Dunstrand Rising

News from the Lowlands


9163, Month 5, Day 23; Gide is not the only one battered and beaten – though he is by far the worst. All the constant moving now prevents anyone from healing much – though Xar’s body is healing even under these difficult circumstances. Taer and the others that were sick seems to be coming around and can ride now. Still no sign of Eldric or Meldrin. The lowland council sends word to the party and the Baron of Osmail Mark, the Baron reads its content to you: “To Baron Robert Wheglin, his lordship protector of the lowlands, and ruler of Osmail Mark. The people of the lowlands of Bar-Innis, suffering injustice at the hands of the lawful ruler Berithor, will follow now the leadership of Baron Wheglin of Osmail Mark. As the lawful ruler has failed in his obligations to protect the citizens of the lowlands from tyranny, we are prepared to no longer recognize the authority of either Earl or Duke. Let your mind be known.” The Baron grins. “It is not my place to break from Dunstrand, nor could i support such a position long term – once this war is over things will return to the way they once were. However, they look to me for leadership. Right now i inspire more than i command (really a few dozen men) – a few soldiers, hunters, farmers, and workers in a rag-tag lot fleeing across the countryside to avoid being wiped out. Its our land, and we can keep this up for a while yet, but eventually we will have to fight and we cannot win. Learn well from this – i could have my day in the sun with this, but it would only serve to destabilize things worse… and i would likely end up dead in the glorious end. You must raise a few more voices to give us a chance, or we will be brought to heel by Berithor’s Hound. My spies have news from the lowlands which may be useful though… ”

Mosshaven is closed – The garrison there has that place well under control. The Lightbringers have a new church there and are helping as well.

Gnedport is depleted – some of her resources have gone to join the hunt for us… it may be you may go there and seek out Viscount Fanomyr.

Precross is locked down like a fortress. Resources are coming in and its a key position that Berithor dare not lose. Harassment could draw a lot of soldiers to the area, but cause a lot of reprisals as well. Resources across the way on Richfield may help if you know of any.

Small Mark – I’ve heard little from there. No messenger has returned from the area. From what you have said, when you first got there, they had ranging patrols constantly. It may be their effectiveness has denied me any intelligence from the area… we could certainly use some. Baron Daniel Horchover rules there and his family owns many horses for a lowlander – could be a valuable ally.

Bergen is occupied well – a major garrison there. My sources report there is a presence of Umbakian’s there’ and they are moving a lot of supplies on the north road out of there, through Dogwood Flats. I do not know yet what they are doing…

Braddon Bog has a small contingent of Berithor’s men… but reports say that one of the Silver Talent knights stationed in Bergen has been seen there. I fear the connection to the old families may bring trouble here soon.

I have word into the Lowland Council that i have declared for Dierdre now, and will fight Berithor. I have also sent runners to the Wyld brothers – in hopes the druids or their church proper can aid us. I should know in a couple days. There are rumors of a Druid named Ruparn who has come from afar to oppose Berithor.

Until then, we must keep moving every other day… in the hopes of avoiding an outright battle that we cannot win. Everywhere is reports of small battles, of ‘rebellion’ – but mostly the reprisals to farmsteads and townsfolk are keeping it from gaining much traction.

One last thing… the men are a bit spooked. There’s been sightings of a large moor cat that has been stalking sentries and seen at the edge of the camp fires. The men are very nervous. Superstition runs rampant in our lowland culture and all manner of signs are being attributed. For my own part, nothing has happened so until it does i just see it as aberrant behavior in this time of war. But best be on the lookout.

9163, Month 5, Day 24; The Baron calls you all to inform you that he has received agents of the Duke… the situation may be changing. He is very evasive and gives no details, but he seems pretty shaken up. Regardless its time to move camp again he says. He needs riders to watch for signs of trouble as his scouts are looking for their next camp site. About half of the group is needed for sentry duty and he needs the other half to watch over the supplies. He says the non warriors amongst you can oversee your own packing, but he needs everyone with muscle on guard of some sort.

He asks if Cage can lead the group in front, a visible symbol of the power of the Baron and his cause. Perhaps no one will desert in the darkness if he leads the way. Gide, Xar, and Taer he asks to meet him to assist with a rear-guard action.


[Geri] Speaking for my own resources, i am at full strength magically. That said, i know this has been hard on us… perhaps we should wait to hear from the Wyld faith to see if they can aid us with healing in some way. I’m tired, sore, i itch, and my ass hurts from being in the saddle for so long.

News from the Lowlands

[Cage] Well, I’m at full strength and health for now but, all this galivanting around trying to keep ahead of Berithor’s men. Geri, didn’t you have a run in with a Druid…?what was his name?...Malkirk? Didn’t he transport you on your tour in the South? If the Wyld Faith can get the party healed and, this Malkirk can transport us into and, out of all the cities to strike and run within a short amount of time to make a coordinated strike against them, one…it would cause confussion, it would greatly aid in our exit stratigies after getting the missions done by gaining support and info. for Dierdre’s forces and, a small group like ours would appear like a much bigger force to Berithor and the Umbakian Silver Talents. Doing multipule strikes close together would make Dierdre’s Rebellion look much more powerful then it is in reality…this may bring new recruites to our side if they see our presence in their towns fighting for them? Like they might have a chance to win against Berithor’s forces…it could be the push we need to set events in motion that’ll aid us as this Civil War continues. But, it’s a big “IF” if the Druids and the Wyld Faithes will even help us in the first place? What do you think Geri? Is it even worth askin’em?

If Mosshaven is closed tight but, they can port us inside the city? we might be able to torch the church and, gain the advantage of fear and surprise there. It’s people will be devided about burning the new church but, they may see it as a sign of revolt and, time to join in the fight against their occupation of their town.

Gnedport- If we ould get in and, seek out Viscount Fanomyr for aid for Dierdre, he may well side with us as his people need supplies of their own and, not to go to Berithor’s men. That or risk famine and death of his people. it’s a strong motivation to act soon for them.

Precross- Well, it’s heavily fortified and a key location for Berithor and, a strike on that city may draw his forces far enough away that Dierdre can gain a stronger position in the South. Scattering his forces also makes them more vulinerable to ambushes and strikes in weakened positions and numbers. If we know of any help in Richfield, we should call on them to intercept the forces on the move to deplete Berithors followers.

Any amount of info. we can assertain from Small Mark would be helpful plus, if we can disrupt their patrols be romoving them, perhaps we can disrupt any reports back to Berithor and, gain some followers in the process.

Bergen- With the presence of Umbakian’s there’ and, them moving all of those supplies on the north road out of there, through Dogwood Flats…I’m wondering if they are behind the Silver mines Willup was taking about or, if nothing else Gnedport might be interested in gaining their supplies since they are short on them right now? We should talk to the Viscount Fanomyr about diverting their supply route into our hands instead.

As far as Braddon Bog goes…I’m afraid of any approach there will cause an attack on it’s people. Unless we can get the Presence of the Silver Talents away from town, we might be out of luck. Aren’t there old tunnels under Braddon Bog? If there is a way to sneak in through them and, gain an audience with Twquill for any information that might be gained through him and, any other forces within the town that might lend aid to us. Didn’t they form a small miltia after the Brave Companions helped to rebuild Braddon Bog? Could be some good men there that would help you because of the old family ties to the place but, that’s up to you guys if you want to get anyone involved from there. I don’t want to assume you even want too, given how you feel about stuff about the life you had growing up around there.

Just some thoughts about what to do next depending on our options available to us???

News from the Lowlands

Well, i’m less inclined to ask for aid from a faith i’m not part of. My family record with faith has not been a happy one.. i say leave ‘em out of it unless we have some personal connection and some insulation from such an alliance. That druid was far away from here and there was something personal about that whole spectacle that i was never comfortable about. Speaking of personal, your idea of torching a church is very troubling. I have no problem nailing a druid to their holy tree or giving a priest of Balthazaar to the “light” of flames if they’ve crossed me… but attacks on a church itself earn big reprisals… so i’ll not consider that either.

Berithor knows were here now. We no longer have the element of surprise – its going to get more difficult to assault his garrisons and men. If i were him, i would lure us to Braddon Bog as well – its making it personal and normally the bait would bu taken – but we’ve no real ties ourselves. I’m beaten up a bit and Gide is near death. I say we need to lay low and see what Berithor does next… maybe try to make contact with the Viscount – but avoid open and armed confrontation.

[Cage would not know about the tunnels – heck Geri only has hints and no real knowledge herself…]

News from the Lowlands

[ooc] Sorry, didn’t realize the tunnels weren’t more common knowledge. My Bad!

[Cage] Note to self, church burnin’ is bad, killin’ priests that’re doin’ wrong is o.k…got it. Not trying to offend anyone Geri {{{Shrugs}}}. You know me, act first think later but, I guess your right, the church ain’t done nothin’ to me but, that might just end badly if they ever found out…You aren’t of any faith as far as I know Geri so, who would you ask? If the Druid was creepy, then we’ll keep him out of this for sure. He knows we’re here but, he doesn’t know where. They’ll fortify for sure but, their men’ll get tire eventually. I couple quick rids to confuse them might help but, given Gide’s situation and, health…trying to reach the Viscount seems our likely choice but, I’m uncomfortable just waitin’ on Berithor’s next move. If that’s what you want and, Gide give the order, then we’ll wait and see what he does next. Sittin’ idle make me itchy…tends to get me in trouble too.

[ooc] Kelly is there some form of attunement or familarity to a mage’s mana signiture that would allow two people to form a bond of sorts? I’m thinking of when you use your beguiling voice on me to calm me down while berserk. Just wondered if with some time and practice if you could get a +1CS or RS when attemping to calm me down.

News from the Lowlands

You’ll survive longer if you just learn to sit tight and observe. Wait for now… [ooc] No

News from the Lowlands

[Cage] Don’t know what’s got the Baron Wheglin of Osmail Mark all distressed about after meeting up with the Duke’s men but, I don’t like being left in the dark. If things are changing then I’d damn well like to know what’s happening. If the Duke has to get involved now then, that’s one thing but, I’d like to know what these men had to offer the Baron. We’ll get more people involved, don’t you worry you pretty little head about it…there’s bound to be some decent folks that want to see the right thing done for the people of Bar-innus? Hell, even the Riverdans, Dunstrand, all of them are on the choppin’ block if we can’t stop Berithor. Some will profit for it if we fail but, the people are losing right now and, I don’t see it getting any better if we lose and, let them smelly Umbakians in like they’re hoping. If they’re so willing to fight for their maker, then I’ll happy to give’m a one way ticket to see’m in person. If you need guards then I can stand at the ready as needed but, I’d be happier out there takin’ out Berithor’s men and, get people to our side and, way of thinking. Deirdre’s forces could really use those horses and support from Gnedport. I’m certainly willing to make a trek to where ever we need to go…I ain’t the best speaker but, I make my point known…usually at the tip of Truevein but hey, to each they’re own right Geri! Ha!...First thing is getting Gide back on his feet and working on the that last mission from Dierdre as well. See need the finainces and, we need a good boxman to get that done…right Tigris…Hmph!

News from the Lowlands

[Geri] I look around me and see desperation in all this. It feels like if we do not do something quickly, this rebellion may be over and our mission of drawing troops away from Dierdre may fail completely. We may be here for a few more weeks to secure the Baron’s position. But at least we are starting to get used to it…. heh.

News from the Lowlands

[Cage] Well Geri, let’s get ta’doin’ what needs to be done…all this waitin’ and, runnin’ around the damn country side in the bushes is fine an’all, if we weren’t dragging Gide’s sorry ass around and being hunted like dogs. Shit is greatin’ on my nerves, I’m likely to kill Berithor and everyone around him to end this whole problem…hell! I’m likely to do it anyway for the sport of it all. I wouldn’t survive anyhow and, Killin’ an Earl don’t look to good on yer record…well, not in the circles we’re lookin’ to frequant. Tends ta’make the nobles shit themselves when ever you’re in the same room with’em…pansy-ass socialites, most of them never even lifted a real blade in combat before or, ever even set foot on a battlefield for that matter. Oh but, their happy as pigs in shit to send others to do the fightin’ for’em so long as they don’t get their own hands dirty and, stained with blood. Their just as guilty as the men in the field, maybe even worse in my opinion but, hey…evryone’s got a price and, if they wnat to pay me? I’ll fleece their pockets of that silver that’s burnin’ a hole in their fancy-ass pockets. Me an’Truevein don’t come cheap either and, all the civil warrin’ is good for business but, bad for it when we get chased around as we are…then it starts cuttin’ into our potential profits and, starts to piss me off Ger’. Yer’right though, you can smell the stink of desperation around here…we better make a good showing and head way in this war or, we better keep running…you know how I feel about runnin’ Geri, it pisses me off. Well, we better figure out where the Baron wants us on sentry and, get to it. At least it’s better then just standing around here while they’ve got their thumbs up there asses.

News from the Lowlands

[Geri] Well, as for you and Truevein coming cheaply – you would have thrown in your lot with Dierdre from the start and i doubt we would be so rich now. You underestimate these ‘socialites’ Cage – maybe your nobles in the Merchant Cities are that way, but here in my home, these nobles all train in the way of the blade. They may send other to do their bidding – thats the way of nobles – but don’t underestimate them.

News from the Lowlands

[Cage] Nah, that is one thing I won’t be doing Geri, Count on it…

News from the Lowlands
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