Dunstrand Rising

Tanner Holmraf's Greetings and Proposal

Tanner Holmraf, a member of the herald's corps for the Duke has an interesting proposal

Tanner Holmraf’s Introductions

< CY 9163, Month 10, Day 26 >
Sira Tanner bears a letter of greetings from Christianna and his credentials as the Duke’s herald (assistant only, but still official). Tanner claims to be here officially researching the conditions in Bar-Innis and getting interviews of those involved in the civil war. He proclaims quite boldly that the Duke is finally turning west and is tired of the situation going on as long as it has. He has actually won his campaign in the northeast against the Merchant Cities, and is now staying in the field as a precaution for next year’s campaign season only; he does not have to and was hoping the civil war would sort itself out by now. Since it has not, he is stepping in to use it to his benefit. Tanner’s charge is to turn the situation in Bar-Innis to the Duke’s advantage somehow. To that end he has dealt with Christianna and he says that she has ‘confessed everything to him’ and he he presents a letter from her which reads: “Gallants and allied fellows: I have entreated on Dierdre’s behalf directly with Sira Tanner Holmraf. In securing the Duke’s support for Dierdre and her child Cyseley – technically the first born of both Berithor and Diedre, I have committed the Gallants as resource to be used as the Duke’s herald best sees fit. I understand that you have commitments which will keep you there for some time to come, but i expect that i will not need to directly until late spring; the first week of June most likely, when the campaign season starts again. This coming year will be the one in which the fate of the people of Bar-Innis and perhaps the entirely of Dunstrand is decided. You have the gratitude of myself and the lords of the Riverdans. [signed] Christianna Voneles” – You look up, not at all comfortable with the turn of events, though Sira Tanner smiles disarmingly. He says “I thank you for not telling ‘Bull’ ”/campaigns/dunstrand-rising/characters/bull-swansen" class=“wiki-content-link”>Swansen of his recent promotion and the assistance you gave in securing the Mayor’s son. The victory will be attributable to him, not the Gallants and for this i thank you. Once you have had your hand here at attacking the Umbakians in Dwindor Swamp, i would ask you to travel hastily and in disguise to the east in the hills and to the Barony of Lievenshire. Once there, go to Mereth’s Bend in Danwich Downs and seek the tavern named ’Fiddler’s Jig’. You will work with a man there known as Philmore to sew some seeds of political unrest. I will be honest, it is not within any legal bounds you will be operating and you should go under some disguise. The Duke wishes the the ‘Baron’ of Lievenshire to look bad. The jobs planned are to intercept a small tax shipment from Raymore in Danwich Downs; the proceeds of which will go half to the Gallants, half to Christianna. Secondly a couple acts of banditry performed in Devlong hamlet and a merchant robbing at The Winter’s Cloud Inn in Corunshire will make the ‘Baron’ look suitably inept. A kidnapping as well, specifically a member of the Wiley family of Heathsted (locally important) after all else will surely cause the people and the new lords of Lievenshire will petition the Duke to remove the Baron and install a new family in power. When done, the group needs to be seen heading southeast. Philmore will have all the details ironed out when you arrive."

There is a lot of lively discussion after he leaves. You also feel a lethargy creep over you – especially those who returned from the north. You find your appetite disturbed – as it is shrinking (except Taer’s!).

Holmraf Tries to Leave Braddon Bog

< CY 9163, Month 10, Day 27 >
I have just come to report to you that I have tried to ride forth and be out of the area before nightfall and i have not been able to do it. AS i reached a point about 4 or 5km distant, the buzzing in my head got to unbearable levels and i fell off my horse. I could not mount or leave. After several failed attempts, i crawled back the road and lured my horse back – which seemed unaffected (or not nearly AS affected). I made it back here as fast as i can – it seems i am as stuck as everyone else. It seems our fate is intertwined even more than i anticipated… i go to take my rest – my head still aches and i am weak… but strangely barely hungry. This entrapment is most foul… i’m not sure how much help i can be in solving this dilemma, but my door is open should you need to speak to me. Also note that if for any reason, my death occurs, you should know in the strictest of confidence that Dierdre will never see the rulership of Bar-Innis herself. She has played far too dangerous a game and the Duke will not let her keep any titles other than regent (and likely not that). Berithor’s family lands will be kept and granted to the child, but nothing for Dierdre herself. This knowledge cannot get back to Christianna or Dierdre – you must all swear upon your loyal to the Duke to keep silent about this.

[Geri] (After Tanner leaves…) “It seems our fate is intertwined even more than i anticipated” – what a nice of of saying “Oh damn, i did not really want to have to depend on you louts, but i suppose i’ll have to let you rescue me from this carfluffled situation by jove”. Lets get to this, i feel very strange and the rest of you are not eating nearly enough since we got here. Relb goes to question folks on the possibilities of Umbakian soldier sitings. He gets the same vague reports Geri and Gide tracked down. There’s some signs of camp sites, but no strangers. A cursory tracking check around the town revelas no evidence – especially of any Silver Talent Knights or their ilk. Geraldine and Xarharan spend a half day burning through their magical energies in an attempt to locate any specific sources – nothing shows up despite long and repeated attempts. Its going to take moving away from the safety of the town and nearby pastures and fields to unlock the secret of what is going on. With Taqwill at least three days behind you, you wont know if the warning worked until he does NOT arrive. Things begin to seem strange… once again the sense of time appears to falter, though none in the village feel it, there are mutterings that bringing in the dragon boat has cursed the town even more. Bull Swansen spends his waking hour placating the townsfolk – livestock are behaving strangely, no one can leave, and there are small swarms of flies pestering those working in the fields… the superstitious peasants are getting nervous.

Strange Dreams

The first one to mention a distinct recurring dream is Geri. She is obviously probing for any others to put forward their own strange experiences. About 2 months ago she had a dream. She thought nothing of it, but then it happened again a month ago. For the next three weeks it happened once a week… and now its happening every third night or thereabouts. She hears a voice calling her name.. a lilting soft voice, with chimes in the background. She smells a dry, aged flavor – not decay, but the smell of forbidden ancient pathways long un-tread. She says she can taste danger and fear. Hesitantly, all the group reveals they have been having a similar experience in the same time frame. The discussion leads to talk of Anwin, but Geri and Xar both feel that he is not connected. “The dreams are not nightmares”, says Geri, “And that’s in our favor. If it continues to happen, i will cast a star reading for each of us to divine either the cause or perhaps even the message if there be one.”


[Relb] These are bold plans Tanner. What of the Duke’s support for the child Cyseley? Will her Family be the new ruling power? What of the Gallants when all this is said and, done for the Duke? Other then the small tax shipment from Raymore in Danwich Downs (which we have to capture, taking all the risks); the proceeds of which will go half to the Gallants, half to Christianna (assume to help found her efforts against Berithor’s)…What else might the Gallants gain by the Duke’s rememberance? Will it be a shallow grave by the Hand’s (men hired by the Duke) of the Duke for these basic acts of Outlaws ( The Gallant’s in disguise) at his word of pardon or, blind eye for, such acts? Should we be discovered, surely he’ll have no knowledge of us what so ever? I’m not the political type Tanner but, the Duke can not be seen to work with the likes of us and, still remain in favor from those of his court. To that end, I go where Gide leads us and, if this is his will of our path then, it will be done but, he is our leader and, the final choice is his to make…

[OOC] Not to come off greedy or, unwilling but, I would like to know the stakes and the odds we’re playing for. Also if we have any back-up of anykind? Are there any funds to help aid us in this mission and, purpose? Some up front to help buffer the expenses of such an undertaking? Doing the math, it won’t be cheap to gain new disguises, colors, liveries…be us basic outlaws or, an organized fighting force of merc’s. If it’s simple Bandits we are to play then we’ll need outfitting, coin for food, supplies, rations and, feed/shoeing of horses etc. Gide should negotiate a good purse for our services. Goods, items, money, political power, lands, etc…something for letting us hang it in the wind like this.


[Tanner] To the world at large, the Duke doesn’t, in fact, work with the likes of you… all of these acts must remain a secret. It is between Gide and Christianna whatever rewards are owed to you; Gide’s commission in the Ducal Guards will be paid for by the Duke, for Christianna’s fortunes have sunk and I have agreed to step in and arrange for the funds. Through all this, as has been for some time in my understanding, your lodging, food, basic repairs and healing – a lords duty, will continue to be funded by Christianna. I leave it you to decide how it will be done, Gide’s choices and the groups accomplishments thus far have lead me to believe you’ll figure it out and remain discreet as needed.
[OOC] – Sound like some small territory’s rulership is at stake; ‘disguises’ as bandits and the usual fare and lodging will be funded by Christianna…


[Relb] (after Tanner Leaves room) Nice that we’re soooo well trusted…Damn! He asks us to risk our necks for the Duke but, not the Duke to anyones knowledge and, since he’s trapped here with the rest of us, he’ll just have settle with having to deal with us…That’s some nerve on the guy. Pollitical types! No wonder I have a aversion to them. I wouldn’t call him out on it completely Geri but, that was a crappy statement by the guy. Not instilling a lot of trust in the guy by acting like that towards us…o.k. we’re freaks, some of us, I get it but, really? Well since we’re trapped here like the rest of the folks here seems we’ve no choice but, to figure out what all the buzzing is about when people try to leave Braddon Bog. Seems if none of the travelers that the Mayor mentioned were seen, chances are they fell victim to whatever it was that un-horsed Tanner and, affected Xar at the Campsite. We should run the perimeter of this place and, see if it surrounds us on all sides or, a certain directions? If completely surrounded, there must be an epicenter that will radiate out from a fixed location? If we find and can locate the center, it may lead to a clue as to what maybe causing this disturbance? If it’s a person or group, perhaps the same as the thieves that took that tapestry…Whatever there order or, sect was? It may be related so, unless we all want to be entrapped here ‘til the death of us? we better solve this problem. So, paople can come in but, can not leave…to bad we can’t trap the Umbakians in whatever this is…shame we got to waste a perfectly good trap in order to survive ourselves. Weren’t there some Silver Talent Knights rumored bo be around here while we were battling for the lowlands? Perhaps they layed in ambush waiting for us to return to investigate the cause? Would they be that insightful or lucky? I doubt it but, it’s hard to rule anything out. This has obviously been going on for quite some time before we got here. I guess we know what curse the Mayor spoke of when first we met…Nice! I wonder if the whole town is afflicted with this lack of hunger or, apitite? If we are truly afflicted and, share the same fate as the rest of this town then, we may run out of time as we waste away from a lack of nutrition in the not to long future. This seems like a path I’d rather avoid but, since we’ve already stumbled into it, we better figure it out quick before we all starve to death.


[Geri] Well, its the unspoken or less emphasized points that i’m interested in here: The Duke is willing to take action now? What changed? How much? At the very least we are dealing closer to the top than going through Dierdre… uh, i mean Christianna. At least he’s a realist and we know exactly where we stand on things with him. I’ve made a few inquiries and the general store and other merchants seem to be better off than they should – so i suspect the loss of appetite to be affecting everyone. There is a definite boundary of the effect outside of town, but where its centered will take more exploration. The hunters have seen evidence of some camps outside of town, but are now too slothful to lead us. I’ve drawn a crude map with some approximations and landmarks – we should be able to find this stuff. I’d be scared to face Silver Talent knights… but the rumors are out there, so we better prepare for the worst and stay fully armed. I’m sending a teamster to the edge of the effect to a point where the pain almost overwhelms him to post a note with a rune Taqwuill will understand to keep him out. Lets hope that works – or things will get crowded fast.


[Relb] What changed indeed? I doubt the Duke cares for the likes of us Gallants much…to much history and baggage with your fathers legacies. They cast large shadows and, it would seem we’re crawling out from under them…what with the visit from Hareen if it was him? Porthias and, now we’re trapped in Braddon Bog and, it people once again have to count on the likes of your linage. He may have staved off the conflicts in the West/North for now and, Campaign season is over for the most part, he may come to see what this Civil War is truly showing and, acount for himself the treachery Berithor hands deal and, what Havok we may yet cause the Duke’s enemies? He obvoiusly wants to change the political arena by taking down one proviences Baron and, raising up another family of his choosing. We’re to far from Dunstrand City to get any good intel on what the hell is truly going on and, Tanner would have the best and most current info. on what the Duke’s plans are but, I doubt he’ll talk even if he did know?

The Strange Dreams and, lack of appitite is odd for sure. I do not know what to make of what afflicts us but, I’d like to know before we start dropping like flies. That is a body count I do not wish to see. Whatever the boundry is, it’s either coming in from the outside permeter and, blocking us from leaving or, it’s got to come out from a centerally located spot from in the town…some kind of focusing object/idol or, devise. If it’s in town, we should find out if anything odd happened just before things got weird around here, strange visiters and, the like? It would be good to check those campsites if we can find them? If the Silver Talents we’re here, the Mayor might know of their passings and, or happenings…I’ll ask around, someone is bound to know something? I pray the Taqwuill finds the note and, can work on this from the outside without getting trapped in here with us, though his knowledge and, Lore of this place would be very useful. I fear anyone else getting stuck in this mess if they don’t have too, lets hope the teamster can get him the note in time. I wonder if the urgence and, presence we felt coming in has anything to do with this mess? If it’s something drawing us in and, not letting anyone go, it makes me think it’s orginating from somewhere in the town here. It must be powerful to put such a large border/boundry. Geri, would you be able to detect anything in the weave or, sense some kind of mystical presence where this might be orginating? I may not be hungry but, I want to eat something…anyone got any moose jerky? We should start there and, see what happens? Is it that we’re not hungry or, are we physically unable to eat period? Well, whatever it is, it’s hungry and, sucking the life out of people slowly that get stuck here in Braddon Bog. Any clue as to what we might be dealing with here?

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