Baron Robert Wheglin

Baron of Osmail Mark in the lowlands of Bar-Innis; hero of the Lowlands and leader of the Lowland Council


Sir Robert is a man of about 40 years of age. His father passed away about 6 years ago from a dreadful flu. Prior to that, Sir Robert had been knighted and spent 3 years in the court of the Duke at Dunstrand City. He earned a small reputation for volunteering for anything he could. He lead several long range patrols and escort missions. He returned when his father grew ill, and many believed he was going to break from the family.

He has a sister who is married to a rich family near Small Mark and a younger brother who is only 14.

He is well groomed in the style of the Duke’s Court and is still in his prime.

He supports the church of Gaia and the Wyld faith openly.

It is believed that he invested much of his family’s money in the west and has a stable source of income outside his hereditary lands – though it leaves him one of the poorest in coin he is one of the richest in assets and value.


Baron Robert Wheglin

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