Dunstrand Rising

Taer is Dead

Taer tricks death and is literally, a new man

< 9163, Month 19, Day 18 >
Taer, Sgt. at arms of Gide’s Gallants, lies dying of fever. A raging fever wracks his body, he sweats profusely and clenches his teeth in anger and flails about. The Baron’s personal surgeon has done all he can, but he tells you that he will die before morning – perhaps tomorrow nights end at the latest. Taer was not a religious man, like his father before him. There is no priest, no official to speak for his soul. Gide asks that runners be sent, for some priest to come and speak, or even to cure him. The Gallants include word that a large reward would accompany anyone who can heal their friend. The next morning a woman appears in camp and asks to see Gide. She claims she is a priestess of Fiongala, the fox goddess. Gide summons the Quartermaster, Xar, who brings the treasury of the Gallants. Delpia examines Taer and says that there is something definitely ailing him beyond normal, taxing all his energy reserves. Gide says she can have all their hard money if she can heal him. After praying and reviewing his care, she tells Gide that it not a mundane sickness. She has divined that he has some secret, a deep inner power that has allowed him to survive. “Death is imminent” she says. “There is nothing i can do to stave off the effect of the wasting disease he has been afflicted with.” Relb recons he was ill in Monaides and maybe he was targeted there. Delpia, the priestess of Fiongala, says there is another possibility. “Like the snake, he may shed his skin. Sloughing off one body for a new one – an exchange and a renewal – tricking the death that pursues him”. She tried in vain to explain it – though Geri divines it after Gide brings her in to consult over the issue. Reincarnation she explains – a new body to house the same soul. “He must be receptive though – Fiogala will only transform him if he is open to embracing the ways of the Trickster goddess – to serve the goddess sincerely and faithfully.” The group is pulled together to make a decision. There is well over 10000 silver in the group between personal and group treasure stores. Gide calls for a vote – to give up ALL the hard silver coinage the group has in exchange for the priestess’s aid or not. Theres some grumbling.. but Xar points out that Taer has mentioned his dissatisfaction a few times with the path he has gone down. Perhaps this is a new path, one that holds more answers than the one he is on now. The vote is taken, and predictably the Gallants vote for life for their companion. Gide gives the order and the priestess works her magics.

Delpia tells Gide of a final obstacle to be overcome. She herself is not strong enough to work such a feat of mystic power. She will need a sacrifice… a living sacrifice. Before any of the Gallants can howl in protest, Geri says that there is compromise of sorts. There is one of the Baron’s soldiers – a volunteer from Braddon Bog, who was hurt in the head. There was nothing left, no thought or action – he was alive but planned being transported back to Braddon Bog (with Xar’s caravan) to be a burden to a family that could probably already barely care for themselves. There is some debate as to the prognosis, but Geri settles the issue by declaring that those who would stop her should stand and be counted. No openly stand against her and the body is taken to the Gallant’s tent. Delpia sends her blood sacrifice to her goddess and the skies begin to empty of their rain – pouring it over the camp and washing it clean.

Taer would later tell of strange dreams where a fox spoke to him. It is all unclear to him, though he survives the transformation of death and rebirth. A shadow falls over the death chamber as he breathes his last. Despite the light sources, the fires go dim and the wind blows hard, G\guards report that several foxes were seen at the edges of campfires around the Baron’s camp. A mist covers the tent in which his body lies. The Gallants keep back an angry and frightened mob as the shadows flicker and the trickster goddess’s servant channels great power to fool death and bring their friend through the long dark back into the light.

Exhausted, Delpia reports that the light of the morning has cast aside the darkness and Taer is reborn. Fortunately there is nothing too radical. Taer is still a man, though his outward form is different. He is less strong; though he seems unchanged in most other ways. Still human, still male. His eyes are normal and brown now. His build is much more lithe and thinner, he is shorter and not as robust. She claims that his ghoulish powers have left him, there there is some sort of residual effect – so strong was the bond to his unborn brother. His scars have all vanished and it is an unfamiliar face which greets you. Delpia warns Gide that Taer now serves Fiongala, and that where once stood a warrior alone, his faculties have been changed and now servant of her has emerged. Taer has developed and aptitude for faith, and will be developing his power in service to his new deity.

Taer’s Experience

Fiongala comes to Taer in his dreams. He is wandering, alone, and confused. She travels with him, down a windy path. As they walk, she asks and he tells her of his family, his journey, and his feelings oof ambivalnce of just being another warrior in a band of mercenaries. She asks what he would rather do, but he has no answer. What if i could give you an answer? Taer says he has no tongue for praying. Fiogala says there is not need – that he need not serve in a church, that he is not destined to murmur supoplications before an altar while peasants look on. No, she says his destiny has not changed but she can give him the power to disguinsh himself amongst his peers – his friends – the only flock that matters to him. Though his grace may never know lofty heights, belief in her and her ways will infuse him and bring him to the ways of the Wyld Faith. She will teach hoim the ways of the predators and prey, the natural cycle of life. He will learn of the pack, the den, and how all things have a purpose and place. Having felt adrift and with no place for nearly all his life, this appeals greatly to Taer. She says if he embraces her ways, she will show him to use cunning and guile instead of muscle and force – a new way, a new challenge. Taer agrees to the pact between the two. "You are already on your way to finding your place. Your friends are your family know. Like kits though, they stumble in the darkness. Gide may lead them in battle, but you must guide them in the part they are to play. Many forces at work send their agents to the sleepy fief of Bar-Innis. You will be my agent their. I will be your eyes and you must be the hands – i will help you let nature take its own path instead of being bent to the machinations of death and evil. Your strength will be mine, and my cunning yours as you root out the corruption which seethes in the fiefdom. Your participation in the deception over Dierdre’s death was a masterful stroke, worthy of notice by me. I send you back to your material world, my servant and I your master. There is no reason to loudly advertise our relationship to be, i ask that you sacrifice regularly to me, to bury in the earth items of value, completing the cycle of birth and life. I ask you to defend my people – the foxes; to seek not their harm and to protect them from those who would hunt them where it will not bring you in open conflict. Further service to me will not be to your unliking.. we shall explore such powers as may bestowed upon you as we go.


[Geri] Delpia says he is fine to travel – let us make our way into Braddon Bog

Taer is Dead

[Relb] I would do anything to save Taer…money, sacrifice, whatever it takes! We’re freinds, Companions, Brothers in Arms and, Searved our tour of Duty in the North together. We helped keep eachother alive in that hell hole against those undead bastards! We’ve fought side-by-side except my sort time away from the Gallants but, make no mistake, we’re all Family! Maybe not by Blood but, by Deed and desire…it’s our will combined that makes us strong. Strength united that we’d never have alone otherwise so, Yes…lets do what we must to save Taer and, support him in his path, whatever that may be? Just as I’d do for any of the rest of you witout question. Delpia, take these rubies as they’re worth much but, they would not glimmer nearly so brightly without my friend Taer to share in the times we may have yet by their trade.

[OOC] I’ll take off the Rubies from Relb’s sheet…their true value was never assessed properly so, it’ll save you the trouble of figuring it out How Many and, how much they’re worth. Hard to come by but, easy to give up for Taer and the group.

Taer is Dead

[Relb] Having witnessed strength and power of Fiogala with the death and re-birth of Taer as a follower and his transformation, I’d like to dedicate myself to Fiogala as the Wyld faith appeals to me and, I’m greatful that she helped Taer find a new path. One that he will be most suited for…and, as a brother in arms, life, death, even in re-birth I wish to aid my friend. Fiogala the Fox, the Trickster Goddess apeals to my Rogue-ish nature and, good fortune. That and, our friend here will need help along his new journey and path. If the Lady of Foxes will have me Delpia? I wish to dedicate myself as an Annointed follower if you and Taer will perform the Rite? I wish to aid my brother as, Fiogala and you have done in aiding us by saving Taer’s life…well, his new life. Trickster indeed! I’ve never seen one fool Death as I’ve just witnessed. Fiogala is mighty indeed to have transfomed him so. What say you Taer, Delpia? May I too follow the Goddess of the Foxes?

Taer is Dead
rubies were not worth that much, but hold off on marking anything off until we meet next. And Taer does not have any say here… sooooo…

[Delpia] It is easy to witness such a theing and be moved. Coming to faith is no light thing though. Since you were not a deeply faithful man before, i would ask that you learn first, as Taer must learn, of the tenets of the faith, and live according to them. In a season’s time seek me out again and we shall see if you have honored the goddess.

[OOC] I will send you tenets and practices to observe – same as Taer. I’m going to test drive some new faith stuff through this process.

Taer is Dead

[Relb] I a am honored and, more then moved Delpia, please tell me the tenets…I will learn and, I will seek you out in the next Season to see if I am worthy of the Goddess’s favor? Taer will be a guide as he now walks the path set by Fiogala I will look to him as an example. I may not have been the most Faithful seeker of religion in the past as, most seem to abuse the gifts of the faith in my opinion. Like the Umbakian’s of Balthizar…I have nothing against faith but, when abused and, forced on others I believe is wrong. I have never witnessed such power and cunning as to cheat death before my eyes. I may be able to fool the eye of some but, never did I think one could trick Death. You saved my friend and, for that I am greatful…greatful enough to learn Fiogala’s ways and Tenets. While guarding a cursed thing from falling into the wrong hands, I studied and, learned the Laws of Dunstrand…if I can do that, I can learn the ways of the Wyld Faith and, Fiogala. Besides, I’ll have Taer here to keep an eye on me and, two hands are better then one in my thinking Delpia. So, I will seek you out and, we shall see if Fiogala can accept me as one of hers.

[OOC] O.k., I’ll put the rubies back on Relb…I know it wasn’t a huge amount but, it was something to show my gratitude for saving Taer. That’s what that Fox in the window in Monaides was all about when he went crashing through it! To funny! Cool planning Kelly, nice plot arc!

Taer is Dead

[OOC] Kelly, I have one CP left, I’d like to dedicate it to learning Religion: Specifially the Wyld Faiths and, Fiogala. Just to initiate the process and, show that I mean to learn and, follow here tenets. I doubt if there isn’t anything in there that will bother Mario/Taer then, me/Relb will be fine with it. Besides, he’ll need Synergy to draw from and, if I’m part of the Faith then we’re in Harmony and, he can draw from me…not that he has much but, in an emergancy, it could save our lives? Relb means what he said about people abusing religion…look at his examples so far. The Umbakians that sent us North, South and, West on tours of Duty on trumped up charges from Lights Law! Horse-Shit! Then the Priest and, thief pair of Malek using Religion for Power and, what it could give them…not the other way around. Talbot, he’s a total ass-hole and, fucker! And the only reason we’re not dead is because that guy in Westwick Downs who was cursed to die young anyway gave up his life to save us be gaining a draw in a fight to the Death after Aruna’s Vault and the Cult of Locusts where we went poking around. Never mind that we Killed the Orrish there and, barely escaped Aruna’s Skeletal minions. The Druids and, the Green Church of Darphet want something from Geri…to be their pet or, whatever? I ain’t got the foggiest but, they sure act like she owes them something? To be honest, Fiogala is the only one so far that doesn’t seem like they want anything more then one is willing to give…Taer, gave himself to the religion and was transformed and, reborn a new man. Relb isn’t looking for that deep of a connection but, I love the Cunning, Trickery and, Pack mentality of the Union of the Gallants. If Taer is now a Spiritual connection/conduit for the Wyld Faith and Fiogala and, that is his new path, then I want to show my support and gratitude for his new chance and, path. From the beginning, it’s all he wanted…to be ride of his ghoulish half and, have something to believe in, Fiogala and Delpia just gave him that as well as his life again…different yes but, a new life and path. We are brothers and Family and, to support him in his new role seem like the right thing to me/Relb. I’m not looking for Power or, to walk the same path as Taer but, I will walk side-by-side with him in this and, what better way to do that then become one of the faithful with him. Witnessing what just happened to Taer is truly a miracle, if I had Conviction, I’d have asked for a point for that…shit, it ain’t everyday that a dying man is reborn. Hell, I can’t be the only one that feels that way?

Taer is Dead

[OOC] Dont spend any CP yet – if you want religious lore, you have to study – a lot. I’m not sure why you want it. Multiple characters already will – seems like a waste of CP away from your core concepts. Once you become indoctrinated you will gain familiarity on your checks for your religion only. All you need is time. Considering you’ve just met one representative of a trickster deity, your assuming quite a bit. And yes, i think you are the only one who feels that way. We’ve seen a lot of the worst side of humanity… religion is not something to trifle with and not something that interests most of us. I daresay you would be about the only one. Mario is doing it to test some things out and because he as a player wants to do something different.

Taer is Dead

[ooc] I still want to support him down his new course/path and, as a friend it might make it easier to to so along with one of us. Sure Relb’s seen horrible shit but, I also just witnessed something that just blew my mind! I won’t spend the CP yet and, if you think it not right to Support Taer in this and let him go it alone, then I will drop it…easy as that.

Taer is Dead

[Relb} I will follow the tenets of the faith of Fiogala, I will not surender or yield. the rest of the group will have to deal with that…god love’m!

Taer is Dead
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