Dunstrand Rising

Onwards to Tarly Castle

Investigating About Town

A few days pass as events begin to happen more and more. Robbery, assault, neighbor accusing neighbor… the pressure is mounting and the Mayor is unable to stop the hostility stirring.

Four of the party’s horses are killed by the stable hand – including Relb’s cavalry horse!

The Overgrown Road

An old road is discovered on one of the searches of the several square miles enclosing the party – it leads into the Tannegulch Woods. The party investigating seizes the moment to follow a clue; they leave Gide and Taer in town without sending word of their whereabouts. The mounts are tethered on the edge of the forest – there is something preventing much movement – the trees and ground seem alive and resistant. Only the old road is safe – but the party decides the horses would be more of a liability.

The Apparition Along the Road

Ambush at the Crumbling Gatehouse

Long Abandoned Township and Demon-Haunted Castle

There is much debate about what to do, but ultimately the grounds are entered. A horrific stirring of zombie and skeletal remains (a small horde of long dead human remains and fresh animal and Umbakian soldiers strikes fear in some – Relb and Stillmein. Geri and Xar follow their comrades in retreat while Chalan and Korvyk break ranks and rush to the one ruins that the mist does not go near and the animations seems to avoid.

Chalan and Korvyk eventually go down the Sacred Well and into the underground waterway – which dumps them into an underground lake. They manage to find a shelf and pull themselves out… waiting.

The group debates but Stillmein constantly reminds them of the Gallants oath and how he will not leave anyone behind. Geri uses her magic to protect them in mist form and Relb, Stillmein, Xar and her resist the fear and move up to the Shrine of Gaia and down the Sacred well.

Shrine to Gaia and Sacred Well

The one place that the undead cannot attack – the sacred ground still repelling them.

Underground Lake

Running the gauntlet, each party member manages to get down the well, ending up in a vast dark cavern of an underground lake (Ennau).

Brakken Caves – Under the Bog

The Perilous Path to Lord Wendel Tarly

The Journey Back To Lake Ennau


[Relb] Now, I ain’t the brightest one here but, Xar and Geri know the extent of
that Iron blades abilities. If that thing cuts through stone and earth
like butter, why not just carve a new passage out of here close to the
surface. One, they won’t know about? It’ll be there when we return from getting the
rest of the group. Hell, if this thing cuts rock as easily as it
looks like it does, well…exuse me for saying so but, screw going through that
door with a demon lord and tons of undead horse shit waiting to kill
us or, turn us to the walking dead, fucking unthinking slaves! Not how
I think we really see ourselves…hell, like I said, Geri, we go that
way and, you’re dead. End of story! I say if that blade does what it
looks like it can…Xar, could carve us a hole outside this cursed castle
walls as an escape route. It won’t be easy, I’d think but, depends on
the strength of that blade. Geri, you are the highest ranking officer
here. You’re our specialist on all things mystical and, most other
things as well. You’re also the most injured among us. Without
getting you some aid and, healing soon…well, you’re in deep shit. Ultimately,
it’s you’re rank and, your arcane knowledge of the blades abilities that
should make the final decision, it’s yours to make. Gide and Taer will search for
us soon. They will be out numbered and, not expecting this many
undead. They will be in grave danger…pardon the pun but, if we can
bypass all those undead, go back to the town and, research what the
fuck this Lord Wendel is talking about with this broken heart and, fail to keep his people safe and, anything else to do with this keeps history. Something we can use to battle
these monsters and, get you healed up, we should get it. Gide and, the rest of us, can not
afford to lose you Geri…not here, not like this. You’re to stuburn to
let yourself be killed in this place. Can the blade do the work and, free us or are we screwed?
If it can free us else where safely? Wouldn’t a stratigic retreat and regrouping
be wise about now so, you don’t die here? Are we in a good spot to dig
an escape tunnel and, flee for now? Here or, by the under ground lake?
You’re leader right now so, like it or not, you are to be protected above all…even on a good day fresh gear, and, prepaired to battle these foes, we’d be hard pressed but, given your weakened condition, we can not face them and, expect to survive…becoming undead ain’t exactly my idea of fun…I’ve seen enough of them at Northgate Garrison to know better then make an assult with an injured member as much as you are. Against these odds, we will not make it out in a direct fight. As I said, you’re the leader, it’s up to you to decide and for us to follow your commands until Gide is once again among us.

Onwards to Tarly Castle

Well depending on how much we can use the spike if what i understand from your general chatter to be. It would be to unrealistic to dig a whole new tunnel but, maybe digging enough for us to get back out the well, or maybe invading the castle and making a new door through a castle wall, and taking our chances in the forest till we circle around to the road and high tail it to town.

Onwards to Tarly Castle

[Geri] The blade makes me uneasy… i would beware of it. And it wont cut through mud and earth – we would be more likely to drown and/or suffocate in a massive mudslide if we got anywhere with it towards the surface.

Onwards to Tarly Castle

Ok not a good plan. Well fight our way out then? Maybe a joint operation if we can get reinforcements? But ill be willing to go along with anything that seems to have the highest survival rate at this point.

Onwards to Tarly Castle

[Relb] That’s why you’re the leader Geri…since that plan isn’t good, we’ll need a good one if you’re ever going to make it out of here alive Geri.

Onwards to Tarly Castle
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