Dunstrand Rising

Assault on the Ruins of Lenore

Escape From the Caves

Chalan’s Death

Emerging in the Ruins

Taer and Gide Run from the Castle

Group Reunites

Geri’s Kills the Witch

Assult on the Town

Worm is summoned; worm explodes

Gide is downed

What next

Grey Clouds Gather

Cage make promises to his gods and implores them to aid him… the white clouds in the sky turn grey and thunder begins to rumble. A cold wind moves down the pilgrims path and blows the mist that hides much of Lenore up into misty columns that fight and struggle but cannot hold together – twisting and vanishing into wispy trails as storm clouds threaten rain – all within a few minutes of Cage’s brave word. His hand are locked on his sword and you can see the fire in his eyes begin to stoke, as the red rage flitters at the edge of his consciousness.


[Mican and Xar] A voice speaks to you both, a voice you know none of the others can hears. It tells you that Geraldine and Relb are dead and that the cause you fight for is hopeless. It tells you to stop the useless assault upon the fortress and he/it will grant you your hearts desire… even the return of a fallen comrade or the revitalization of one at death’s door – if you but agree to leave off on you attack. It swears you will be spared the fate of Braddon Bog… you may stay safely hidden away here at Tarly Castle. You have proven your power and could be powerful allies – perhaps you could be persuaded to side with “Tizreal”. It asks you not to consider such things in a rash or quick to judgement process – think first on ending the assault – his power could return one of your own to you. Then perhaps an alliance, a sharing of power – much could be yours if you turn the group towards service in his name. He only wishes to see the rightful descendant of the lord of these lands once again, be lord of the land.
The voice does not seem to be able to know your every thought, but
merely project its presence… you could try and bargain, bluff, or
discourse in any way.
> You see a scene in your head which shows Relb, alone in the dark, fighting against a swarm of hundreds of hard, tiny flies which combine to form spears and knives, jabbing at him from all angles, stabbing him until he is dead of dozens of painful wounds. The scene switch to
the top of the tower, where Geri begins to lower the pennons flying above it and three flying creatures alight behind her, one distracts her while the other stabs her under the lower rib and another in her back. She slowly slides down, her body crumples and then tumbles down the stairs into the room below where your vision shows you only a quick glimpse (perhaps he did not mean to show you?) of a form, impaled on a wall by a heavy crossbow bolt.
(Believing a connection to communicate to whatever this is will not cause me any danger, based off of his own schooling. “That words are just words to undo the forces compelling us forward tangible evidence of the fallen would suffice evidence continue negotiations.”
VOICE > The vision of death’s is show in detail
Mican > “Okay stop the attack now Geri may yet be saved with out to great of power involved allow me to retrieve both of them unhindered by traps or creatures escorted if need be (meeting escort at the gate) allow me to aquire the supplies needed to heal Geri, and Gide from your stores. Free us and the town of Branden Bog the rest of our lives. And I will turn this natural course of events and we will leave and continue on our quest away from Braden Bog and when this groups servitude are over we may be persuaded in joining your cause but for right now we travel a different path.”
VOICE > “No, you ask for all and give nothing! I offer you your life, and the return of one of your comrades – that is all. Such a generous offer it is, and you insult me. Braddon Bog is mine, and i will have it. The sweet, slow death that creeps over its stupid peasants is more than you deserve… but you shall die in utter agony if you do not accept my offer and ask for no more.”
Mican > Then the couse will continue for you have lied to me I told you the terms of my
my hearts desire to save those in need…
VOICE > You twist the meaning you know full well – your pathetic attempt to rationalize your ‘desires’ has done nothing more than seal your doom.
Mican > Was willing to stop this group but you dont seem reasonable any more you seemed like a life force I could resason with you told me what you had to offer I told you I accepted and gave you my terms then you do a 180 flip and become power crazy and lose your head what ever fate has in store i’ll be happy with that. (Mental picture me giving what ever it is the finger)
VOICE > You reject the spirit of the offer and instead use words… you are not suitable for my needs, but perhaps there is another who can be more reasonable amongst you.

Xar > who are you? and what claim do you have to this province? Return our companions unharmed, Remove the blight on the surrounding area, and spare Braddon Bog and it’s inhabitants. Then we can have reasonable negotiations and discus possible changes in our allegiance.
VOICE > I am lord of this place now, and i serve the Once King. Bend your knee to me, enlist the aid of your comrades – swear that the Gallants will serve me and aid me in finding a suitable replacement for this peasant’s haven then i will stop my blight of this place…. i will restore one of your companions in good faith if you swear this. Perhaps i will restore the second if you serve me faithfully. Serve me and you will not regret it – together we will unlock the riches of Tarly Castle and find a suitable new victim more palatable to the Gallants than Braddon Bog."
Xar > sounds good to me… if our enemies can be one in the same, I’m all game. Deliver Geri to us alive as a sign of good faith like you said and we can strike a bargain.
VOICE > I will hold my end of the bargain… give me time to collect her, call off your attack upon the castle and i will send her to you shortly. You are honorable, and the Gallants are powerful – there is much benefit we can gain in our association..


[Cage] Look, most of you made it of the caves below, Chalan and, Korvyk are dead and, Relb satyed behind and, likely dead so, the rest of you all could get out alive. That’s three members down before this battle started. Geri’s attack must of done something or, we be facing more enemies and, taken more damage overall. She lowered the flag half way but, I’m not sure what that may mean for her, could be captured or, could be dead. I hate to think of that posibility but, that’s 4 Gallant’s down or dead in this hell hole. Gide is down so, leadership falls to Taer. I’m guessing qho ever is keeping the outside clear is near out of mana due to all the spells that’ve been launched at us. I wouldn’t count them out but, any fight in close combat should end quickly if I can get to them. The longer we’re out here the bigger targets we are, it gives them time to recover and, counter any hope of assult on this shit hole. So far, Not a fan. Undead, exploding witches, giant worms, locusts, flying bug boys…if that’s just on the outside, I’m really not looking forward to what might be on the inside with that Demon Lord. Eitherway, the longer we give them to prepare, the worse it’s going to be on us. Most of us are already injured, some of you not so much. We need to take out the forces in that gate house ASAP! I’m tired of that casting cock-sucker launching magics at us without retort. Fuckers have to die and, now is the time. Mican, if you can put one of those pumice shields on me, and, I’ll take the lead and, brunt of whatever comes at us when we charge. Strike hard and fast! Lets keep these ass wipes off balance and, don’t give them enough time to think. We take out those in the gate house and, the approach to the castle should be o.k.? Once inside, that’s something else but, I’m sure whatever it is? It won’t be nice…but again, we hit’m hard, fast and, don’t let them form up or regroup. THe people back in Braddon Bog are dying left and right. If we don’t kill these fuckers now, not only will there nothing left to return too but, we’re dead as well. It’s now or never Taer. Retreating to better favor our odds is one thing but, running like cowards and, dying ain’t the business I’m in so, get me one of those shields on me and, send me in there to kill every livin’ or undead ass wipe in that Gate house. I’m done playing patty cake with all these exploding giant worms, undead, freaky armored bitches riding undead horses. This shit is wrong Taer…Gide will never survive and, the rest of us will die shortly after from starvation, decay or as some demon bug’s snack…fuck that! Pray if you have it in you Taer? Honor your new huntess, the Fox Fiogala and, use some of that cunning that she thinks is enough in you to trick Death itself to put you back in this hell hole to serve her. [Shouting] Mizras! Give my compainions and, I the strength, speed and, ability to overcome this Dark foe and, send them back to the Black Abyss where they belong! Give our weopons the power to destroy our enemy in your name! Mirque! We are few but, strong of will to right the abomination that plagues this swamp and it’s dying people who can not defend themselves against these beast who, weaken and, devour everything about their flesh and, their souls. Some of us have fallen while fighting bravely in this battle already. We few battle against so many mighty enemies! These demons, these controllers of the undead…give us the Health and power to destroy these vile creatures of the void! I ask you not just for myself but, for these brave men and, women fighting by my side, for my Leader Gide, who even know lays wounded and near death. This man, Gide, is to great of a leader to let pass to the neitherwold, It is not his time! This is not the time, nor the place of taking their lives in this acursed place. Guide us with a Path against these creatures of darkness and, bring us victory for your Father Mizras that he deserves and, desires from us and, bring honor to your name, Mirque! I will see it on the lips of men far more often in these parts if you grant us favor on this day as we go against these Dark Worshipers. I will offer any Holy symbols of Darkness collected this day to you both if you grant us the power to do so! [Cage: I offer 4-6 AP/2-3 AP each to Mizras/Mirque to answer my prayers as he stands tall, Raising Truevein to the skys and, Prays to/through Truevein in the hopes that it’s Intutive Bond/Sense (+1CS with the Grey Gods) may aid in the hearing of my call and, the holy symbols of the Dark Deities to be dedicated to them from this battle today in Offering if we survive?]

[ooc] I have little else to offer other then to take the lead at the front of the battles and, to pray to his Gods…having spent his time with hte White Sisters to remove his Berserker Rage, Cage often had to turn to his faiths to guide him in overcoming the Red Rages. His commitment and, dedication allowed him to finish earlier then even the White Sisters could have expected. Perhaps it was Mizras and, Mirque’s influence on him that aided him on his speedy transition. Cage dedicates calling on his Faiths to winning over against the Beast within himself and, against such a powerful, Base instinct and, urges as the Rage created within him. Learning to control the Beast and, tame the Red Rages has given Cage more clarity and, insights on the powers of his own faiths. He spent those months within the calm, healing, powers and, the serenity of the White Sisters home in Dunstrand City contemplating this relationship with his own Deities.

Assault on the Ruins of Lenore

[OOC] Yes, i would give you something for 6 AP, we’ll settle that when we meet up. Note that Mario will 99% likely not be there.

Assault on the Ruins of Lenore

[ooc] That’s a bummer…I’ll miss having him there. Could really use his leadership with Gide down. I’m the smack’m and, Crack’m over the head type…good at the fighting part but, not much on the finer points of nogoiations and, if I go down? we lose a lot of man power if we hope to survive this ordeal. Yeah, settle up with me when we meet up next for the 6AP and, let me know what happens. I hope you like the new direction of Cage as, I tried to atribute his early release and, change from the White Sisters to something and, not just let it be some contrived plot to get me there in time to help out the Gallants…I at least tried to make it plausible and, to reflect the change over Cage now that the Berserker Rages are gone. I wanted to make and, show him in a more controlled light due to the time he spent away and, his overall dedication to the Gide and, the Gallants. [Cage] Fidelity unto’Death! That is our motto as a Gallant, the Oath we have all taken so, for Gide’s Gallants here this day…we shall avenge our fallen Brothers and, Sisters! Let us rid this swamp of these unholy Beasts and, undead abominations so, we may lift the curse on the people of Braddon Bog! We are Defenders of the Lowlands…the least we could do for Gide is act like it! Now, lets form up, follow a plan of action and, unleash on all that stand before us as enemies!

Assault on the Ruins of Lenore

[ooc] O.k. not exactly what I thought would happen with the Red Rage taking Cage again? I realize I don’t have any control over what the Gods Mizras and, Mirque decide they want to do with this prayer so, it is what it is. I assume it was the easiest thing for the Gods to do by tapping into who Cage used to be and, unleashing the Beast within him again…I could only hope that they gave him the Abilities of the Berserker Trait but, left him a measure of control (which I know doesn’t happen and, isn’t possible normally but, I’m hoping since this was a devine Influence that maybe it would be a little different???) because, I don’t want to go killing any of my compainions, the Gallants. Now, you make all the Gallants go Berserk and, that’s something I’ve Never seen before! HAha! I am encouraged that they heard my call and, granted me anything at all, yet saddened to know I’m about to Berserk out again around the Gallants after working so hard to rid myself of this very issue. I don’t know if I’ve relapsed into being a Berserker again forever or, if this is due to their Divine hand this one time because of my prayer? Does Cage’s Conviction go up by 1 (or, 2? if Both gods answered him?) for successfully calling on the gods and, having it answered? That would be cool and, pretty sure that’s how the Trait works? So, Thanks for answering the call but, you make me nervious that I may never be able to quite the Rages now? that he’s relapsed? It would be a nice (Devine Gift) to be able to call them when needed with a Prayer, using his 5 Synergy to activate it?…that would be a good compromise but, I want to be able to hold the line as ordered/needed and, not lose it everytime I get into fight. If Mizras and, Mirque want to strike a deal with Cage? He could accept that if the gods force him to keep the Red Rages, at least that’d be by their Divine Influence and, not just combat oriented. It would take a lot to get him to use it and, it would have to be a total emergency but, being able to call on them now and then to go Berserk could come in handy still…I’ve got a Reputation to uphold you know! I just don’t want to kill any of the Gallants or, people that I’m not supposed too. That was his main goal in getting rid of it in the first place. It’s hard to maintain someone like him in a group dynamic when you’re worried about killing them or the wrong people all the time. I realize I don’t have any control over what will happen next, only to deal with it but, figured I’d give you my thoughts on this topic.

Assault on the Ruins of Lenore

You wont kill any of your friends; this is one time divine effect against the teachings of Aerna that calmed the rages and not a relapse. I’m being generous where i probably should not – you have no ability for any of this, and no you dont gain conviction – it goes up by you putting points into it.

Assault on the Ruins of Lenore

[ooc] Well, it’s good to know it’s not a relapse and, I know you don’t have to do anything but, I’m thankful you did dispite whatever misgivings. Is this like a Hareen situation? I’m mean, I’m not calling down a Holy War or anything, Just want to fuck up this Demon Lord and, end this curse on Braddon Bog. I’m o.k. on the conviction, just wanted to clarify. Thank you for not making the Rage take more away from the Gallants and, I’m thankful for any responce…Mostly worried about relapsing into the Red Rages again and, the death of all the Gallants.

Assault on the Ruins of Lenore
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