the enemy from the farmstead itself – which they can use as an anchor point and flank protector in their fight. Agents of the count give the usual ‘inspiring’ speeches as Anwins group breaks off and heads for a copse of trees from which to view the fight.

    There’s a commotion behind the lines as several late arrivals are brought in. You can see they are rugged from the road, breathing heavy and winded from a hasty ride. Captain Ferguson leads them to you muster and informs everyone present that these new comers will hold the left flank along the stream. He pulls the other 9 armored men out of the unit and says that Lt. Spike of the Bloody Spike mercenaries is in charge of the flank defense – adding that Cage is now under his command for the duration of the battle.

    The ‘Bloody Spikes’ all seem to be wearing the colors of the count’s regular soldiers. They are a rag-tag lot, and less armored than yourself. One of them is even a woman… a slip of a woman no less, who carries only a bow and wears solid black under the count’s colors.

    Quickly you assemble and introduce yourselves as the first horns sound to rally. Spike assembles you all in a circle and polls everyone’s knowledge of the terrain, sketching out a crude map of the area and where the stream bed and farmstead are in relation to the forces. A runner can be heard shouting down the line. He finally arrives at you and near out of breath delivers the latest battle intelligence.


    See the Journal of Cage

    Cage Northfort

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