Dunstrand Rising

Gallants Arriving Quietly in Braddon Bog

Timeline of events and coming up to speed

Its been 3 days now. The town of Braddon Bog has become permeated with fear. Its too small for anyone to not see it – the looks in the faces of its inhabitants are dull and defeated – the people are beyond terrified and seem only to be too calm in the face of the coming horror. A couple have tried to leave, and are never heard of again. You all (except Geri) feel the same steely weight slide over you. After learning Xar has a relative near Bergen and dealing with the Tapestry of Exile, distributing the looted goods and livestock, Tanner Holmraf’s proposal, and his failure to leave and lastly noting everyone is having similar strange dreams Geri mentioned – you set to the business at hand. Mayor Jason Writt and Gide have laid out a series of events leading up to the present time:

30 days; nightmares start
15 days; people began to have the same nightmares
14 days; the local armory, used by the watch but provided by Sir Farold from a long time ago was broken into and several spears and crossbows stolen
13 days; 4 sheep killed in the night (stomache’s burst)
10 days; A shepard eats his own dog
9 days; A spate of robberies – many small items go missing and some money
8 days; The Innkeep starts fire to his inn (held in gaol now)
7 days; More robberies – sems random, poor and wealthy alike
6 days; Farmers son runs and runs around the town from sundown to sun up (collapses into a coma; burning in his belly)
5 days; A few muggings and spate of robberies
4 days; a farmer and his son leave to get help (never returned)
3 days; The few stray dogs in town vanish & merchant robbed on his way into town
2 days; 2 men set out in opposite directions to get help (never returned)
[You arrive]
+1 days; Nothing is noted; Bull distributes foods and shelter but notes everyone is apathetic; The Tapestry of Exiles is examined; 2 burglaries of items returned – tracks vanish into thin air
+2 days; Tapestry crew returns – notes that weeks – months have gone by yet only about 1 day of elapsed time in Braddon Bog. Geri notes the lack of eating and at night the dreams.
+3 Days; (Morning) A peddler is found dead on the outskirts of town – his body covered in flies

Privately, Jason Writt (the Mayor) will say that he has had bands of roaming citizens looking out daily. People are venturing less farther every day. There is a strange noise and pain in the heads of those who venture too far – two people have collpased and had to be dragged back. Game will become depleted as it is pushed farther away and fear will soon cause strange things – he has been to war and he knows what it can do. The civil war seems far away now. He will even mention that a golden cadelabra was stolen from the Lightbringer church right before they left – three villagers were whipped for it and no one has it. He asks that the group search the country side for clues… he also mentions that there are many dangerous places and to be careful. Before following up on clues, make sure to check in with him. He suggests by interviewing victims, witnesses and such. It may take a few days and scheduling and trust wont come easy.

An abandoned hut toward the center of town is given to you as a place to store gear; you post a sentry 24 hours a day – its also useful as a place to meet in semi privacy. Geraldine throws herself fully into the role – books laid open, candles burning and mumbling to herself as the group debates. It is near midnight when she reports back on the first of her astrological divinations… nothing is clear but for one thing – the dreams are not done… and they have deep significance and the power to change those they inhabit!


[Relb] Why is it that all of us, (except Geri) feel the same steely weight slide over us? What’s so different…is it the Magical ability, high Reason or, her Shadow Bond? If it was me being a gambling man, I’d put my money on Malek. To many strange thing happenings and, random events to nail it to much else. Didn’t you guys kill a young priestess of Malek in Mosshaven? It was mentioned that she may have had a mentor that went ballistic after her death and, wreaked massive havok on the community after you all left. I can’t say muc on the Golden Candleabra that was stolen out of the Church but, we should look for clues there. What is the common thread in the nightmares we’re all having? What details about the dream do we remember? Perhaps there is a clue as to their origin in it some where? The Equipment stolen out of the armory of Sir Farrold’s should be easy enough to locate as no one’s been able to leave the area but, they should be found before whoever took them starts causing any trouble…if these peasants get much more frightened, we could be dealing with an armed mob, not just angry and, scarred. Where were the sheeps found? That sounds like a sacrifice in some ritual and, not just a regular slaughtering of animals…never seen stomachs all burst out, that just sounds ritualistic and, I can’t see a magus doing anything like that but, a Priest? It seems more up their alley. Why a shepard would eat his own dog is beyond me, that’s just crazy…I mean if he was really hungry and, there wasn’t anything else maybe but, that’s just fuckin’ weird! The robberies could just be the people freaking out and, looting before they tried to leave town but, the randomness along with the Inn keeper setting his place on fire and, that farmer kid running himself into a coma, again makes me think Malek. And, why would that Peddler be covered in flies, dead on the outskirts of town…this is a swamp but, that that seems a bit unnatural to me…Geri, is that reasonable situation/occurance out here in Braddon Bog? That golden cadelabra that was stolen from the Lightbringer’s church right before we left is odd…? What can the Church tell us about it? Discription? Functions or magical properties if any? What Kind of dangerous places are we talking about? This is just a little town and, doesn’t seem like much of anything other then the Brandy distilery and, farming…what more to this town is there? If there are more secrets about this place? we’ll need to know them if we have a shot of freeing ourselves and, the towns folk from this strange trap we’re all stuck in here. I don’t feel like playing games when all our lives are at stake so, anything else you want to share before we start disturbing the populace with questions they either don’t know or, don’t want to tell us or, scars the shit out of them to even consider what might be happening here? If it’s Malek, his minion will not be easily detected or found as they’re very adapt at lying and, keeping secrets…we can only hope to flush this one out it, he feels secure and, that his got the upper hand but, if it is revenge for the Priestess’s death, he may want to make us all suffer first which, it seems we’re on that path now but, it’ll get much worse before it gets better, count on that regardless of the origins of this trap.


[OOC} I would remind everyone that “shadow bond” is not something known or understood by anyone in the group.


[Relb] The nightmares and fear also seems like something the Gloombringers might pull…??? Just a thought. Without getting more clues in town, it will be impossible to figure out but, time’s running out before we become useless and, then dead by whatever means.


[ooc] my bad…you’s a changed lady and we don’t know shit, except you’re a little more pale and, ashy skin tones. We do know you’re different just, not how…again, sorry about that. Oops!


[OOC] You will have to play anything else out in-game


[ooc] that’s what I figured, just trying to give it some thought before 1/16/11.


[Relb] Has any one tried eating? I know we’re not hungry but, what happens when we try to actually eat something? I still think there is a presence here waiting in the shadows for us, it’s sprung it’s trap, what I want to know is why? What does it want from us and, the people of Braddon Bog? What ever the origin of what’s giving us the nightmares and, lack of apitite is a coward for not making it’s presence known in a way where we my fight or, fix what ever is the matter directly. I hate this sneaking around crap…


[OOC] Eating works just fine, you just feel less inclined to do so. Its not bad now, but you really notice it looking around at the townsfolk – they are getting skinny. And you all had the dreams before you got here, it was only here that Geri brought them up and everyone realized they were all having them.


[OOC] O.k. so we need to keep good tabs on an eating schedule to make sure we keep up our strength…ain’t trying to turn into an episode of ‘Thinner’ up in here! Did I miss a discription of the Dream that we’re all seeing? Cause I don’t know or, remember any details of it…have you told us what the dream is yet? Didn’t you say that Geri was going to do an astrological look at each one of us to see if some knowledge could be gained that way?


[OOC] Sorry, the dream is posted in each character’s sheet on OP


How much food is left in Braddon Bog. Because depending on how much is left the vanishing dog just might be the result of people with no food. Although none of us seem to be that hungry (scratches head) guess sense we cant leave not being hungry is a blessing. Id like to ask around and see if this enclosure is getting smaller, just want to know how much time we have.


[Geri] Well Korvyk, it sounds like you have just volunteered for a mission to get a tally of food stores – that should take you all day. I say we send another couple of the gallants on a circle sweep around town to see if we can find traces of anyone watching us. And then, lets get someone talking to a couple of the townsfolk.

[OCC] Dreams for missing characters added (incl Korvyk’s) – all should have them now


[Relb] It seems to me that most of the dreams have something to do with Caves, darkness, tunnels, buildings or structures, some with blinding light but, always with mounting urgency of worry, fear or, weariness. The Mayor Jason Writt asks that we search the country side for clues… but, he also mentions that there are many dangerous places and to be careful but, he makes no mention of them or of what he’s eluding too? and, before following up on any clues, we should make sure to check in with him first. He’s not our commander Gide but, I want to respect his wishes, if possible as he’s the local athority here. We’ll need to know all that he knows if, we’re do get out of here alive. I’m not sure what the dreams are telling us but, it seems like there is a presence around, calling to us or trying to influence us into doing something. I’d like to start out where the Lightbringers Candlabra was stolen from the church…what do we know of it? Geri…you lived here for some time, what can you tell me of the place before scouting it out? What’s it’s history here in the town? Man, I wish we had Taqwill here for information about this place outside of the normal understanding of the general populace. It’s going to be hard enough to get information out of the people here given the level of fear and, distrust of outsiders.


Ok but were still cant leave right? So should we check to see if the area in which we can travel is getting smaller that is what I am most worried about. But Ill also check on the food stores.


[Geri] My meager skills cannot tell if the dreams are related or all pointing to one things… but i have a feeling they are not. The countryside is cold, wet and dangerous – its boggy. Plus with all thats happening – thats the uncertainty and danger the mayor’s talking about. There’s no “demons that roam the road” or such – but i would be on the lookout for bandits and Umbakian spies. He’s the mayor here and deferring to his authority can only help us if he’s popular with the people – but thats not the way things are. We and he are mighty unpopular right now with the whole tapestry and the death’s or vanishing’s surrounding it. Plus, with Bull trying to squeeze them for war supplies – well, i don’t think i care to hear much of what these people have to say. The candelabra was supposedly made of gold and was the beautiful centerpiece of worship at the church of Aerna… with what the Umbakians did, Aerna and the Lightbringers have probably lost their hold here. Nothing special about it – unless you count that it was gold and worth a fortune. As far as the people here… fatalistic, fed up, abused, and peasants… its not much different than any small town except for the civil war tearing it apart.


[Relb] Well, the dreams being stuck is kind of messed up…do you think it Anwin trying to mess with us again so, something more powerful? I don’t doubt the Bandits and, Umbakians are about or, that I’ll gut the fuckers once we find them. Yeah, the mayor isn’t getting the warm receptiion from anyone in Braddon Bog except from us…Might be that in the public eye, we keep our distance from him until we gain favor again, if we gain it? Given that we can’t leave, wouldn’t be better for Bull to let off the people and, gather supplies at another time? I don’t much care for what the people have to say either, except for what will help us get out of this death trap…Starving to death ain’t how I saw this going. If the Lightbringers have lost their hold, then who might have filled that void? If that Candelabra is worth that much, it’s got to mean something to someone here…has anyone posted a reward for it’s return? We need to fix whatever trap we’re in before these people really start to lose it and, start turning violent…they’re like a powder keg read to blow with the right setting, given their level of fear. I don’t want to be around to be in the mix of that if this gots worse.

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