Dunstrand Rising

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[Relb] Now, I ain’t the brightest but, Xar and Geri know the extent of that Iron blades abilities. If that thing cuts through stone and earth like butter, why not just carve a new passage out of here close to the surface. One, they won’t know about it when we return from getting the rest of the group. Hell, if this thing cuts rock as easily as it looks, well…exuse me for saying so but, screw going through that door with a demon lord and tons of undead horse shit waiting to kill us or, turn us to the walking dead, fucking unthinking slaves! Not how I think we really see ourselves…hell, like I said, Geri, we go that way and you’re dead. End of story! I say if that blade does what it looks like it can…Xar, carve us a hole outside this cursed castle walls as an escape route. It won’t be easy I’d think but, depends on the strength of that blade. Geri, you are the highest ranking officer here. You’re our specialist on all things mystical and most other things as well. You’re also the most injured among us. Without getting you some aid and healing…, you’re in deep shit. Ultimately, it’s you’re rank and arcane knowledge of the blades abilities that make the final decision yours to make. Gide and Taer will search for us soon. They will be ou t numbered and not expecting this many undead. They will be in grave danger…pardon the pun but, if we can bypass all those undead, go back to the town and research what the fuck this lord wendel is talking about, this broken heart? And, anything to do with this keeps history. Something we can use to battle these monsters and, get you healed up. Gide and the rest of us can not afford to lose you Geri…not here, not like this. You to stuburn to let yourself be killed in this place. Can the blade do the work and free us else where safely? Wouldn’t a stratigic retreat and regrouping be wise about now so you don’t die here. Are we in a good spot to dig an escape tunnel and, flee for now? Here or, by the under ground lake? You’re leader right now so, like it or not, you are to

[Xar] not quite like warm butter with a sharp hot knife… more like hold butter with a dull butter knife… probably a bound earth elemental in there or something like that? (my best guess) I think it would take months (if not years) to dig yourself a way out of here with something smaller than a shovel that wasn’t designed as a digging instrument. I’ve thought about going back the way we came. I could bring the rest of the group to the well. and bring them through there. the beefy guys could strip down out of their armor once in the well (or the staging area outside the well), and I could drag there gear down stream(with maybe a waterproof bag for some stuff). Could also bring enough rope/cord back with us to possibly make the distance down stream ( that would be a lot but at least there would be the possibility of hauling ourselves out of that underground lake with the combination of air supply and a rope to haul ourselves upstream) supply list of that to get when(if) i make it back to town… the rest of our crew. heavy/large bags to haul our gear. lots of rope. at least one watertight bag for some gear (if possible), torches/lantern/oil anchoring pins/loops for ropes/cord to attach to passage walls.

the rest of the crew going downstream should be carrying a large wine/water skin that they fill with air before they head downstream (maybe not too much air or it’ll drag along the roof, but with their heavy gear provide a more neutral buoyancy. also if they run short of breath they could get a lungful or two out of it on the way down. my only concern is there are a couple of tight squeezes in that stream and not sure it would be possible to make it though them in the upstream direction with all that water coming through. I guess there is the possibility I could “Modify” the size of the tight spots with that blade if I was roped off and did a little excavation around the tight areas so we could get through them a little more easily. could also cut some hand holds in the bad areas. wow that seems like a lot of work getting everyone upstream and a lot could go wrong. a one way drip downstream with the rest of the group, and coming at
them at the ass end sounds like the best option. I could modify some of the tight spots and leave some cord/rope in them on the way downstream so it could at least be an option to get back that way in case we get bottle up down there. or we could mount an rescue operation with the rest of the group at the Well, rope downstream and haul everyone up one-by-one. ( would have to take out the skeleton army there first). and then go in the front gate (I’m sure there would be no opposition… right?)

[Geri] I say we try and figure how to get the hell out. We’re beaten up bad and once our enemies realize whats going on with another trip, we’re not going to get another chance for surprise. A horde of animations is bad, but there’s a master mind controlling all of this – and more creatures we don’t know of. If we cannot surprise them right now, i say heal and come back in force. The physics of using that blade will not allow it to be used to carve a path out – we would die when something collapsed. I can probably get myself out or one other person out. We can get one person out by shrinking them. My vote is to send as many as we can back and have the rest wait down here. I volunteer to wait.

[Relb] If they is unable then, I’ll volunteer to get the hell out of here with Xar and, sneak out of the castle grounds to get Gide and Taer back in the town. Perhaps the Mayor can rustle up some militia or, guardsmen to help combat the animations. Once we there we should be able to retrieve some information about this place and, it’s history, grab some supplies and, healing potions or the like for you from the church of Aerna. Might even be able to wrangle a priest or priestess to help aid us again the undead minions up above. I doubt that we’ll have surprise once we can come back with a force big enough to do any good but, given it might be these peoples only hope of survival and, the eventual death by starvation. Being unable to flee because of the buzzing noise and, facing off against the prospect of some Demon lord sounds like at least a chance to die fighting then just simply starving to death…but, who knows what this backwards ass town can produce as fighting men? They are a sturdy lot to live in such a shit-hole though, I’ll give them that. Geri…, would the tapistry work on the animations or the demon lord an, vanquish them like normal enemies or people? I hate to screw that town over, where ever or when ever it might be located. Without the Dragon boat to return, they may get stuck there forever? So, is it even possible that it’ll work? and, should we even attempt to use it as such, given the dangers of even moving it? And, if it does work…do we give a shit that we’re thrusting undead minions and, a demon lord on an unsuspecting town and, this Germainia place?

[Geri] Alright guys.. think.
1) The mayor’s got nothing – he’s hated and the town is decimated.
2) The church of Aerna is gutted – no healing. Before we left, we established that there’s no supplies or service from either the Wyld of Light faiths.
3) You may still surprise them if less flee than went in – they will likely just assume you have fled for good, haven gotten your asses kicked. Yhat means in town can only be a couple hours to get info and grab supplies and reinforcements and come back if they have spies.
4) A demon lord’s banner is not a demon lord. A prince of the Abyss would have more power than what’s being exercised here… assume its a minion – not quite as bad. I hope.
5) Using the tapestry as a weapon? You’re likely to get it destroyed first… and it probably wont work on the animations anyway.

[Relb] 1) Mayor’s a pussy
2) The Faiths need to step up their game in this place…for a backwards ass place with loads of undead activity, or mystical at the very least, their presence is sorely lacking.
3) That’s solid enough thinking and, reasoning…it maybe the only chance we’re able to attempt an assult and, rescue but, knowing more about this place is crucial if we’re to survive at all and, quell this unholy nesting spot of this Demon Lord and, if Lord Wendel is ever to achive his peace in the after life and, forgive himself of whatever precieved failure of his.
4) Demon Lord to me still means bad ju-ju to me Geri. I would hope if this truly was a Demon from the Abyss that we’d have fuckin’ gotten the hell out of here already. I’m guessing even a minion still has significant power to raise and, control so many undead all at one time…I won’t even pretent to understand it but, I’m guessing it takes a lot of power to sustain itself.
5) Well, that’s no good and, only a suggestion for you to a decide if an attempt with the damned thing would even prove useful in this type of situation, as much as I don’t like the thing, it does have it’s usefulness for other matters entirely…where’s Berithor when you need an ass-wipe to banish to a frozen hell. Seems to good for even the likes of him but, I’m willing to throw him in it just for being a bitch working with Umbakians and, their lightbringer asses! but, that’s another matter for now and, not what I need to focus on. Right now it’s about escape and, rescue. If you have other ways this can go down, then speak up because, it’s up to you Geri to pick the plan.

[Geri] I cant help the situation we are in… and the fact that the mayor’s hated does not make him a pussy… he has people dying, no money and no friends. Imagine how he feels – unable to do anything. And i know you are a believer Relb, and i have my own reasons for venerating Ezrilus, but fuck faith. Faith is half the reason this town is so messed up – the Umbakians and their little crusade gutted it. Faith is not about facing animations, its about community. Destroy and disrupt that and the faith fizzles. These people are beaten. They have suffered way more than any of us. The Wyld faith was chased out and we drove out the Lightbringers… in a way some may see it as our fault there’s no one here to give comfort to these people. We drove Berithor too from these lands. And yes, a minion of some Abyssal Lord is bad… but what i am saying is that there’s hope. How you get out of here is up to you. If you choose to try and get more characters down here, the occupants of the castle will know theres a way in and be ready. It may also not be possible to get lots of equipment down here… theres a lot of unknowns. If you choose to try and escape I can probably get one person out with some risky magic (choose the sanest amongst the group for this) and it sounds like diminution can get 1 more out. Or we can try and do a 2 front assault.

[Korvyk] This is how I figure it none of us down here have the rank to make the decisions so this is my plan. 1) Report what we have found out
-Where we are, and our situation
-Windle is here as a physical being
-Any any other useful information

That has to be the priority here make sure everyone else knows whats happening here.

2)With that everyone else who cant get out sit tight and wait orders to come back.
3)This will be done by message in a bottle or by the rest of the group coming down the well within the set time agreed on here.
4) If the rest of the party fail to get orders to the party in the set time. The remaining members waiting word will try to escape.

[Geri] This sounds fine by me.

[Relb] I hate that the man is broken down and, shit out of luck…he’s in a horrible situation but, sometimes you have to gut the problem before it guts you…in order to survive. If you get an opening and, a chance to strike at the heart, you don’t go for the limbs. In life and death, that moment might be the only one there is to save yourself and, alter the ultimate outcome by cheating death one more time. We can’t all be reborn like Taer. Yes I have faith but, that is a hope and, desire to a better path of understanding myself, helping you guys, my friends and compainions as well as others in need. Ezrilius is a good match for you Geri and, your reasons are your own…I can’t explain your motivations anymore then I can truly explain my own…it’s just something that moves me and, makes me believe in a much bigger world and, our place within it. I pity the Mayor’s situation and, his position within it and, nor do I envy his place among his people who’d just as soon kill him at the moment out of fear and, panic, then handling the real problem…This Demon Lord and, his animated flock of distruction. All I mean is that sitting on their asses and doing nothing ain’t going to fix there problem or improve their chances. Yes, we might be partially to blaim for this town having a no religion or faith to speak of but, isn’t that when you need it the most? Shouldn’t it be the last thought one has as the breath leaves the body before growing cold, in the hope that maybe, just maybe, it all mean’t something? I don’t mind going with Xar and, fetching Taer and Gide for town but, coming back down the well wasn’t really in my thoughts as I’d not want to give away our position here and, alert these undead. I believe a two front assult from top and bottom may prove our best chance at getting everyone out alive. It’ll split their forces and, concentrations to have to divert their focus and, their numbers for each group. If we launch the assult up above drawing them away from you, you may be able to ambush them from behind with Chalan and, Korvyk leading the way out. Once rejoined with Gide and, Taer, hopefully armed with the knowledge of this place as to what may ease Lord Wendel’s consciencious. Once we kill this demon lord, his animations should parish as well, if history serves from my time in the North. If we can concentrate on him, we may stand a chance but, I’m not looking forward to that fight during but, if we survive, I’ll be happy as hell! Now, lets get Xar and, the Sanest among us for Geri to do her thing and, lets get this ball rolling before we’re squashed.

[Geri] Relb, I don’t even know what the hell you are talking about. I can see the stress has got to you… Korvyk’s plan is fine, lets just see how things play out.

[Relb] I’ve got no problem with the plan and, all I’m try to say Geri, is I’d rather move on the plan while we still have an option to do so. I’m never very comfortable being idle, hoping we’re not discovered first and, reducing our chances. So, the motto of strike when the iron is hot was what I was thinking.

[Korvyk] Well i vote on Geri to go seems like the plan has to rely on you for some of it also I think you should take Relb just because of the fact he seems to be losing it down here and I dont feel comfortable knowing he is freaking out when we need to lay low and keep quit.

[Relb] Hey, between the nightmare I’ve been having, spending months in Dierdre’s dungon guarding that god damn evil book and, finding we’re trapped under a cursed castle full of undead with one of our own severely injured…hell yeah I’m not taking it well! I’m angry at the situation, not crazy. Figure out what plan you all want to go with and, lets do it.

[Chalan] An easy way out? REALLY? you believe in those? Do you think the magical tree faries will grant you 3 wishes if you catch them too? Damn Relb, your confidence is sureal, don’t change man. Were screwed, survival is a long shot. Our best bet is to see if we can get the others down here, and to proceed as cautiously as possible. USe the stealth we have, sneak up, scout, report back, advance with the knowledge obtained. We’re gonna die, lets see if we can take this demon lord bastard with us. Maybe we’ll get SOME recognition for something aside from butchering random people and being freaks… Shit, it works for artists doesn’t it? Just die and then suddenly you were actually good at something.

[Geri] Its time to step up then.
Who’s grip on reality is the strongest then? I believe Chalan has strengthened his in our travels. Chalan you must prepare yourself for a brief sojourn into the realm of shadows. I have never cast this spell before, but i will Night Walk you. Xar, you will have to orient me to a place outside of the castle grounds, otherwise Chalan may end up in the middle of enemies or worse. Then Xar will use the diminution potion and get out back up the well shaft using his air elemental. I’ll wait 20 minutes and then Night Walk Chalan – from the air you should be able to spot him, there will be a bruise colored ripple in the air when he exits. You two must go back and consult with Gide.

I am making a small symbol on the ground using loose debris. Xar – you must teach the elemental what this is. When the rest of the troop has decided, send the elemental back down in an air bubble with a note and have it drop it on the symbol. Make sure to send a tiny pouch with a
quill and tiny ink well. Teach me the words to have the air elemental wrap the message on top of the symbol back in the bubble and return it to you. I’ll send our reply.

[Xar + Geri / Aside] I’m thinking Taqwill may end up ignoring our warning signs. Hes got so much invested in the library and town – its his life work, and he still feels like he still has some sort of obligation to us from our fathers. You mentioned once about devices that our fore-fathers found in the swamp, from the Gwinnish wreck, that could communicate remotely. Taqwill is brining those Seeing Stones in his wagon… this may help us with coordinating our dual group efforts…

[Chalan] Eh shit, I guess a different way to die is ok too… what the hell am I gonna be experiencing in there Geri?

[Relb] That’s right Chalan, your turn to get freaky in some other realm or, weave or, whatever is about to happen to you. Good luck.

[Geri] Chalan. Xar has got me oriented as to where we are in respects to the edge of the forest and the path out. Using my math skills and zoology knowledge, i have estimated your stride and the distance to where you need to go. I am going to tell you to take so many steps forward, and so many steps “up”. Keep your eyes closed and just follow my instructions carefully. You will hear, smell and feel sensations…. most … disturbing. DO NOT DEVIATE from the path set for you. If you do, i cannot guarantee your safety.

In other news, Xar has pointed out to me the tenacity our our old friend Taqwill. We are likely to see him turn up in Braddon Bog no matter our warning and if he does, he brings with him a mystical device which could aid us greatly. Let us not speculate on that aspect, but wait and see what unfolds. Gentlemen, we have a plan. Its good. Lets just cast the dice and let come what may…

[Relb] Good planning guys, nice work. Interesting about Taqwill, hope it helps and, doesn’t get himself stuck to be starved to death like the rest of the town. It’ll be bood to have a person to research stuff we don’t have the time for, as we’re constantly thrusting ourselves into the shit pile, a different time, dimension or, a well…or, whatever. Hopefully he can shed some light on this castles history and, get there in time to tell Gide and Taer before they head this way…maybe we can get out of this finally and, put Lord Wendel to rest finally. I do hate to see some people suffer.


[Relb/in private corner away from the group, maybe by the lake?] Prayor to Fiogala: Dear Fiogala, I know I am not worthy of your attentions but, I pray so you may hear anyway. The Gallants and I are in a tough spot under a Castle Cursed by some Demon Lord and, his undead minions and, a follower of Balthizar, a Lord Wendel is not at peace for the guilt and, loss of his people at being unable to protect them…I sense a betrayal and, that perhaps Lord Wendel was fooled somehow in times long forgotten to the people of this region but, maybe a few. If he was tricked by this Demon Lord and, he now punishes himself at the loss of his people, I ask you to see an end to his suffering and, ease his broken heart when the time is right. I care little for most the followers of Balthizar but, this Lord Wendel seems like an Honorable man but, unable to rest and, so, he is now undead. I dislike undead as well but, this man/creature didn’t not attack us when he surely could’ve…I not what stayed our blades but, there was something different about this one. If he was tricked and, betrayed surely you’d know of it and, where is the Justice in that and, why does Balthizar do nothing to aid a loyal follower such as he. I know Taer has no words for prayor so, I speak to you now…Please help Gide, Taer, and the rest of the Gallants through this trying time as one of our own, Geri, is near mortally wounded. Guide us and, protect us is you care to hear these words and, know that I hope to be in your favor one day and, hold no judgement if my voice falls on deaf ears. You owe us nothing and, I owe you everything for saving my good friend Taer and, for bringing him into your fold. He is a strong man and, will surve you well. I can only pray and, hope that we can make things right here in a home of my friends fathers, the once Band of the Crows/Brave Companions. There is more to this place then meets the eye and, many ancient powers have resided in this place and, their influence is still affecting this place so, please protect my friends, show us a way to over come our enemies and, aid the Lord Wendel and, give him the rest he has so longed desirved and, fix the broken Heart of this noble, faithful and, honorable man and, end his suffering. Thank you Fiogala for allowing me to pray to you, for what ever hope and, guidence it may bring to me and, my compainions.

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

OOC > FYI – Just so you don’t spend too many cycles on stuff like this, prayers like this wont do anything without blessings – like in a guidance prayer. And its very confusing, i’m not even sure whats being asked for here – so keep it direct and to the point if you can. New converts also don’t hold much in the way of divine attention. Lots of blessings. Go get ’em.

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[Ooc] I know Relb’s prayer was useless for any real effect but, I’m
trying to show his heart. All he was trying to say to Fiogala was to
guide us, grant us wisdom, protect us and, to ease the suffering of
all those who’re involved and, grant us the strength to overcome. I
realize it does no more then if I was asking some god for a favor as
we have little piety on any powerful being to truly take any notice
or, intrest but, he is honest about being one of her penitent. So, do I
expect an actual influence…no but, in game terms, how else does one
illistrate belief and, hope?…for all the good it’ll do any of us

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[OOC] How? Build them blessings up!

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[ooc] He should have one from Aerna and that statue made by the White Sisters that they sculped of the Gallants with Gide raising his shield to protect us but, no one ever talks about it so, I don’t know if we actually have it or not otherwise I’d mention it and, use it?

Other then that, I’m not sure how I go about getting Blessings. If you told me what he needs to do to earn them, I’d work hard on getting them? But, I haven’t the foggiest clue. Maybe some offerings? but, it’s not like I’ve anything to Offer up? and, given the fact that I am way below Fiogala’s radar and, surely don’t even register a meak little blip…I just don’t know how? Would you mind cluing me in so, I can make myself useful and, not just long-winded, good intentioned idiot? Thank you Kelly!

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[OOC] I dont remember the statue – give me more details. But, thats Aerna.. not Fiongala. You can only use blessings from the same god together. And, if you want them for offerings of holy symbols of dark gods, stealing holy symbol of balthazaar, big devious plans, triumphant use of deception you will be competing with Taer. You cannot both get blessings for the same thing unless it grants more than one. Fiongala is small – theres not a lot of way. Taer gets an extra blessing in certain situations (hey, faith aptitude of 2). As a lay follower, you make yourself useful in serving the higher followers (like throwing yourself in the way to save Taer – that would earn one!) and tenets. Don’t expect much – if you wanted to go the route of faith, you would have a different character.

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[ooc] The statue was from when we’re in Dunstrand City and, we saved the White Sisters in the tunnel with the snake people, some ancient racethought long dead but, resurfaced in the marble mines outside of town. I guess one of the White Sisters was their head sculpter and, a small statue was going to be made in our honor and, sent to us/Gide. It was to have a blessing for all the Gallants but, I don’t know if we ever got it though…it was quite long ago in game time? Around the time Gide was poisioned, killed and, brought back to life by the White Sisters. We had to boogie out of town fast with assassins on our heels. Brotherhood of the Black Bolt I believe? Eitherway, they said they’d send it to us at some point but, I don’t know if we ever got it or not? True, it wouldn’t work for what I’m asking, not the right god. Hey, Taer can have the lions share of the Blessings, no problem here but, it would be good to have someone else have a few in reserve, in case off emergancies such as this or, if he was unable to use his for some reason? Getting rid of Dark Gods Holy symbols ain’t a problem for me, I hate those cocksuckers! Balthizar to for the most part too. I ain’t always devious but, have good plans that are sneaky sometimes. I’ll have to work on my deceptions but, Taer can take the lead on that as well and, if he get’s more for them, then it’s all good be me. I’m good being a lay follower and, my main goal was to support, aid and, protect Taer as he goes down this new path and, give him a companion to help where I can. I know that I’ll never equal shit to Fiogala and, I’m comfortable being a rogue, not one of the pious but, a little help for helping one of her chosen hands of the faith now and, then wouldn’t hurt my feelings. I know I’ll trade back to Cage when the time is right so, I’d like Relb to be as useful as possible while with the main group.

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[ooc] It was not the White Sisters, but the family that owned the Quarry. Find it at:

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[ooc] Right, it was the family that contracted the piece for us but, the White Sisters were going to make it. None for Relb…but, I’ll mark Cage’s file for future.

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[ooc] Nope, the family was doing it in gratitude. And it was Gide raising his shield over workers, not the party. The White Sisters told Gide about a bunch of the party members, the trip to the quarry to go after Sister Damira (i copied and pasted the text just now) was the party’s repayment for that.

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

[ooc] Sorry about messing up some of the details but, at least I remembered it… ;-)

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

It was worth a blessing from Aerna for a few members (if they read these threads – most don’t) but their loss. I took it – i forgot – i thank you!

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle

Welcome! I think the back story is very important. We do so much and, hard to remember everything but, I remembered enough to get e few of you the blessing. That’s a pretty important gift and, could change the out come of a bad situation into a managable one…could save a life or two? My point is that, I look back for references all the time. If I need to remember, I go back and look, even to jog my memory about something else when needed…even if currently dealing with a different situation. With you, I can’t ever tell what events are related or not! It drives me crazy but, keeps me thinking about the possible angles in play and, what options might be open to us. Usually, I’m wrong but, it does keep the story and, dialog moving with different story arc’s for you to choose from.

A Conversation Under Tarly Castle
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