Dunstrand Rising

Gide and Taer Assault on Castle Tarly

…[still to be typed up]

The Fall

After the desperate fight against the corpse of Tulin, which turned into a ghoul, ripping its own arm off to get free of its crucifixion bonds, Gide and Taer rest in the base of the great tower. Gide senses that the rest of the party must have occupied the defenders here, but this commotion will put an end to that. Taer is gravely wounded – no longer the towering wall he once was before his transformation. They must find cover outside the places controlled by their enemies. They decide to flee across the courtyard, back to the ruins of the stables, and try and use what healing they have and hold off until the sunrise. They make a dash for the gatehouse, under the hail of a pair of crossbows. Taer lights his last torch and they run, slogging it through the mud in a light mist an hour pas sunset. The armored skeleton guards are waiting inside the gatehouse this time, and as they appear in the darkness ahead and Gide leads them into the muddy morass of the courtyard proper to avoid their defense zone they know they will not leave. All of the sudden the ground gives way beneath them! Covering themselves with their shields, the earth begins to such them under. They try and grab hold of vines, but its no use as they must keep their shields up to prevent the crossbows from skewering them. They are pulled under, gasping for breath, Gide exclaiming how it “cannot end this way!”. They are forced to leave their shields above ground as the mud drags them down with their last breaths. Deeper and deeper, until Taer loses consciousness when both drop into a dark chasm and then into the lake below the castle! Gide grabs Taer, and swims towards a light in the distance with all his might. As he gets closer to the light, warnings are yelled by familiar voices. Dragging Taer to a rocky outcrop, Gide and he are pulled from the water by the rest of the party – reunited in the dark underground.


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