Dunstrand Rising

Tapestry of Exile

Sent to the far reaches of the unknown 'Gaernian' Empire to rescue the mayor's son

Through the Tapestry

< CY 9163, Month 10, Day 25 >

Maidenpool Town

Small town on the edge of the world – not part of ‘the empire’ though mines coal for closer imperial outposts and locals. Only a few hundred population – essentially a mining town. Used to make the locals wealthy selling survival items to mysterious travelers going EAST into the ice lands.

The three thieves (first group) went WEST towards the imperial outpost along the Birchwood Trail.


Across the Tundra

Through the Heylock Forest

Lost for almost a week in the woods – should have only taken a couple days.

Found a moose early on, 1 day shy of running out of food, found another moose and managed to stalk and kill it – providing meat for the rest of the journey.

Found the mayor’s son, near death. Had to stop for a day and recuperate him.

Finding the Stone Sign

Across the Crevasse

Through the Silent Lands

Across the Silent Sea

Buying the boat at Maidenpool seemed like a good idea, now it paid off. The constant crack of ice and splash of wash makes it far from silent. A boat could get caught and cracked in half.

The Giants Tomb

The Dragon Boat

The Mayor’s Gift

The Mayor, having little to offer any of the Gallants without making them look petty, agrees to defend the group’s taking of the Exile Tapestry. Its not very popular with the locals, who want to destroy the thing after one of their own has likely died in it. The mayor will likely not be the mayor for long. The party shells out 20 silvers for labor and Geri another 50 silvers to cover the dragon-prowed giant longboat with tarps and protect it from the rain. The dragon skin sail with dragon wing bones is rolled up and stored. Geri says that the ship itself is still holding a dweomer of sorcery about it – its exact nature still unknown. Taqwill will look after the sail and try and use the boat as a tourist draw of some sort. Bull’s mission of raising more supplies and more levies for the Baron’s cause seems hopeless now in the face of what happened and the cost in resources the trip to Gaernia cost them already. Bull has some sharp words to the town elders about protection in the time of war. Gide tries to reason and mediate between them to no avail. In the last 24 hours, the Baron has sent new orders for Bull to head towards Bergen and try and start up a resistance movement there.

It turns out that only about a day’s worth of time has gone by, to the 3+ weeks of time the group spent in the northlands at the edge of the world. To show for the effort is 1000 silvers worth of slag gold and silver, dragon bone fragments, and a magnificent polar bear rug worth about 1000 silvers in itself. Two giant sized chests that are well worked – the wood carvings on them is quite well done and they would likely fetch a few hundred silver in the right place, each. Four of the crystaline globes with some sort of moss in them that grows when it is shook were taken from the giants palace as well – they also might fetch hundreds each, or be of more use to the group.

There is no further clues forthcoming about who the three tapestry thieves were. Whoever they were, they went west from Maidenpool, seeking the outposts of the strange and unknown Gaernian Empire. The campsite that the tapestry was found at revealed nothing more than they were a bit rough around the edges, and they each wore the same – not a uniform, but same drab colors and general outfit and gear – part of some social or religious group Geri believes. About 20 silvers in goods – donated to the town.

Gide holds the chaos ring until some safe way can be found to dispose or make use of it – he has not decided which yet.

Relb and Geri’s Private Conversation

[Relb] Geri, you said the Dragon Boat still had some magic about it? Even without the Wings? How Curiously odd? I wonder if we may have further uses of that boat once we can dicern what it’s capable of? Is it just fast, does it travel dimentions as easily as it had in getting us back here out of the tapestry? Maybe it can travel back into it, just in case we can make it back to loot that Tomb of the Blue Giants? The Dragon Boat must’ve gotten there some how? I suppose when you have the power of the Lich Lords at your Command, nearly anything is possible? It seemed to trigger when we went to sleep, could it be some sort of Dream Travel portal went through? Isn’t there some legend that says that Dragons are made of Dreams…that they’re slightly out of our reality as we know it? And that’s what makes them immortal? Well, long lived at least…they can obviously be killed somehow? Whatever magic is within them, it must hold even after death to some degree, wouldn’t you think by the effects of that ship Geri? I know, I’m an ant and, you’re the mental giant so, I’ll leave the figuring out to you and Taqwill. I wonder what a ship like this in the Duke’s or, King’s army might fetch on the market? I don’t want the Umbakians or the Gwinnish to get their hands on the Dragon Boat Gide. I think something like that would be very bad indeed! This boat is massive, could hold many supplies and soldiers. On the open Sea I bet this ship might just be unbeatable for speed, strength and, intimidation factor? I mean, this thing was made by Giants and, has Dragon Winged Sails! I believe it will make a temping target if either of their forces hears of this ship sitting here in Braddon Bog on Dry Dock. It might be Land Locked but, I wouldn’t put it past either of there forces to make a grab at it? Even if we’re the only ones with the knowledge of the Dragon Wing Sails, a ship of this size and, volume would be a powerful player on the waters. Hell, even the Merchant Cities might make a play for it?

[Geri] If we had any time whatsoever, i would be using it, but time is something we have next to nothing of. What little time i do have is devoted to other things. You speak of much and all of it “should”, “could” and “what” and i have no answers for you. I don’t think anyone is really going to care about the boat – its an oddity and nothing more unless we make more of it. Surely we have no use for it now. You seem to know more of dragons than I, for i cannot speak to anything in that regards with any certain knowledge. You talk as if you have understanding – dreams and such, Lich Lords, and the Merchant Cities. What little I’ve found has inscriptions in a strange runic language – it may be Draconic or Mosforb – neither tongue do I know. The language i am learning next is Ducat – the language of the earth folk, for there is a copper scroll i seek to decipher; who knows its importance but it is ancient beyond all measure of counting. In short, i wish i did not have to sleep and i wish i had the answers for you i want myself… but it will be a while before we uncover any of the secrets locked up from this trip unless you yourself can shed light on anything. I don’t feel hard pressed to find them out either – the risk seems worth little reward in the case of looting the iced lair of giants.

[Relb] I wish we had more time as well. I can only speculate from rumors and, legends. I have no formal knowledge in this area of your expertise and, can only offer questions. I guess my main point is to make sure this ship is secure here and, just an oddity to those that may seek it out one day. I would rather gift it to the King or Duke’s armies for coin before letting it fall into our enimies hands. I can only hope that one day we can unlock the secrets of this boat one day and, put it to good use. Stillmain makes a good Captain of a ship, it is obvious why his peoples have such a strong bond to the waters, it suits them well and, he it. Braddon Bog is obviously not very defensible and, it’s people freightened by their own shadows. Taqwill will have to be careful how he draws attenton to this boat and, hope that no others see it value the way we do. It should help that the Dragon Wing Sails are not attached, I fear that would be to temping even for me to pass up. These people of Braddon Bog need not the harm that would surely follow if the truth of what we hide here is discovered. Look at their faces…these people see us as another group of adventures sturring up trouble in their quiet little town
like in the times past, such as your fathers time must of been like to them in their day. I hope that Ducat spell holds something good for you in your catch of spells that proves useful Geri. I do not envy you in that regard for the knowledge that you must sift through to obtain that which you want. I do not have the patients for such endeavors but, am humbled by your incredible wit and reasoning for their applications. You know Geri, there are techniques that are said to lower ones need for sleep and, still feel rested. Perhaps you could train at them and, gain some of that time which you seek for your studies? Just a thought…

[Geri] I can’t guarantee anything with the boat here, and I’d tell Gide the same to his face. If you want to guard it, feel free… but its not something we can really defend well if someone had the means to take. I can’t really imagine anyone coming in search of the boat, though some of the other library materials – i’m surprised there’s not already a band of Umbakian mercenaries here already… As for Stillmein, his folk would not fare well on the open sea. We have no navigator ability other than my own feeble astronomy skills. Its safest if we just downplay it as a novelty and nothing more. It seems like the books, references, items, and trails of clues is piling up 10 times faster than i can process them. I grieve daily that my studies were so informal and i have no mentor to turn to to aid in study, learning, and research… but i’ll continue to stumble through it all. I have left with Taqwill a list of a few primers for some subjects i am interested in and a small sum to purchase them (though i fear its not enough). Once he is re-established here i plan to ask Gide to grant him a small % out of our takes so he can research subjects we need to learn about. I don’t know what you refer to about lowering the need for sleep – if you know of such a ‘technique’, why have you not trained all of us in this!?

[Relb] Well, novelty it is and, something to marvel ans wonder at it’s creators. I know Stillmain is of thr River folk but, he did a great job getting us in shape on the deck of that boat in order to get us home. I got no love for the open seas, always been on land and, unless I have to, I’ve desire to start now. I fear it is our lot to discover and rediscover things of old and, bring them to light Geri…weither we can keep up with the pace of our efforts, I don’t think any of us can say? Hell, I got tusks for my efforts…not my best day or, decision but, I’m trying to learn from my mistakes and, not repeat them. Like Fireballs in my face…must be more careful and find a way around such booby-traps? Not a clue how to do that yet but, maybe well come across something or, one of those spells you reseach one day will give use the insight we need to avoid such? It will be good to get Taqwill up and researching that which we have no time to do ourselves. I’d donate money to that effort and, I believe Gide will see the wisdom in it as well, it’s a good plan Geri.

[Geri] No need to donate money, if Gide agrees we’ll all take a cut in our shares so some cab go to him. Books are not cheap though, so there may be an initial cost – but i’ll pay for that. I cant speak to any destiny or ‘lot’ in life – i hope we improvise it as we go; or at least most of it. Dancing some pipers jig for an already written tune is a bleak future. Not to worry though, if things seem to be moving too fast, its certain that our enemies are in no better shape than we
in understanding things!


[Relb] As far as that Dragon Wing Bone I found, I’ll need to take it to an exceptional carver/sculptor and, have it fashioned into something usefull, perhaps a Sword Hilt or, a couple of matching Dagger Hilts…could make it into a flute or something but, I’ve not worked on my musical skills and, I’m not sure how I’d do with these tusks as far as playing the thing? Hell, might be better then talking at this point?

Whatever money we got out of that place should go into the party fund but, a little piety cash might be nice for freezing our sacks off in the snow too. Geri, are those Globes with that luminesent glow all there is to those things or are they used for anything else? Reminds me of the glow in Aruna’s vault given off by that fungus or, moss down that one tunnel we didn’t travel. Did they only use these for light or, could they serve another purpose?

Might those thieves been Umbakians? If they we’re uniformed in drab colors of some religious order, perhaps they fell victim to the Tapestry before they could deliver it to where ever they were headed? Which way were those tracks headed again? East…only thing there is the Nuir Woods. Buzzing in your heads…Like maybe the beating wings of a Locast? Was that not the sound we heard in Aruna’s vault all those years ago? Could the thieves been from the Cult of the Locasts? Other then Bentwillow Cross to the far East of the Nuir woods if, the went south they could’ve been headed to Mev or Tallmark? I can’t see Tallmark having a desire to possess the Tapestry. In mev, there would at least be Berithor…him I could see wanting to exile his foes and, this would come in handy indeed but, it doesn’t fit the smell and buzzing sounds found at the campsite? We are close to where the Cult of the Locasts operate by Aruna’s Vault…That feeling of something ushering us here in the fog, a presence…that buzzing in our heads from when last experienced, it was in Aruna’s vault when I first met you all. I don’t know the Smell Xar detected but, it may have been undead, remenants of the Vault if the Tapestry originated from there? If the thieves took it from there they may have stired up more then they know?

O.k…slow me down! I know I have a tendency to over react but, if I’m the only one that remembers then maybe the words of Porthias are true! Maybe this has something to do with what I was supposed to remember? But, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about? Maybe that fireball in my face shook something loose up there? Geri, search your memories of that horrid place…do you remember the buzzing sound that entered our heads as we went into the vault and, left us as we gained distance for that evil place? Maybe I’m just paranoid Gide, Geri…I can only remember that sound and, experience when dealing with the Cult of the Locasts. I didn’t think of it before but, going over what has happed here and, the terrified looks of Braddon Bog’s people, that fear…I can only think of that which is past might now sense us and, seeks revenge for previous deeds? I need sleep, maybe I’m digging to far into this but, Porthias’s words hangs in my ears and, on my mind…perhaps it now plays tricks on me?

Tapestry of Exile

[Geri] you’ll have to wait for a larger center of population to find a carver of dragon bone.
Seems like the globes are light only, and generate no heat. That could be very useful to us while on campaign, i would say keep them for now. The thieves do not look Umbakian, but theres nothing in my memory that ties them to any order, sect, or cult in particular – just that they are part of one given the tendency for same dress style and colors. For the buzzing and smells – it will have to bear out in investigations. Anything now would be speculation, but i won’t rule out anything. The tapestry would have to have been brought from the far north and we know nothing about anything locally that would like that together… as with it all, we ’ll have to investigate and see what we can dig up.

Tapestry of Exile

[Relb] Yes, unfortunatly there will be a lack of the fine craftmanship I will seek for their carvings. Would Taqwill know of any such sculptors in Dunstrand that might be capable of that? Perhaps the Ducatians? They are know for their fine works with both carvings and, weapons…maybe a trip to one of the Holts could yeild some answers and, services. Naturally, it’ll cost plenty of silvers but, maybe some good trade goods would help cover the costs they’ll require. I do not with these to be mishandled in their carving and, use with my blades I wish to have crafted. It will take time but, maybe I could intrust this task to be handled by Taqwill and, for their shipment to me if not able to make it back to Braddon Bog anytime along our winter efforts against the Umbakians. That or these missions presented by Tanner for the Duke. I do hope to get them started sooner rather then later as I’d not like to rush the carver of the dragon bones, as I’d wish for his best skills to be applied to his workmanship.

Well if the tapestry came from the North, then why bring it down here? It doesn’t bode well for whoever wanted such a devise as this and, the three thieves still bother me but, not nearly the same as the thought of the Cult of the Locast still out there. I wish we could’ve destroyed them all those years ago Geri. I know we couldn’t have, nor would we be likely to be able to now but, one day I wish that scourge to be removed from these lands for it is a blight on the soul of this place.

Tapestry of Exile

[Geri] I can’t speak for Taqwill, but he’s an academic and probably wont have the contacts you are looking for. Common sense says if a Ducateon crafter can work stone well, dragon bone should be within their ability… but we have connections there. In fact the Varstock Holt is here in Dunstrand, so our next trip to Dunstrand City should include a stop there… As for the tapestry, investigation is the key in my mind. I want another party to return to the camp site to poke around and i want to personally look at what we pulled from the site – Xar should so that with his fledgling magus skills to sense any mystical influences. I want to talk to the town elders and consult the town records. The 2 noted positions in the timeline the Innkeep at Maidenpool mentioned were 300 years ago (outsiders quit coming), and 50 years ago (giants quit coming to trade)… i want to see if anything in living myth or the records correlate with those approximate dates.

Tapestry of Exile

[Relb] I was trying to think of those timelines myself but, I’m not the best at math when it gets to high but, I’m sure you can figure that out. Once we know about the time line we can try to gain a better picture of the events of those times…maybe something will stick out. Consulting them is a good idea, as much as they hate this thing, I can only guess that figuring out some of the pieces to the mysteries surrounding it will ease their concerns? Xar is a good seond pair of eyes and, it would be good to look around the campsite again. That buzzing they discribed raises concerns but, it may just something in the area and, not any pointed influence directed at them as much as some sort of disruption or, energy? Shit, totally out of my element on the mystic stuff Geri, I can’t even detect the weave like you or Xar. Varstock Holt would be a wise choice then and, if we have a contact there, all the better in getting this Dragon bone fashioned into something useful and, perhaps if done well enough, it may be able to hold an enchantment of some sort? Ultimately, that will be my goal with what ever it becomes. I know it won’t be cheap but, it’s something to work for and, my even be attainable in time. Looking into the tapestry and, doing a thorough investigation of these time lines and, of those thieves may shed more light into why this was brought south and, to whom or where it was destened to go. The Yeti’s we encountered there my have been recent exiles from the north. Something took out those Giants, for that home seemed no more then a massive gravesite. One if possible should be gutted for it’s wealth. I fear we left far mare then I’d like to consider or fathom. We could do well with wealth like that and, could pay for much research into the things we uncover. THat is a prospect for another day though.

Tapestry of Exile

[Relb] As for Fates and such…hell, I got no clue into that either, I’m just making shit up as I go. I know there are forces out there, like what Fiogala did to Taer but, I’ve never known much about them, just your run of the mill stuff. Something you might here around a campfire or whatever. My parents died so long about and, having to struggle to survive in the streets of Richfield never gave me much time to develop much time to devote to such topics. Spending time in Dierdre’s Dungons and, seeing Taer be reborn has given me pause. Following the Tenets of Fiogala interests me for several reasons, like some calling or, sign. I have no idea what it means? or where it will lead? but, I will let my luck and, Gide direct my steps…maybe there is more out there? You obviously have the makings of a powerful being with your ability to manipulate the weave. I see you gaining knowledge and powers that I have no clue as to their workings but, I see it and, bare as witness to greatness that it is to be one of the Gallants…never in my youth would I have imagined to have seen and, done the things we have accomplished together as a group. Nor does that mean that I will not still be blown away by the things yet to come…just so long as it’s not fireballs in the face, that sucked! Lesson learned though, just seems I have to go the hard way everytime to learn it…

Tapestry of Exile
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