Taylor "Bull" Swansen

"Protector of the Lowlands"


Description: Human, Male, 28 years old (looks about 5 years older), 5’10", #210, right handed, tough, leathery skinned, brown eyes, sandy-blonde hair (going gray early)

Ability: Kinetic 4

MUS 9 +1 CS melee/projectile; +9 damage melee
HLT 6 +1 healing factor
VIT 6 +1 CS
RSN 2 -1 CS
APP 3 (scars from battles; a few on face)


Good Luck, Upbringing: Urban, Familiarity: Knives, Swords, maces, Leadership 2 (has 2 measures of good luck to grant characters under his leadership per session). Compulsion: Collects medals


Combat: Melee 4+1, Fend 3, Evade 2, Grapple 1+1, Propel 1, Shoot 1, Armor Use 1, Soak 1, Tactics:Personal 2, Tactics: Team 2, Lore: Military 3

Other: Gladnorian: Speak 4/Literate 1, Lore: Dunstrand 3, Streetwise 3, Jump 1+1, Climb 2+1, Swim 1+1, Ride 2, Repair 3, Daermelain: Speak 2/Literate 1, Mercat: Speak 2


RESILIENCE = Size 12×6=72

Familiarities: shield, bow, crossbow, sword, spear, maces


Armor: Fitted Leather, Med Light Shield, lg. cap

Weapons: Rapier (3 AM/9+1 damage/2 init; excellent craftsmanship [11,000 sc value], calls it “Tempesta”), Dagger (2 AM/4 dmg/ +2 CS ease), Light Crossbow (10 AM/10 AP damage) w/10 bolts, Spear (3 AM/8 dmg/1 CS ease)


Riding: Horse +bit/bridle/saddle +4 CS
Jewelry: Ring (50), Pendant (200), L earring (40)

Marching Kit: shaving tools, boot, 3 socks, 1 poncho, 1 cloak, 1 tunic, 1 trousers, 30m knotted cord, 1 week preserved rations, 2 days water, bedroll, tarp, lamp oil, 3 torches, 2 burlap bags, purse of 50 silver crowns

Healing satchel: 3 mustard seed body wraps (+2 healing overnight), 10 × 1 pt. poultices, 10 points of burn cream, 4 applications of salve (1 point healing each), 20 pt healing potion (reward from Baron)

Pack: 2 man tent, tarp, wooden locking footlocker, spear, short sword, 3 sets clothes, 1 set formal uniform, dagger, weapons cleaning brace, armor cleaning brace, extra leather armor (8/60), leather jerkin (3/24), small lock box w/200 silvers

On deposit in Osmail Mark: 1,904 silver crowns

Locked Box of Old Medals

Forthright Vale Knight, 7x Forthright Knight, Calleyburg Duty, Wheglin Cpl, Wheglin Sgt, Wheglin Mstr Sgt, Wheglin Lt, Pritchard Duty, 3x Nanford Valley Knight Valor, Red Sky Knight Valor x1
> He knows a dealer in capital to get a Red Sky Knight Duty, and Wilkes’ uncle (in Mosshaven) has a Honor medal. All together they have the ancient Red Sky Oath of Service (this fact and significance is unknown to Bull)



Bull is the nickname Taylor got as a young kid, for being a bully and strong as a bull with a massive neck. Bull naturally gravitated towards a physical job, where his talents lie. By the time he was 13, we has serving in the town watch – a more constructive use of his ability. He graduated from there to the army by 15 – big for his age and got action duty instead or serving in the baggage train. The discipline of the army turned a bully into a soldier. He served 2 years duty in the north with the High King’s army as part of the mandated supply of troops from the Duke of Dunstrand. It was here that he fought undead and learned the cultures of the north. He served three years in the Duke’s army – mostly fighting Merchant City forces in the north. In the Duke’s army he rose to the rank of Sargent, and even once commanding a special night raid mission. He met a old master sergeant named Wilkes while training for his rank at the Black Swan Inn. He burgeoning interest in classic arms and medals began with this meeting. Together the 2 shared their hobby for a year and a half. He mustered out and heard by a letter from his friend (read to him by the company scribe). There was a civil war in Bar-Innis and figured he could make his way there and get hired as a mercenary – better wages than a soldiers.

Initially he was going to sign up with the rightful ruler Berithor, but when he witnessed a band of mercenaries hired by Berithor outside of Prencross ride down a family of fleeing refugees, he questioned his choice. Bull made discreet inquiries as to the location of the unit his friend Wilkes mentioned he was part of. Eventually he ended up in Braddon Bog, amidst a camp being set up and an occupying force taking strategic positions. He found Wilkes, who sponsored him into Berithor’s army. Wilkes got sloppy one day and fell asleep on watch – but only after being out on a 24 hour patrol. The subsequent lashing killed him and Bull deserted that night. He made contact with “Rebels” near Gnedport after hearing of unrest and revolt going on there. He managed to make his way to the camp of Baron Robert Wheglin and has been serving his lowland rebel group since… once more attaining the rank of Sergeant.

Over and over he has proved his worth and is now a Lt. – in charge of the mercenaries that Baron Wheglin has hired to mostly deal with problems in the west of the Lowlands. Sometimes the Baron has used him in “special” assignments – as a runner of messages to bodyguard for various people and occasions.


The Gallants know Bull by reputation only. They have met him at various war council meetings, but never dealt with him directly. The Baron has used the Gallants as his own special Black Ops force and they have not been under Bull’s leadership. Bull has followed the Gallants closely and learned a few things of each of them in case he needs to use them. Bull is the only consistently successful officer the Baron has – drawing on his military experience he has made quite a reputation for himself. It is his desire to someday give up his status as a mercenary as become a lord’s bondsman – finding stability and a home. Bull is just finishing healing from a terrible wound taken in the last major battle for the lowlands when Sir Robert comes to see him. He asks that Bull accompany the “mercenaries” Gide’s Gallants (who have thus far operated outside Bull’s control) and make sure they get safely to Braddon Bog. Bull’s knowledge of Braddon Bog is that its is pretty much a stop over on the east/west route but offers little itself in the way of comfort. Why the Gallants are going there is a mystery… bu Sir Robert has asked and he must be obeyed. It will be good to see for himself how these ‘Gallants’ do in the field. Sir Robert reminds you that Lt. Gide has just as much ranks as you, and it is his company so his decisions will outrank yours. Use your discretion, be careful, and aid them when you can. Sir Robert trusts them implicitly – a sentiment they will have to earn first with Bull. Bull sees them also as possibly another step towards his goal of a home and position within a lord’s household guard… or perhaps joining them as a step up from being a lone mercenary.

Dream Cycle

Dream #1: 9163, Month 9 – A white bull is charging over and over, pursuing you. Just before his runs you down you trip and fall and wake up.—

Dream #2: You are flying, there is a peaceful feeling but as you orient east more crows begin to follow you, preventing you from going anywhere else.

Taylor "Bull" Swansen

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